The Wager in online casinos
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The Wager in online casinos

When you decide to start your adventure in the world of online casino, you may not necessarily know which online casino to start at. That's why Lucky7Bonus was created, in order to offer you the best sites on the online casino market. As you can see from the website interface, there are a great number of online casinos and each of them offer you different welcome offers. Among all the offers, all of them have something in common: the wager. Welcome bonuses with wager, others without, online casinos offer everything to attract you. For people who don't know what a wager is, how can you increase your chances of making it if there is one? and even the things to avoid while making it, Lucky7Bonus gives you some keys to help you fully understand this system.

What is the Wager?

So what is the wager? This is a question that many people in the online casino world ask themselves.

The wager is very simple to understand: if you opt for a Welcome Bonus with a wager to achieve, then you will need to achieve the wager before you can withdraw all your winnings. It's as simple as that, the wager is the condition to be met before you can withdraw your potential winnings. So, if you do not complete your wager, you will be unable to withdraw your money.

The wager is a requirement set by the online casino you are playing at. For example, in the vast majority of cases, the wager is present in the following offers:

  • Promotions

  • Welcome bonus

  • Free spins on a slot machine

Please note that you can cancel your wager at any time by cancelling your current offer. Please read the terms and conditions of each current bonus/promotion carefully. Depending on the casino, cancelling the withdrawal does not result in the same loss of money.

There are different types of wager :

As well as welcome bonuses, there are also many different wagers. Lucky7Bonus has decided to list the three most common wagers in the casino world.

Wager only on the bonus :

At some casinos, once you deposit money by taking the welcome bonus, you will have to perform a wager. In some online casinos, the wager is only made on your bonus balance. This means that you will be able to cancel your welcome bonus at any time and withdraw the money you have in your account.

If you deposit €100 and the welcome bonus offers you €200, then you will need to make a wager on that €200. If the wager is x40, then you will have to wager :

40 x 200 = €8,000 before you can withdraw your winnings that are on your BONUS balance. As explained a few lines ago, winnings on your CASH account can be withdrawn at any time.

You can find this type of wager at the following casinos:

Wager on deposit amount + bonus amount

The second type of wager implemented by some online casinos is the deposit + bonus amount wager. Simply put, you need to wager 30 times the amount you have in your account after the deposit to be able to withdraw money.

It's still a bit fuzzy for you? With this example, you will understand:

You deposit 100€ and the welcome offer offers you 100€ more. So you now have 200€. To find out how much you need to play before you can withdraw your winnings you need to do: €200 x 30 (because your wager is 30 in our example) = €6,000. You will need to play $6,000 before you can withdraw your money.

Of course, this amount differs depending on your deposit as well as the wager that the casino requires.

If you like this type of wager, Lucky7Bonus invites you to visit the following two casinos:

Without wager

The latest type of wager present in the world of online casino is... that there is no wager. In fact, when you deposit money, you don't have to fill in any wager. You can withdraw the money you win at any time. Any winnings above the deposit amount can be withdrawn. A technology that is only available in 2 casinos at Lucky7Bonus :

How does the wager work?

For some people who are new to the world of online casino, it may be difficult to understand how the wager works. However, the calculation of the wager is very simple to understand.

The wager is only calculated on your bets

Indeed, the wager is only calculated on your bets. Therefore, the money you earn during your gaming session is not taken into account in the calculation of the wager.

But how is it calculated? It is very simple. Let's say you need to make a €1000 wager. If you decide to play a €1 slot machine with €1 spins, each spin will count as 0.10% of the wager. After 1,000 spins at €1 (= €1,000), you will have completed your wager. Depending on the amount you play, your wager will move faster or slower.

Be careful to respect the betting limits.

Your wager evolves differently depending on what you play

Be careful however, depending on what you play, your bet will not count in the same way.

In some online casinos, playing live counts for 100% of your wager. That is to say that if you play 1€ live, it will be counted 100% in the wager. But some online casinos do not count live games at 100% of the bet. That is, if you play £1 blackjack in a casino that only counts the BJ at 5%, then the £1 will only count as a £0.05 bet in the wager.

In the vast majority of online casinos, bets on slot machines count for 100% of the wager. However, it is always best to read the terms and conditions of each casino before registering and/or depositing money on them.

Rules to respect with a Wager

If you decide to register at an online casino and take advantage of the welcome offer, there are some rules to be aware of. Even if the online casino "offers" you money for your arrival, you will have to meet certain expectations from them. Bets, prohibited slot machines, online games, hunt bonuses... you will have to read the conditions of each bonus. Each online casino has its own rules/conditions for the wager. Therefore, we strongly advise you to read each condition of each bonus.

If you win money with the Welcome Bonus and wish to withdraw it, the casino may deny your request if you have not complied with the rules.

Some slots are prohibited

Lucky7Bonus would like to remind you that as soon as you register at an online casino, you should take the time to read the terms and conditions of this offer. Indeed, in some online casinos, certain slot machines are prohibited. That is, if during your bonus, you wager money on a slot machine that is banned by the casino ONLY during the Welcome Bonus, then it may be possible that the casino will deny you a potential withdrawal.

Lucky7Bonus can't tell you enough, pay attention to the rules put in place by online casinos.

Respect the limits of the stake

Just as some slot machines and/or live games are prohibited when you take advantage of the welcome offer, you must also comply with wagering requirements. Indeed, the vast majority of online casinos do not wish the player to bet more than €5 per round.

For example, if you play live or on the slot machines, a bet above €5 may void a potential withdrawal.

Lucky7Bonus provides you with the wagering requirements of each online casino. Indeed, if you choose to register at an online casino that is present on the site, you will find all the wagering requirements in the small blue tab with an "i" inside.

Which slots are available for Wager?

To make a wager, you have several ways to play.

You can look for a boost balance, i.e. go to a highly volatile slot machine that can allow you to significantly increase your balance. However, keep in mind that these are slot machines that can also take your money from you very quickly. Lucky7Bonus offers three slots that can help you, if you are lucky, to significantly increase your balance:

  • The Dog House

  • The Dog House Megaways

  • Cherry Pop

If you would like to know, the most volatile slot machines in the world and those with the highest multiplier, Lucky7Bonus has written an article about it. To read it, please click here.

There is also a "softer" way to make your wager is to play on less volatile slots with a higher than average RTP.

However, it is important to remember that there is no "technique" that is more likely to succeed than another. Because the casino is completely random, it is impossible to know in advance which "technique" will help you more than another.

Another very important thing to take into account when creating a wager is the bankroll management. Indeed, the management of your balance will be the most important thing to increase your chances of approaching the end of the wager.

If you would like to know more about bankroll management, Lucky7Bonus has written an article on this subject which you can find by clicking here.

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