Strategy for playing craps
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Strategy for playing craps

Craps may seem complex at first glance to the uninitiated, but it is something to be considered because it is the lowest yielding game for a casino if you know what bets are being played.

This is why we have decided to explain all the tricks of the game as well as all the little mathematical facts that can significantly reduce the casino advantage to the player.

It is important to know that craps has a considerable number of betting possibilities, yet only 20% of them are interesting for the player. The rest of the bets are to be forgotten in your mind, they may be tempting in terms of their odds, but they give the casino a considerable advantage.

Generally speaking, the best bets you can make at craps are the "Pass", "Don't Pass", "Come" and "Don't Come" bets. If you decide to play only these bets, the casino advantage will only be around 1.40%. You can also add to these bets the "Place Bets" on 6 and 8, as well as the "Field Bets".

Forget about the other bets, they are disastrous. Some of them like some Hardways offer 11.11% advantage to the casino. Not convinced?

Then follow the next point to understand the draw probabilities and the casino's odds and advantages on each bet. After that, everything will seem much clearer.

Craps odds and payouts

Before we get into explaining the different bets you can use to reduce the casino advantage. It is necessary to first talk about the probabilities of the different possible draws. You will then understand why craps revolves around the natural (7).

Here are some additional probabilities that may be of interest to you:

  • The probability of making a "point" is 24/36 (66.66%) = 3/36 + 4/36 + 5/36 + 5/36 + 4/36 + 3/36

  • The probability of doing "Field" is 16/36 (44.44%) = 1/36 + 2/36 + 3/36 + 4/36 + 3/36 + 2/36 + 1/36

  • The probability of doing a 7 or 11 is 8/36 (22.22%) = 6/36 + 2/36

  • The probability of craps is 4/36 (11.11%) = 1/36 + 2/36 + 1/36

As a result of these various probabilities, you may notice that some prints are more likely to come out than others by a simple mathematical fact. Now that you have these probabilities in mind, we can move on to the different craps bets with their odds and casino advantage. First, we will look at the conventional bets and then we will look at the "Propositions Bets":

Conventional bets

Proposition Bets

As you can see, some of the bets are much better for the player. In the next few pages, we will take a closer look and explain why these bets are more advantageous for you.

Craps: "Pass" and "Come" bets

The "pass" and "come" bets are the best known and most common bets in craps. Basically, you bet on a win. This is one of the most profitable bets in craps because the casino advantage is 1.41%. The "pass" bet is played on the first roll, while the "come" bet is played on the second roll if a "point" is established.

Craps: "Don't Pass" bet and "Don't Come" bet

Unlike "pass" and "come" bets, instead of betting on a win, with "don't pass" and "don't come" bets you bet on a loss. These two bets are slightly more profitable for the player who plays them than the previous ones. The casino's advantage on these two bets is 1.36%. Why is that? Because you are playing against the pitcher, so in the end, you are on the dealer's side. The "don't pass" bet is played on the first pitch while the "don't come" bet is played on the second pitch.

Craps: Field bet

This is one of the only bets with a high casino advantage (5.56%) that we recommend because it is easy to understand. This bet allows players who absolutely want to bet on a single spin to do so. The most interesting numbers when betting on the field are 2 and 12 because they pay you 2 to 3 times your bet.

"Place" bet on 6 and 8

This bet allows you to play on the exit of the 6 or the 8 (1.52% advantage for the casino) for players who want to find a more advantageous alternative to the Big 6/8 (9.09% advantage for the casino). Why this difference? Because the "place" is played on several throws while the "big 6/8" is played on a single throw. It is interesting to bet on these two numbers because they are the numbers that come out the most after the 7, so in terms of probability this bet is very advantageous.

FAQ: Craps Strategy

Is it possible to follow a craps strategy?

You can play craps, but there is no strategy that gives you an advantage over the casino. Some bets or strategies will significantly reduce the casino's advantage, allowing you to win more but not beat the casino.

How do I play online craps?

Usually, this game is played in land-based establishments because you have to roll dice. Online, there is no live table as with most games (blackjack, roulette, poker, etc). Fortunately, if you absolutely want to play it, there are virtual craps games at online casinos.

Is it possible to win at craps?

It is possible to win at craps, at least if you limit yourself only to bets that limit the casino advantage. Other bets can destroy a bankroll in less time than it takes.

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