The Lightning Dice
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The Lightning Dice

What is the Lightning Dice ?

Whether in board games or in the world of online casino, the dice is one of the most popular objects in the world. Very small, this object, composed of 6 numbers from 1 to 6, can make you win thousands of euros if you are lucky. During the year 2019, the live gaming giant Evolution Gaming is offering a new game to its users: the Lightning Dice.

The principle of this game is absolutely simple. Three dice are thrown across a course and if you manage to bet on the winning number, then you win your bet.

But as you can imagine, when Evolution Gaming does things, it doesn't do them by halves. A large room, with lights that highlight a course from which the dice are thrown. A presenter who changes very often during the day who is there to animate your time on the game. Like Lightning Roulette, the Lightning Dice can be extremely volatile.

Your starting bet must be a minimum of ‚ā¨0.20 and a maximum of ‚ā¨500 on a single figure.¬†You will be able to bet on as many figures/numbers as you wish.¬†Please note that depending on the number you bet on, your total bet may change.¬†For example, you can bet ‚ā¨500 on many figures/numbers, but you will only be able to bet a maximum of ‚ā¨25 on the number 3 or number 18.

Even if the simplicity of this game is obvious, the final win can still be huge. If the stars are lined up and your luck runs out, you can win up to 1,000 times your initial bet!

Which casino should I choose to play at Lightning Dice?

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The rules of the Lightning Dice

The rules of the Lightning Dice are very simple. On your home screen, a setting table displays numbers that vary between 3 and 18. Each number has a basic multiplier. This never changes unless the lightning falls on it. The higher the multiplier, the less likely your number/number is to fall. The smaller the multiplier, the more likely your number is to fall.

The smallest multiplier is x 5 while the largest is x 150 your starting bet.

Before the game starts, it will be possible for you to bet on as many numbers/numbers as you wish, without exceeding the maximum bet amount on any one square, which is ‚ā¨500.

Once your bets are placed, the countdown stops and the game begins. Before throwing the three dice, the facilitator moves closer to the wall where a lever is located. The lever is activated by the facilitator. Several numbers or numbers are chosen at random by the system and are "struck by lightning". As you can see in the following screen, several numbers receive lightning and thus the final multiplier will increase.

Once the numbers have been highlighted by the Lightning Dice, the animator will go over the course, place the dice on it and the trapdoor that receives them will open automatically.

Once the dice have been thrown, the camera will focus on the arrival of the dice. As you can see in the next screen, the three dice arrive at the same time and the sum of them is added together to give a final amount, in this case of 15. Unfortunately for the players who bet on the number 15, the latter had no boost multiplier, only the basic multiplier. Once the game is over, you have a few seconds to bet again.

Le RTP du Lightning Dice

The RTP of the Lightning Dice is 96.21%. However, depending on the number/number you are playing on, this can vary greatly. Indeed, as you can see in the following screen, the RTP is between 96.03% and 96.21%. This is a return to player that is very suitable for a live game, especially as the Lightning Dice is a game that can allow you to win a lot of money with not very large bets.

Our opinion on the Lightning Dice

The Lightning Dice is an excellent innovation from Evolution Gaming, which has taken the Sic bo basics and adapted it to its own way. First of all, the quality of the decorations is to be underlined. Evolution Gaming does things right, whether it is the atmospheric decorations or the enhancement of the course.

Secondly, the principle of the game itself is excellent. Whether you are a new player or a recurring player in online casinos, everyone will understand the principle of Lightning Dice extremely quickly and this is a huge strength for Evolution Gaming.

What's more, the payout in this live game can be very substantial, no matter what your initial bet is, your final payout can be up to 1,000 times your initial bet.

A very simple gaming principle, a colossal potential gain, Evolution Gaming knows how to attract new users to these online games. So, what are you waiting for to go to one of the casinos present at Lucky7Bonus and try this game live?

If you still doubt the potential of this live game, a few weeks ago Bidule was lucky enough to stumble upon a lightning with a very consequent bet and a final... monstrous win.

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