The Crazy Time live game
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The Crazy Time live game

What's Crazy Time?

Never before has a game been so well named. Crazy Time is a new live game, designed by live casino giant Evolution Gaming and available in all the top casinos since May 2020. Crazy Time is a real TV show, with a regular presenter who changes every 30 minutes.

The principle of Crazy Time is simple: a giant wheel is present on the TV set. The presenter launches the wheel at each turn in order to fall on one of the 54 segments present on the Crazy Time wheel. These squares are composed of 8 different symbols that are present more or less often depending on the potential earnings of each segment.

The Crazy Time sets are particularly well designed and offer the player a high-quality playing experience in a fun fair atmosphere. The friendliness and dynamism (hardly exaggerated!) of the presenters guarantees a completely crazy atmosphere on the Crazy Time stage.

Craziness is not only present on the stage, it is also present in the payout scale. Crazy Time offers multipliers and bonus games allowing players to win big, very big. So don't wait any longer, if you want to have a good time and hit the jackpot, join the Crazy Time madness!

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The rules of Crazy Time

The principle of Crazy Time is simple: a giant wheel is present on the TV set. This wheel is composed of 54 squares called segments. The objective of Crazy Time is to bet on which square the wheel will stop.

When the game starts, you can bet on 8 symbols in Crazy Time:

  • the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10: these numbers correspond to the multiplier of your initial bet.

  • Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time bonuses: each game reveals its share of surprises in order to win the highest possible multiplier. Once you have placed your bet, Crazy Time offers you the chance to get an extra multiplier with each new spin. In fact, Crazy Time unveils a mini-game called Top Slot before each game.

Two reels appear in this game. In the first column, a symbol among the 8 available is drawn and in the second reel, a multiplier appears (between x2 and x50). If the symbol and the multiplier are aligned in the middle of the Crazy Time Top Slot screen, there is a match, which means that the multiplier is added to the drawn symbol.

Example: You bet £10 on 5, and the Top Slot falls on 5 with a multiplier x20. If the wheel stops on the 5, you win 10x5x20=1000!

After placing your bet and watching the Top Slot draw, the Crazy Time wheel is triggered will stop on a segment. If you bet on this one, you win the associated multiplier!

Boxes 1, 2, 5 and 10 at Crazy Time

There are 4 "classic" boxes on Crazy Time. Their operation is very simple, just bet on one of these boxes before the start of the game, and if the wheel stops on your segment you will get your bet multiplied by the associated multiplier. These 4 classic boxes are :

the 1: this number is present 21 times on the Crazy Time wheel, making it the most present symbol. If you bet on yourself and the wheel falls on 1 then you will win once your bet, which will double your investment. The probability of winning by betting on 1 is 39%.

Example: Bet £10 on 1 and win 1x10+10=€20.

the 2: the Crazy Time wheel offers 13 segments with the symbol 2. If the wheel reveals the 2 then you will get double your initial bet in profits and also get your bet back.

You have about a 1 in 4 chance of winning.

Example: bet €10 on the 2 and win 2x10+10=€30

the 5: this symbol is present 7 times, which corresponds to an almost 13% chance of falling on it.

Example: bet €10 on the 5 and win 5x10+10=€60.

the 10: it's the rarest classic symbol at Crazy Time, and it's also the one that pays the most if the wheel falls on it! Only 4 10 symbols are present, which brings your chances of winning to just over 7%.

Example: bet €10 on the 10 and win 10x10+10=€110

Bonus games at Crazy Time

Crazy Time offers its players bonus games. These take you to a new game if you have decided to bet on it and the wheel falls on the bonus segment.

Unlike other Evolution Gaming games such as Dreamcatcher or Monopoly, bonus games are much easier to get on Crazy Time! 9 segments give you access to the bonus among the 54 squares, which corresponds to 1 chance out of 6 to access the bonus games.

If during Top Slot Crazy Time you have obtained a multiplier from the 4 bonuses offered, then your winnings will be multiplied by this multiplier again and you can pocket up to €500,000 thanks to the Crazy Time bonuses!

There are 4 Crazy Time bonus games available, which we'll show you below:

  • the Pachinko

  • the Cash Hunt

  • the Flip Corner

  • the Crazy Time.

H4 Pachinko

The principle of Pachinko is simple, it is a traditional puck game. Once the Pachinko bonus is obtained, Crazy Time takes you to a wall made up of several elements.

At the bottom of this electronic board, 16 multipliers are randomly arranged (from x2 to x50), as well as stakes modifying the trajectory of the puck. The puck is thrown by the presenter from the top of the wall.

Once thrown, follow the puck's mad run until it falls into a multiplier at the bottom. Multiply this by the amount of your bet and you'll have your total winnings on the Crazy Time Pachinko bonus!

There is a "double" function that replaces a multiplier. If the puck falls into this box, all multipliers are doubled and the puck is re-rolled.

Sometimes a rescue throw can be made if you have had a x2, x3 or x4 multiplier. The winnings of this throw are accumulated.

2 Pachinko boxes are available on the Crazy Time wheel.

Cash Hunt

Once the Crazy Time wheel falls on the Cash Hunt, the presenter takes us to an electronic wall made up of 108 multipliers. These, after being revealed, are masked by random symbols and then mixed all over the wall.

You will now have to choose 1 symbol from among these 108 multipliers using a cannon reminiscent of the shooting games of carnivals.

Once this symbol is selected, the different multipliers will be revealed to you again and you win the multiplier you chose multiplied by your initial bet!

2 Cash Hunt segments are available on the Crazy Time wheel.

Flip Corner

The Corner Flip bonus is the most basic bonus at Crazy Time. It is a coin flip with a blue and a red side. A coin is thrown automatically and each side has a multiplier drawn beforehand up to 100 times your bet!

Occasionally, a second roll is made and your winnings are added to the first roll.

There are 4 Coin Flip squares on the Crazy Time wheel.

Crazy Time

This is the main attraction of this game show. The Crazy Time bonus is available only once on the wheel of the eponymous game, which increases the rarity of this bonus. But if you bet on the Crazy Time Bonus game and the wheel falls on this square, you could win huge sums of money!

Once you have obtained the bonus, let yourself be guided behind this mysterious red door. It hides a new wheel with 64 multipliers up to x200!

3 pointers are present on the Crazy Time bonus wheel. It's up to you to play to select which pointer will make you win. The multiplier on the segment indicated by your pointer will be multiplied by your initial bet to obtain your total win.

The Crazy Time bonus wheel also has "double" and "triple" segments. These will triple your multipliers and the presenter will raise the wheel again to make you win an even bigger prize on Crazy Time!

The RTP of Crazy Time

The RTP (Return To Player) is the return rate of an online game. It is a statistical average given by the provider itself. It is a theoretical figure, which means that a game with 95% RTP does not mean that for every €100 played, you will necessarily get €95 back!

The table below illustrates the RTP of the Crazy Time game.

The Mega Win of Bidule at Crazy Time

Combine the madness of Crazy Time with the audacity of Bidule and you'll get an explosive cocktail! This extremely volatile game show immediately appealed to Bidule because of its atypical principle and it's very attractive multipliers .

After having won more than 75 000€ in Crazy Time thanks to a Pachinko X300 with a stake of 250€ a few weeks ago, Bidule has once again exploded all the records thanks to a new historical win which only he has the secret.

Indeed, live on his Twitch channel in front of several thousand viewers, Bidule won 251 000€ at Crazy Time by betting 1000€ on the 10 and benefiting from a multiplier x25!

Watch the video of this incredible win below:

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