The crazy story of "Toonz" slots!
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The crazy story of "Toonz" slots!

In the online casino world, the world's most popular slot machine providers are working hard to come up with original creations that will stand out from the crowd and allow these slot machine manufacturers to stand out from the competition. Even if traditional slot machines are very popular with many players, some enthusiasts prefer to try their luck on atypical slot machines, both in the format, in the operation or in the theme addressed.

The provider Play'n GO has understood this perfectly. We can take for example one of the flagship attractions of this online game provider, Reactoonz! This successful slot has immediately won over its users thanks to its intoxicating base game and its incredible bonus potential, but also thanks to the offbeat universe that is present on this slot. Afterwards, Play'n GO continued in this line with other slot machines stamped Toonz. The provider has even created a whole story around this theme, just like the successful sagas in the movies that sometimes return to the past of the main characters.

Today, Lucky7Bonus comes back to the crazy history of Toonz slot machines! Indeed, you can find in this article the genesis of this so particular project which has been reworked for a long time by the online games provider Play'n GO. We will also come back on the history of this provider, but also on the slots concerned by this successful saga.

The history of Toonz slots

It all started with the Reactoonz slot machine. This ultra-popular creation in the world of online gambling has quickly become one of the most played slots in the world in some countries. This online game is well known for its futuristic and even science-fictional universe. Indeed, there are mysterious creatures that seem surprisingly friendly, as well as a mysterious radioactive machine around which the manufacturer has decided to create a whole universe on several of its slot machines.

The main character of this slot saga is a scientist reminiscent of Albert Einstein, both in his appearance and in his madness. This mad scientist is the instigator of all this commotion and, according to legend, is on the verge of finding a solution to give life through technology. Having risked his reputation to launch this project well before the release of Reactoonz and Reactoonz 2, which are directly derived from his inventions, the man known as Dr. Toonz has given his body and soul to carry out this research, which is on the verge of becoming concrete!

It is this eccentric character who is at the origin of this incredible saga. We can only congratulate the online game provider Play'n GO for offering us a real story behind this successful slot series. Charlotte Miliziano, head of slots at Play'n GO, even said, "It's hard to deny the popularity of the Reactoonz games, so we thought, where did these creatures come from?

What are the slot machines stamped "Toonz?

The saga of Toonz slots has seen a total of 4 online games released in just a few years. These slots have had completely different successes, as some creations are still among the most played slots in the world, while others have been forgotten. Below you will find the 4 slot machines that deal with the very special world of the Toonz! You can test these slot machines for free by clicking HERE.


Reactoonz is one of the most well-known online games in the gambling community. Released more than 4 years ago now, in October 2017, this slot machine has truly revolutionized the online gaming landscape. Indeed, the 7x7 starting grid format immediately won over users. The objective of Reactoonz is very simple: in order to win, you have to make groups of at least 5 identical symbols, regardless of their location on the grid. To help you with this task, there are many features present on this successful slot machine.

The bonus is without a doubt the most interesting part of Reactoonz! Indeed, this slot machine allows you to see a huge 3x3 wild called Gargantoon, a mysterious little monster invented by Dr. Toonz himself that can allow you to win huge sums of money. The futuristic universe of this slot is also a great asset for this slot, especially in an environment where creativity and audacity are not always present.

To have a better understanding of this complicated looking slot machine, Lucky7Bonus has made for you a detailed review of Reactoonz which you can find by clicking HERE.

Reactoonz 2

In cinema, the first opus of a saga is often the best, and we are usually disappointed by the sequel which can only be less good. Unfortunately, it is the same for slot machines! Indeed, Play'n GO had perhaps set the bar too high with Reactoonz and had a resounding failure with Reactoonz 2. The expectation was too high, since the provider had communicated about the release of this slot several months in advance.

But it is also in the operation that Play'n GO has dispersed. The slot maker has decided to keep the basic principle of the first opus, but by adding features that are difficult to reach, as well as a bonus that is particularly complicated to obtain. The only advantage over Reactoonz is that the second version has a higher earning potential. But players and streamers are unanimous, Reactoonz 2 is an undeniably failed slot.

If you don't want to put your money into this slot, which we totally understand, you still have the possibility to test Reactoonz 2 for free by clicking HERE.


This is definitely one of the lesser known slots in this saga. Energoonz uses the same theme and principle as the two slots mentioned above, but with a touch of personality and originality. This online game was released in 2008 and unfortunately did not have the success expected by the provider Play'n GO. However, this creation is very enjoyable and more than successful, especially thanks to the many features it contains.

This time it is a 5x5 starting grid that will be presented in front of you on the Energoonz slot machine. The symbols will also be represented by little creatures straight out of the imagination of Dr. Toonz. The main difference is in the way you get the bonus. In order to get the free spins, you will have to make numerous connections of at least 3 symbols, until you see the word "Bonus" appear, hidden behind the symbols at the beginning of each spin. In addition, a multiplier will increase by 1 for each connection and will act on the winnings, allowing you to win huge sums in base game and bonus.

Dr. Toonz

The latest installment of this incredible saga follows the story of Dr. Toonz, who is at the origin of all other Toonz slots. After the failure of Reactoonz 2, the online game provider Play'n GO decided to go for the classic this time, to the delight of the fans of this provider. The Dr. Toonz slot machine has been available on the vast majority of online casinos since September 2021 and is already a real success! The starting grid is more traditional as it contains 5 reels with 4 symbols. This means that understanding this slot will be much easier and the learning curve will be much faster.

Like the previous games, Dr. Toonz has many features that will considerably improve your opinion on this slot. Indeed, the base game of this slot contains the Quantumeter function which allows you to randomly add wilds, transform different symbols into the same symbol, or delete low-value symbols. The Dr. Toonz bonus is also very interesting since it allows you to trigger the Quantumeter much more easily, which will give you many more opportunities to win huge amounts of money.

Which online casinos play Toonz slots?

The Toonz slot machines are the work and property of Play'n GO, a reference provider in the world of online gambling despite a decline in recent months. The notoriety of this online games provider forces casinos to offer the creations of this slots manufacturer, otherwise players will migrate to other online gaming platforms.

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