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Free slot: Reactoonz

Provider : Play'n Go

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ProviderPlay'n Go
Creation year2017

How Reactoonz works

Reactoonz is a slot machine released in October 2017 by the provider Play'n Go. The RTP of this machine is 96% while the maximum payout is x4,570 the amount of your starting bet. Your minimum bet on a single spin is €0.20 while the maximum bet on a single spin is €100.

Reactoonz is a 7 x 7 slot machine, i.e. you have 7 vertical and 7 horizontal grids.

With each spin thrown, "one-eyed" symbols will light up, as can be seen in the following picture with the brown symbols. If you manage to connect these symbols to each other, then you will get 2 wilds.

The "wilds" symbols at the top left of your screen replace the two symbols that were previously there.

When you make a tour without a connection, an implosion may occur. The implosion is a "bonus" that puts 3 to 6 wilds at random on your screen.

When 4 similar symbols are glued together to form a square, then the 4 small symbols become one large symbol which multiplies your winnings by 2. For example, if 5 one-eyed symbols connect without having a x2 symbol, you earn 10 cents for that connection. If you have a x2 symbol, then you earn 20 cents.

At the top right of your screen is a gauge. Each time you log in, you fill in the bottom bar (below the red ball in the example). Once this bar has been filled in, it will automatically fill in the top bar (1 bar filled in at the bottom = 1 column filled in at the top). The charges are of different colours and thus offer you different bonuses.

Depending on the colour of your load, you will be entitled to different options:

  • If the load is blue, then you will have the right to an incision. A wild symbol will appear in the middle of the screen. Then two lines forming an "x" will be created and will replace all the symbols present with a randomly chosen symbol.

  • If the load is yellow, an implosion will occur. This "bonus" allows you to turn 3 to 6 symbols into wild and destroys all adjacent symbols.

  • If the bar is red, all blind symbols will be destroyed and will be replaced by this new symbol.

  • Finally, the alteration (green bar) chooses a blind symbol at random and replaces it with a random symbol. For example if the green blind symbol is chosen, if you have 10 green symbols then these 10 will be replaced by another randomly chosen symbol.

The different symbols of Reactoonz

On Reactoonz, you have 8 different symbols. The 8 symbols are divided into two parts: the one-eyed and the un-eyed. Symbols with two eyes pay better than one-eyed symbols. The more you connect the same symbol, the more money you earn. Below is the table of earnings according to the number of connections.

It is important to note that the table below does not take into account the "x2" symbol. If you connect 15 roses and it has a x2, you will earn €1,500 instead of €750.

The different connections in Reactoonz

To make a connection in Reactoonz, at least 5 similar symbols must connect horizontally and/or vertically.

How the Reactoonz bonus works

In order to get the Reactoonz bonus, all the bars in the top right-hand corner must be loaded. As you can see in the following screen.

Before the final appearance of your bonus, all the bars at the top right will unload and an animation will appear.

Once the animation is finished, the 3x3 GARGA will appear on your screen. The Garga serves as a giant "wild" and connects all the symbols near it.

If there are no more connections, the Garga in 3 x 3 will be replaced by two Garga in 2 x 2. Just like the big Garga, the two Gargantoons serve as wild.

As soon as the two garga no longer connect, 9 small garga will appear on the grid. Like the two garga, the 9 small garga are also wilds. Once there are no more possible connections, the bonus of Reactoonz ends.

Our opinion on Reactoonz

Reactoonz is one of the most fun but frustrating slot machines to play.

Frequently asked questions

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📈 What is the volatility of Reactoonz


💸 What is the RTP of Reactoonz


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Reactoonz ?


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