Streamers who have won the max win on a slot
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Streamers who have won the max win on a slot

Every player, whether a hobbyist, a long-time gambling enthusiast or even a casino streamer, dreams of hitting the jackpot on a slot machine one day. Getting a full screen of the best symbol, seeing a x500 bomb appear or making exceptional connections does not happen every day. Of all the online gamblers out there, only a handful can claim to have touched the maximum slot win.

Each slot has a pre-defined winning potential. In fact, this limit is set in advance by the provider himself and will help define the volatility of a slot machine and attract players who want to hit the jackpot. This number is usually between 1,000 and 150,000 times your original bet depending on the slot machine. If you ever reach the maximum payout of a slot machine, the game round will automatically stop as you will not be able to win any more money.

Lucky7Bonus takes a look at the streamers who have won the maximum available slot payout! This is a rare event and all the planets have to be aligned for it to happen. We remind you that casino streamers have large bankrolls and can afford to play huge amounts of money, so only play what you can afford to lose.

Kawaboumga / 5000x - Madame Destiny Megaways

Kawaboumga is a casino streamer who works mainly on Twitch. This gambling enthusiast broadcasts his frenzied sessions with the motivation and good humour that caracterise him. He made a name for himself thanks to videos on Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Fortnite and now has a place of choice in the world of French-speaking stream slots. Despite numerous failures to complete his wagers which made him somewhat fatalistic, Kawaboumga never gave up and always had the hope of making a colossal gain.

And that perseverance led to what remains to this day one of the craziest moments the young man has experienced since the start of his gambling career. Within hours of the release of Madame Destiny Megaways, a slot designed by online gaming provider Pragmatic Play, Kawaboumga could immediately see the slot's incredible potential.

Indeed, after purchasing a bonus for an amount of around €200 (this casino session was conducted on a crypto casino, which explains the discrepancies in amounts due to the variation of the Bitcoin), Kawaboumga got the maximum set up, with 12 free spins and a 25x multiplier that will act on every win made during the bonus. After getting no less than 5 retriggers, the multiplier reached x135, and allowed the streamer to win 5,000 times his starting bet and walk away with more than €9,000!

Roshtein / x5000 - Fruit Party

Are you new to the world of online gambling and don't know the streamer Roshtein? In short, this man is simply the boss of stream slots on Twitch! This online casino enthusiast plays exclusively on slot machines, sometimes for hours on end. Roshtein is a Swedish gambler based in Malta, and is on a daily quest for bonuses and stratospheric wins. The gambler, who has over 500,000 subscribers on Twitch, shares his sessions with an average of over 20,000 viewers.

Roshtein is accustomed to winning big but never satisfied, and is always trying his luck on high-volatility slots. A big fan of bonus buys, the man in the black hat decided to try his luck on the Fruit Party slot. After a €10,000 purchase and several dead spins, it was on the last free spin that the magic happened.

Several connections followed in quick succession, until 18 oranges (one of the best symbols) appeared, placed side by side and accompanied by a 64x multiplier. This incredible connection resulted in Roshtein winning 5,000 times his original bet, which is €500,000!

Loopoo / x5000 - Buffalo King Megaways

This is simply THE biggest performance in the history of French stream slots! This win can be attributed to the streamer Loopoo, a gambler par excellence who does not hesitate to play very aggressively with the sole aim of hitting the jackpot. With bonus purchases of €10, €20 or €50,000, €200, €500 or €1,000 spins or even bonus hunts of several hundred thousand euros, Loopoo does not shy away from anything to entertain his community and try to get a 7-figure win.

And the least we can say is that the man nicknamed El Avocado got what he came for! Once again, this incredible hit was created by online gaming provider Pragmatic Play. Loopoo decided to purchase a €20,000 bonus on Buffalo King Megaways, which equates to a starting bet of €200 per spin. And it was during the first free spin that the magic happened.

Indeed, thanks to a connection involving several buffalos (best symbol), the Maltese resident hit €289,000, accompanied by a x6 multiplier that will act on this exceptional win. The bonus ends here, as Loopoo hit the slot's maximum multiplier of 5,000 times the initial bet, and it was with €1,000,000 that the streamer walked away! We'll let you enjoy the gambler's crazy reaction, which is worthy of the win.

Casiibro / 5000x - Gates of Olympus

Casiibro is a streamer collective made up of two long-time friends named Kriox and Rollins. The latter have recently been joined by Secod and the three Belgium based guys share the same passion for gambling and more particularly for slot machines. The streamers broadcast daily, sometimes from morning to night, their wild sessions in front of several hundred viewers. It's only natural that this involvement should be rewarded with a big win!

And it was Rollins who had this incredible moment a few weeks ago on Gates of Olympus, a creation reminiscent of the iconic Sweet Bonanza. During the bonus, all multipliers that appear at the same time as 8 identical symbols are accumulated during all remaining free spins. The multipliers range from x2 to x500, and Rollins obviously got the bomb... x500 ! This allowed all connections with a new bomb to be multiplied by at least 500, and the total payout was starting to look more than fair for a €360 bonus buy-in.

But Casiibro viewers weren't expecting to experience an even crazier moment seconds later. On the same spin, Rollins saw 2 x500 multipliers and a x250 bomb appear, giving him a total multiplier of x1787, never seen before on this slot! This absolutely incredible win allowed Casiibro to reach the maximum multiplier of Gates of Olympus and walk away with €18,000, only a few days after the release of this slot.

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