JetX Review: The high pressure game of the moment
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JetX Review: The high pressure game of the moment

Increasingly played in online casinos, JetX has managed to convince a large community of adrenaline lovers. If you can stomach the excitement, hop aboard this jet doomed to crash, but don't jump too late ...

What is JetX?

JetX is an arcade game provided by SmartSoft Gaming. A multiplier is randomly generated for each game. The animation starts while the players place their bets which are stopped when the jet takes off. The longer the jet rises, the higher the multiplier grows. At any time, the player can decide to cashout in one click, and then ejects from the jet before it crashes, thus multiplying his bet at the exact moment he withdraws. The goal is to remove the bet as late as possible while avoiding the crash. If you don't remove your bet in time, you lose it all.

There are two options to make betting easier. One option allows you to automatically bet the amount entered at the beginning of each game. The second option allows you to automatically withdraw your bet as soon as a chosen multiplier is reached. For example, if you check this option and select x2, your bet will be withdrawn automatically when the multiplier reaches x2 (if the crash did not occur before).

Which online casinos offer to play JetX?

Lucky7Bonus introduces Casino Extra, an online casino offering Aviator, a JetX-like game with a maximum payout of up to €10,000.

Are there any winning techniques at JetX?

Although having a fairly simple design and a rather repetitive function, JetX is attracting more and more players. This is partly due to the fact that many of these players believe they can use a technique to always end up with profit. Keep in mind that in front of the casino, you are always mathematically loosing.

With a slot machine, you have no influence on your chances of winning, but on some games, your behavior will affect your odds. In Blackjack for example, you can reduce the casino's advantage by respecting a strategy and in the same idea, with JetX, you can improve your game, in order to increase your chances and decrease your losses in the long run.

Keep in mind that you can win several games, maybe even a whole night, but in the long run, the mathematical advantage of the casino will always compensate for it.

The Martingale

The martingale is a technique used in many casino games. Its goal is to always win against the odds in the long run and in theory with martingale you do. But in reality we will see that it is a little more complicated. The operation of the martingale is, basically, very simple. When you lose, you double your bet until you win. If you have an infinite balance, in theory you will always win and therefore recover all the bets in addition to the initial bet.

Here is an example with JetX :

You bet 1 € and set the automatic collector to x2. If there is a crash before x2, you lose 1 €. In this case you bet 2 €, if there is another crash before x2, you double again by betting 4 €. If JetX's result is 5 times in a row less than x2 before exceeding this multiplier in the 6th game, you lose the first 5 bets and win the 6th. You will have bet a total of €31 (1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16) and won €32 (16x2 = 32).

This method is very popular with JetX players because they believe that the crash will not occur a large number of times in a row before reaching x2. This technique isn't as effective for two reasons:

  • Your budget is not unlimited. For a martingale to work, you have to be able to anticipate a very long chain of losses and no one has an unlimited balance. Ten losses in a row will require a 11th bet of 1,024 times the initial bet.

  • Betting limits. Casinos limit your maximum bet and at the same time have a minimum bet. If you start a martingale with a starting bet of €1, and lose 9 times in a row, you will need to bet €512 following the rules of the martingale. On JetX your bet cannot exceed €300.

Note that JetX offers an additional bet. Often used to aim for a different multiplier, this second bet allows you to double your bet and to make an 11th attempt at your martingale. Which brings us to the biggest problem with martingale: if you reach your last possible bet (betting cap or balance limit) and it goes wrong, the loss will be greater. You should also check that martingale is allowed in the casino where you want to use it, which is not always the case.

Cash out as soon as possible

This technique consists of betting larger amounts and withdrawing your bet as soon as you have the opportunity to do so in order to obtain a small but recurring gain. On JetX the automatic collection feature is limited to a minimum of x1.35, so you will need to click yourself to eject from the jet in time!

Also, it is not so rare to see a crash at x1.00 leaving you with nothing to do. With this technique you will therefore lose a large amount of money if the disaster occurs, so it does not seem ideal to us, although it is quite pleasant to play since it can put you under pressure before each takeoff.

To infinity and beyond

This is a technique that comes up quite often on JetX. You aim for a fairly low multiplier between x1.3 and x1.4 with average bets. In reality, you are simply betting on your luck, hoping that during your session, the multipliers will be higher than the long-term average.

So the best way to spice up the game is to use the second bet to place a much lower bet in order to get the highest possible multipliers. You will be able to test your guts and let JetX play with your nerves when the ship will go to limitless heights!

Our opinion on JetX

JetX is an exciting game that will delight players looking for adrenaline. You will be able to put your cold blood to the test and even challenge other players. During each game, you will see the bets of each passenger of the jet and will be able to see them eject before you. Seeing that other players have not yet withdrawn their bets can influence you and make you wait longer too.

This connection between players adds a real advantage to a game that could quickly become repetitive. The infinite potential of the multiplier creates a real part of mystery at each takeoff and explains the craze around this game. So for the bravest, have a good takeoff but don't forget your parachute, JetX will be ruthless with you!


Where can I play JetX?

The best online casinos to play at JetX are Casino Extra, Fatboss and Lucky31.

What is the biggest possible multiplier on JetX?

There is no maximum multiplier on JetX, its potential is infinite.

What is the biggest win at JetX?

The maximum win is limited to €30 000.

Is JetX a reliable game?

Absolutely. As long as you play JetX at a regulated and certified online casino, the game will be reliable. JetX's multiplier is unpredictable and randomly generated thanks to IDQ, a certified company.

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