From CS:GO to online casino, Bidule celebrates 7 years of gambling
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From CS:GO to online casino, Bidule celebrates 7 years of gambling

On March 26, 2014, Bidule released his first gambling video on the Internet. 7 years later, the young streamer has come a long way. Until he became the number 1 French-speaking streamer in the Slots category on Twitch. In this Lucky7Bonus article, Bidule talks about his journey, his paying choices, his highlights and his ambitions.

Beginnings on CS:GO

"The first feeling that dominates is that of accomplishment": looking back on the last 7 years, Bidule is not a little proud. "I've gone through all the stages, from a handful of viewers to thousands of spectators. Today, I can say that the steady work over the last few years has paid off." Let's go back a bit. It was in 2012 that young Adrien aka Bidule created his first YouTube channel dedicated to Minecraft. In 2014, Bidule took the CS:GO turn and dedicated himself to video games. It is through CS:GO skins betting that he discovers the world of gambling. He then took over the videos on YouTube and built up a community around him. "I remember that time, when I went to get €50 PaysafeCards to buy skins, says the young man nostalgically. Everything followed quickly, with my first partnership in 2016 with Gamdom, a platform that has evolved with me eventually."

After obtaining a scientific baccalaureate, Bidule began short studies in computer engineering. "Looking back, i realise that it was a pretty dark period, he says. I was playing off-stream, on my phone, in class... I was clearly addicted to CS:GO skins. I was lucky enough not to go bankrupt and over time I learned to listen to myself and know my limits." It was his decision to quit school and move to Malta that changed everything.

Malta and online casino

Just a millionaire at the age of 20, Bidule left France and his family cocoon to try the adventure of expatriation. "Initially, I arrived in Malta to work with a friend. In the end, I decided to settle there." A decisive choice that will mark a turning point in the life of the young man. As he discovered another world, that of the online casino. "I was sitting at home watching Twitch when I saw a streamer playing on Cresus Casino, recalls **Bidule**. I contacted Cresus and told them that I was also playing for money with a small community and that's when it all started." An exchange of emails later and the 20 year old was off on a new adventure.

The partnership was signed and Bidule inaugurated his first casino stream in October 2018 with his friends Roknar and Félix. "We didn't understand anything, laughs Bidule. We were doing €100 spins with a €500 bankroll, it was really nonsense! That said, it remains a highlight of my career."

YouTube and Twitch as a playground

Created in 2012, Bidule's first YouTube channel was home to Minecraft, CS:GO and then best of sessions on online casinos. But in February 2020, when the channel had reached 100,000 subscribers, the video platform decided to delete the channel for reasons that are still unclear today. Far from being discouraged, the young man re-launched a channel called Twitch Highlights, which features the best moments of his sessions on Twitch.

And it is on this new platform that Bidule has reached a new dimension in just two years. On Twitch, he is one of the first streamers to offer live games on online casinos. Partnerships are coming in and so are the viewers, making the Maltese resident one of the top French slot streamers. "The Twitch channel is my number one focus, he says. I really care about the quality of the stream and i have invested a lot in it with ever more efficient equipment and specific overlay. With COVID, some projects have been delayed. It's frustrating, but I'm trying to continue to offer original content. And still having a lot of fun."

Bidule's biggest online casino wins

Number 1 in the French slots category, Bidule is one of those highstakes players, those who play very expensive sessions at online casinos and bet very big. Logically, over the years, the young man has experienced great losses, but also great wins. Lucky7Bonus has listed Bidule's biggest online casino wins in a separate article.

One of these will remain in the young man's memory for life: "A year ago, when the Mega Ball live game came out, I bought 30 grids at €50, for a total price of €1,500. I turned this sum into more than €313,000! The adrenaline rush was incredible. I was shaking, it took me several seconds to realise. What I felt at that moment is quite inexplicable."

The bright future of slots stream

Number of viewers, streamers, partnerships... in less than a year, the slots category on Twitch has exploded, well helped by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the various confinements. Expatriate highstakes players in Malta such as TeufeurS and Loopoo have multiplied. "I was a bit surprised by this explosion, says Bidule. There seems to be a real democratisation of the online casino and it's going in the right direction. Competition is certainly increasing, but it's not unhealthy. The important thing is to concentrate on what you are doing and keep moving forward. As for me, I still have many ideas and a lot of ambition!"

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