Dr Disrespect, an entertainer among gamers
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Dr Disrespect, an entertainer among gamers

Video games have grown considerably in recent years, making some gamers into real celebrities. Sometimes known for their talent or their victories in competitions, some offer a real show to their viewers who are looking for entertainment.

Today, Lucky7Bonus presents Dr. Disrespect, the king of entertainment in the video game industry.

Who is Dr Disrespect?

Dr. Disrespect is a 39 year old American streamer who is considered to be the biggest entertainer in the video game scene.

The Doc was born in Encinitas, California as Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV. Very tall and athletic, he joined California Polytechnic State University in Pomona because of his talent for basketball. He played in the NCAA Division 2.

Beahm has been passionate about video games, especially first-person shooters, since college, where he discovered his talent for the games Halo and Halo 2. He loves Halo's voice chat and the ability to trash his opponents with verbal attacks. His username Diarrhea Panic and his hilarious jokes began to put the American gamer on the map.

He released his first Youtube video on January 11, 2010 after opting for the name Dr. Disrespect.

Dr Disrespect, the pure entertainer

The Doc launched himself on youtube in 2010 with a montage on the video game Call of Duty. After buying his famous mullet wig, his tactical combat outfit and his retro style glasses, the character was created. In this video he violently criticises his own gameplay and introduces shots of himself. It was an immediate success and Machinima, the biggest video game YouTube channel at the time, offered him a partner contract.

A year later, although the videos were very popular among viewers, Dr. Disrespect retired from the Youtube scene to concentrate on his new job at Sledgehammer Games. Hired as a community manager, he was quickly promoted to the game company's design team.

The Doc worked on the creation of the successful games Modern Warfare 3 and Advanced Warfare. It wasn't until the end of 2015 that Beahm announced he was leaving his job and gave us a shocking return of Dr. Disrespect.

A character in his own right

The character of Dr. Disrespect is then present on Twitch streams, always in full tactical gear, sporting a mullet, a moustache and sunglasses that have become a cult.

Much more than just a costume, his entire demeanor is dictated by his character. The Doc yells, insults his opponents, trashs them, boasts and gives his opinion on absolutely everything, always being right of course. He represents a true caricature of the professional gamer. He does not hesitate to integrate parts of his private life into his character and the line between Beahm and Dr. Disrespect is very fine. He often reminds us of his athleticism and tallness by noting the shortness of his opponents or other streamers friends and competitors. Dr. Disrespect is also known as the 2 Time, in reference to his two consecutive championship titles in 1993 and 1994 at the Blockbuster Video Game Championships.

With stream animation being the main element for Dr. Disrespect, big resources were quickly put in place. The Doc often arrives on his live shows by parachute, motorbike, zip line or helicopter thanks to animations made by his sidekick Alex, who is insulted and fired on a regular basis.

His motto Violence, Speed and Momentum follows him in each of his gameplay. Playing mainly Battle Royal type games, where the last survivor of a large number of players wins the game, Dr Disrespect likes to remind people that he is the best, the strongest, the fastest and the most violent.

Dr Disrespect, a real star

In a year, Dr Disrespect has become a superstar. Propelling him to the top of the Twitch platform, even winning the eSport Industry Award for streamer of the year in 2017 as well as the Game Award for player of the year.

By June 2020, the Doc's Twitch channel had over 4 million followers and his streams often had over 40,000 people tuning in for 8-10 hours each weekday.

After an unexpected event, Beahm finally returned to YouTube, where he features Dr Disrespect in his streams.

Dr Disrespect's problems and his time on Youtube

The Doc has inevitably been at the centre of some controversy throughout his career.

In December 2017, Dr. Disrespect had to take a 2-month break to focus on his marriage. Beahm had then come out of character during a stream, to announce to his viewers that he had been unfaithful. He made his return in February 2018, after an image was released showing the doc and his wife, Mrs Assassin on his shoulders and holding a knife to his throat. Dr. Disrespect received an impressive response from its community with a peak stream of 388,000 viewers.

In 2019, while a guest at E3, Beahm, accompanied by his cameraman, entered the venue's bathroom several times whith the camera still filming while streaming the scene live on his Twitch channel.

His Twitch channel will, as a result, be suspended by the platform for 2 weeks

On June 26, 2020, the Twitch channel Dr. Disrespect was permanently banned from the platform. While Beahm and Twitch were bound by a contract, this ban came as a surprise to the entire fan community dubbed Champions Club and even Dr. Disrespect himself according to his words.

20 days after the disappearance of his Twitch channel, the Doc offers an interview published in the Washington Post and still claims not to be aware of the reason for the ban. He compares the sudden suspension of his channel to arriving at his workplace, finding a closed door and being told he was fired. He also announced that he was working on the "Doc 3.0 personnality".

After 42 days without a stream, the Doc warns his fans on 6 August with a link to his Youtube channel in the following tweet: "tomorrow we arrive."

His Youtube channel is then live at the same time, with a 3D scene and music in the background sung by the 2 Time himself.

On August 7th, Dr Disrespect is back on stream and over 300,000 people are present to watch his comeback.

The future is unclear for Dr Disrespect

Nearly a year after the removal of his Twitch channel, no party has given more information about it. Several theories mention contract negotiations with different streaming platforms, but no one except the players involved seems to know the real reasons and consequences of this story.

Several streamers under contract with Twitch have actually stopped playing with Dr. Disrespect since the ban. Timthetatman, for example, explained that he didn't think he could play with his streamer friend, even without broadcasting their games.

A situation that leaves the whole community rather confused at the moment.

For the time being the Doc continues his career as an Alpha male by yelling at absolutely everyone and decimating players who cross his path on Warzone, Valorant or other similar FPS.

What is certain is that Dr. Disrespect is still a competitor at heart, and he continues to participate in impressive tournaments. Recently Dr. Disrespect showed off his skills in the FaZe Tournament on Warzone with a prize pool of $100,000!

His Youtube channel is obviously still a success, with more than 3 million subscribers and almost 250 million total views.

Versatile, the 2 Time has taken the literature market by storm recently, with the biography of Dr. Disrespect in what he calls the salvation of literature. Violence Speed Momentum came to the rescue of literature in the West before making the top 3 of the New York Times Best Seller list .... according to the Doc...

Sources and useful links

Dr Disrespect's Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcJL2ld6kxy_nuV1u7PVQ0g

Dr Disrespect's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drdisrespect/

Dr Disrespect's Twitter: https://twitter.com/drdisrespect

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