Casino streamers' biggest wins last month!
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Casino streamers' biggest wins last month!

As you've come to expect, Lucky7Bonus regularly reports on online casino streamers and their biggest wins. Last month was rather unusual, but that didn't stop the big wins from pouring in, with some staggering records from the English speakers.

With bets getting higher and higher, until reaching amounts that make no sense in the real world, we had to expect record winnings out of our reality! Lucky7Bonus takes a look back at the most impressive winnings of the past month, with astronomical sums or even crazier bet multipliers for more diversity.

Roshtein's crazy record day

It was hard not to start this list with the boss of the Slots game on Twitch. The man who democratized the betting of several hundred and several thousand euros live had a crazy day that the world of live gambling will not forget.

Rosh has a particular style of play that consists of forcing his fate and this mode of operation has worked quite well for him so far. When he is interested in a slot machine and wants to get a record win, he may spend hours or even days playing only that slot, even if it means losing his entire balance, several times in a row. The streamer will then give 100% of his attention to the chosen slot machine, until it offers him what he is looking for, without ever giving up.

Recently, the online game provider Hacksaw Gaming offered us a slot that only this provider has the secret. Indeed, the latter is renowned for its extremely volatile and original slot machines and Wanted Dead or a Wild is no exception to the rule.

11 hours of $2,000 spins

At the end of 11 hours of straight streaming on this crazy slot machine, Roshtein not only walks away with a staggering win, but a large number of wins in amounts that are already shocking to the average person.

To understand how such winnings are possible, one must first take into account the fact that some casinos allow bets of thousands of Euros or Dollars per spin, which allows those who have the means to do so to aim for astronomical amounts.

At the Stake online casino, where Roshtein plays, high rollers are spoiled for choice, as it is possible to bet up to 2,000 Euros per spin on the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine, for example!

9 big wins of madness!

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Let's take a look back at the 9 biggest wins with a $2,000 Rosh bet that day. You can find them in the video above.

  • First of all, with a 17x multiplier and a connection of bandits that didn't even reach the last reel, Roshtein finished this bonus with a win of $542,600, which means $540,000 in one free spin! Plenty to put himself in good stead for a 9ᵉ best win of the day...

  • The 8th best win of the day will have required 2 free spins including a big win to reward the streamer with $668,800

  • The next bonus is very similar to the previous one and totals $733,600 in winnings

  • The sixth-best win of the day will have needed only one excellent free spin to deliver over $770,000

  • The 5th biggest win of the day came in the base game, as Roshtein chained $2,000 spins in turbo mode, it was 2 Wilds that connected to deliver him nearly $800,000 in winnings!

  • The next one is only the fourth-best win of the day, but we get right down to business with a single spin in base game mode to win $2,275,200!

  • The podium opens with a crazy bonus, where the king of stream slots wins $2,286,400

  • In second place, a free spins bonus decided to pay out the sum of $3,699,000 in a single free spin, which is already a record win at this point

  • To conclude this list in the best way, it is with a bet of $2,000 per spin still that Roshtein gets the rarest bonus thanks to the famous Scatters (worth $800,000 in case of a bonus purchase). The setup is promising with an 18x multiplier and 18 Wilds spread across the grid, but the payout is still shocking. The first ball triggers over $4 million in winnings, the second nearly $3 million more and the bonus ends on the last spin in crazy fashion with a total win of $8,967,600!

A record win from another dimension, without taking into account the 3 other wins of more than 2 million dollars each. In short, a meaningless day for the boss of the slots game on Twitch!

Biggo and Jonte from ClassyBeef win the million in a spin

Do you know the streamer collective ClassyBeef? Then you probably know Biggo, an emblematic character of this very special group. Accompanied by his friend Jonte on one of the most volatile and therefore, most loved and hated slots at the same time: Mystery Museum, the duo went wild.

During a free spins bonus with a $200 per spin bet, four mystery reels (or magic skateboards, call them what you will) first appear on the grid before Medusa is revealed. This last one then brings in 20,000 dollars, already a substantial sum, but that's nothing compared to what's to come...

The long-awaited 5th special reel appears, leaving the hope of a grid completely filled with Pharaohs to get the maximum possible win in one spin. There are then 2 free spins left in this bonus and as many chances to get the Holy Grail, but the two companions will not have to wait much longer, as it is the pharaoh that is revealed on the very next spin.

The Pharaoh's full screen is displayed, with a simple implied message: the x5,000 is obtained and therefore, on a bet of $200, a million dollars in one spin!

We let you enjoy the reaction of the two streamers on this video.

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Jonte within a hair's breadth of a million dollars

Now that you've seen Biggo and Jonte win a million dollars, you'll be able to see Jonte alone get close to 7 figures a second time!

This time, it's on a very recent slot machine that the member of the ClassyBeef collective has made this win. Indeed, Rocket Reels is one of the latest creations of the sensation provider we mentioned earlier: Hacksaw Gaming.

Small rockets suppress symbols to leave multipliers behind and that's what makes this slot so different. Mix in a few wilds, 25x multipliers and lots of rare planets on a $100 free spin and you've got yourself an incredible payout!

It only took a few seconds for the streamer to realize the size of the number in front of his eyes: $937,500!

Watch on YouTube

You can watch this incredible record win in the video above.

Antho hits the max ratio for Starlight Princess

While unimaginable sums of money are won every day by English-speaking streamers with almost unlimited budgets, the heart of a slot machine, what really thrills players, is the adrenaline of reaching the maximum potential of a game. Reaching the jackpot, maxing out a slot, is something that is extremely rare, if not out of reach in a player's life, and no matter how much you wager on the day it happens, you'll still win a nice sum.

Shortly after the release of this visual redesign of Gates of Olympus that is Starlight Princess, it was Antho who had the chance to get the Grail by blocking the winnings counter!

Live on the TeufeurS channel with the latter and the host of the afternoon streams, the 3 young gamblers quickly understood that this free spins bonus was going to go crazy. While Kefun, TeufeurS and Antho were all shouting and celebrating "La max win", it was not yet a sure thing.

Indeed, slot machine fans know this kind of "all or nothing" slots and when multipliers follow each other in a crazy way in a bonus, it often means that the madness won't stop there, on the contrary.

That's what happened next as the high value multipliers, up to x500 rained down on the grid to offer staggering winnings, even to the point of locking the winnings counter at €25,000. A bet of €5 per spin and a total multiplier of x5,000, the maximum paid on this slot machine!

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