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Free slot: Wolf Hunters

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Creation year2018

How Wolf Hunters works

Released on September 3, 2018, Wolf Hunters is an excellent slot made by the provider Yggdrasil. It may seem rather simple at first glance with its 5 reels and 3 lines, but Wolf Hunters brings some very interesting bonus features, in addition to undisputed quality. Lucky7Bonus presents you today this little hidden gem from the provider Yggdrasil.

Direction the gloomy alleys of this medieval city with a horror movie background. Probably in Transylvania, the story focuses on two hunters: the Hunter and the Huntress, two specialists in tracking down werewolves. The player will have to accompany them to try to find the hidden treasures of the dark castle. The graphics and animations are worthy of what the provider Yggdrasil offers, everything is there. The sound atmosphere adds to the immersion to really integrate this slot machine. Everything is there to make Wolf Hunters an excellent slot. The base game is interesting and will push the player to keep spinning to unlock bonus features and what is exceptional is that it is possible to track your progress to know roughly when you will unlock a bonus.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.3%, which is about average, and the volatility is still quite high with a maximum payout of 3,000 times the original bet. You can bet between 20 cents and 100 Euros at Lucky7Bonus' partner online casinos.

The different symbols in Wolf Hunters

There are 9 symbols in Wolf Hunters slot. First of all, the Wild will have a very important impact as it will give you a free spin and the Wild will be Sticky, so it will stay in the same position for the next spin, to try to get better connections. The other important symbol is also the most profitable: the werewolf. This one will make you win 25 times your bet with only 5 of the same symbols. When this symbol falls on the grid, a fight takes place between a hunter and a werewolf. If the hunter wins and the symbol becomes a wild, the werewolf at the top of the grid will lose 1 point of life and the winning hunter will get 1 point.

As for the other symbols, there are 3 other premium symbols and 4 classic symbols, which is not much, but enough for such a small grid:

  • The werewolf trap that will make you win up to 12.5 times your initial bet

  • The green elixir which will win you up to 10 times your initial bet

  • The silver stake that will make you win up to 7.5 times your initial bet

  • Red heart wins up to 3.5 times your original bet

  • Purple Spade wins up to 3 times your original bet

  • The green club and blue diamond will win up to 2.5 times your original bet

The different connections in Wolf Hunters

There are no less than 20 paylines available in Wolf Hunters, a good opportunity to make multiple connections at the same time and get some nice wins. Of course, you need to have at least 3 of the same symbols on the first 3 reels starting from the left side. The Wild symbol will be of utmost importance to make multiple connections by activating different paylines at the same time.

The bonus features of Wolf Hunters

There are several bonus features available in Wolf Hunters and you can see them directly in the base game with the hunter on the right, the hunter on the left and the monster on top. In all the bonus features, the gameplay remains quite similar, each time a werewolf appears, the hunters will attack it in turn to try to kill it. As a bonus, if you get 2 free spins symbols then you win 2 more free spins.

Regarding the differences between the 3 bonuses, we will try to summarize how they work and what they offer:

  • Free spins: they will be triggered by 2 free spin symbols falling on the base game grid, this offers 10 free spins with of course the possibility of triggering more again.

  • Rage free spins: when a hunter gets 100 points, then the Rage mode is triggered giving you 7 free spins with some advantages for the hunter in question: he will push the werewolves away to spread them on the grid and create connections.

  • Slayer free spins: to trigger the beast at the top of the grid, the player has to make him drop his hit points to 0 and he will win 10 free spins. This bonus is interesting, because all werewolf symbols are replaced by Sticky Wild symbols and with free re spins with each new Wild symbol. Probably the best bonus to try to get closer to the jackpot x 3,000. At the end of the bonus, the beast goes back up to 600 life points.

Our opinion on Wolf Hunters

It's another success for the provider Yggdrasil who manages to innovate on its slot machines. Wolf Hunters is the proof with a masterful atmosphere that will transport any player to this world made of darkness. With a decent RTP, good volatility and the potential to win 3,000 times your bet, Wolf Hunters slot is well balanced for beginner players and won't be too frustrating. The specialty of Wolf Hunters is of course its attractive and original bonus features. The ability to see your hunters advance, as well as the life of the beast at the top of the grid is a super positive and will motivate players to keep spinning. We highly recommend you try it for free at the top of this page at Lucky7Bonus or try it directly at the site's online casino partners!

Frequently asked questions

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📈 What is the volatility of Wolf Hunters


💸 What is the RTP of Wolf Hunters


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Wolf Hunters ?


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