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Free slot: Tiger Kingdom

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ProviderRelax Gaming
Creation year2022

How Tiger Kingdom works

What a pleasure it is to discover a new slot machine from provider Relax Gaming using the Infinity Reels feature, literally meaning "Infinite Reels". You can quickly understand the principle by playing Tiger Kingdom for free above or by reading this Tiger Kingdom review.

The theme is not particularly original, it features the tiger, Chinese sign of the year 2022. The graphics and animations are however very well done and highlight the slot. For fans of Asian worlds, Tiger Kingdom is the perfect slot! However, this one is a real challenge, as it is ultra volatile and offers a high jackpot of 20,000 times the starting bet.

Today Lucky7Bonus presents you Tiger Kingdom slot in great detail: the different symbols, how the slot connections work, the bonus features and finally, we will share with you our general opinion on Relax Gaming's latest slot machine.

Welcome to China with its beautiful scenery and soothing music. The basic game consists of 3 reels and 3 rows, which may not sound like much, but that's the whole point of Tiger Kingdom slot! As soon as a player gets at least 3 times the same symbol on all three reels, then the reels all move to the left, validating the symbols on the first reel and making way for a new reel on the far right.

The objective is to accumulate several symbols on the left side to increase the winnings. The difficulty lies in the fact that you always have to have at least three of the same symbols on all three reels in order for the sequences to work.

Technically, the Tiger Kingdom slot has an above average theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.23%. Bets start at 10 Euro cents and can go up to 50 Euro per spin at Lucky7Bonus online casino partners.

The different symbols in Tiger Kingdom

There are not many symbols in Tiger Kingdom slot. There is no Wild symbol, but instead the game offers you a Multiplier symbol that will multiply by 2, 3 or 4 the symbols you have accumulated on the left side during a spin. Another symbol can also add a reel during the spin, players can go up to a total of 5 reels, increasing the chances of making long connections and re-spinning.

Otherwise, rely on the 4 Tiger Kingdom premium symbols for big wins. Each time you land one of these symbols on the left side, you win a certain amount of money. The best symbol can earn you up to 4 times the original bet. Please note that these premium symbols are more profitable than the common symbols, but their rate of appearance is much lower. The screen below shows you the 4 premium symbols with their associated payouts for a starting bet of €1.

The 3 common symbols will be much more often present on the Tiger Kingdom grid, so the associated winnings are bound to be much lower. The best symbol can pay up to 0.6 times the original bet, which is not even the bet. The three common symbols are represented by symbols of different colors: red, green and blue. The image below shows these symbols and their payouts based on a €1 bet.

The different connections in Tiger Kingdom

There are no real paylines in Tiger Kingdom slot, as the Infinity Reels feature will take precedence over the base game and the slot bonus. In order for a connection to be triggered, the same symbol must appear at least once on all three reels. The reels will then shift to the left and a new reel will appear on the right. For the connections to continue, the same symbol must be on this new reel or a new connection must be made with a new symbol.

How the Tiger Kingdom bonus works

Thanks to the bonus symbols, you can trigger the special Tiger Kingdom bonus when you get 3 bonus symbols during the same spin. It's as simple as that: a new grid appears and you get three free spins to land one of the many symbols present during the bonus. If you don't get any symbols on the reels, the bonus stops when the spin counter drops to 0. Conversely, if you do get a falling symbol, the reels shift to the left and your spins go back up to 3.

For the more impatient among you, it is possible to buy the bonus for the modest sum of 100 times your bet.

Of course, you collect all the symbols that fall from the reel on the far left every time a new symbol appears on the reel on the far right. Here's an overview of the different symbols you can get during Relax Gaming's Tiger Kingdom bonus:

  • Gold coin symbol: a value between 1 and 10 times the bet is to be won

  • Red Coin Symbol: You win a value between 20 and 100 times your bet

  • Collector: This collects all the coins on the reels. This effect can be launched every spin if you collect the symbol

  • Payout: Increases the value of the coins on the reels by up to +3. This bonus can be applied every turn if you collect the symbol

  • Sniper: Multiplies the value of certain coins on the reels by x2, x3 or x4. This effect can be applied to every spin if you collect the symbol

  • Scroll : by collecting this symbol, a new reel is added to the grid up to a maximum of 5 reels

Our opinion on Tiger Kingdom

Relax Gaming has come up with a very original version of Infinity Reels with their latest slot machine: Tiger Kingdom. Very simple to understand, this feature seems unique in the world of online casinos. It can sometimes be quite frustrating, especially when there is no connection or the bonus stops immediately.

Indeed, Tiger Kingdom is a very volatile slot machine and you will have to hang on to try to win the jackpot that can reach 20,000 times the starting bet. For a starting bet of €50, that's €1 million.

This is a great achievement for the provider Relax Gaming, which continues to establish itself as a provider of quality games rather than quantity. Lucky7Bonus strongly encourages you to play Tiger Kingdom for free at the top of this page or go directly to our online casino partners to take advantage of a welcome bonus and get your new adventure off to the best possible start!

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📈 What is the volatility of Tiger Kingdom


💸 What is the RTP of Tiger Kingdom


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Tiger Kingdom ?


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