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Free slot: Space Miners

Provider : Relax Gaming

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ProviderRelax Gaming
Creation year2022

How Space Miners works

Every week, the online casino has its share of releases. Over the past seven days, several slot machines have been offered to the gaming community, including Space Miners. This slot is a creation of Relax Gaming and is likely to be the talk of the town.

First of all, it is a very nice slot machine, where the graphics and the musical atmosphere have been very well worked out. The starting grid is special, since it evolves as you connect, as you will see in a few lines.

In Space Miners, there are several features to enjoy during your paid rounds, while it will also be possible to unlock free games that can be very volatile.

The connections on this slot machine work in cascades, meaning that a game round stops as soon as no more connections are possible. On this Relax Gaming slot machine, you can bet between €0.10 and €25 per game round. However, depending on the online casino you play at, and which ones are present at Lucky7Bonus, the stakes may vary.

As it was written in the introduction of this slot machine, there are some features present during the Space Miners pay games. The first one works with connections. Each time a symbol connects, it will explode the blocks that are present on the starting grid.

Thus, the released blocks will see new symbols appearing and the latter could allow new connections. As you can see, the goal is to have as many connections as possible in a single round of the game to radically increase the number of ways available on this slot machine.

On the vast majority of slot machines that are present and released every week in the online casino world, there is a wild symbol. This symbol has a special feature, it allows you to connect with all the other symbols in the slot.

Rarely does this symbol play a major role in a slot. It can be a great help, but does not have a major role as it can have on Space Miners for example. The second feature of this slot works with the wild.

Every time a wild symbol appears in a column, all symbols in your column will turn wild, potentially increasing your chances of making connections.

For those of you who don't quite understand the principle, please refer to the following two screenshots. In the first one, you can see a wild symbol appearing on the fourth column of the slot machine.

In the following screen, you can see that all the symbols in this fourth column have become wild.

The third and final feature on this slot machine works with several different symbols. On each spin, during your pay games, several of the symbols shown in the following screen may be present. If you manage to unlock these by making nearby connections, then they will give you a feature.

  • Cross: destroys all blocks that are located horizontally and vertically to this symbol

  • Horizontal : allows you to destroy all the blocks and symbols that are located horizontally from it

  • Vertical: does the same thing as the horizontal symbol, but vertically this time

  • 3x3 : destroys all the symbols and blocks that are located 3 squares away from this symbol

The different symbols of Space Miners

As seen in the introduction of this slot, a wild symbol is present in Space Miners. In addition to this symbol, which allows you to connect with all the others, 9 other different symbols are available. These symbols are divided into two different categories: premium symbols and non premium symbols.

First, we will look at the premium symbols. These are called premium symbols because they appear much less often than the other symbols, but they will pay you more when they are part of a connection. They are represented by monsters of different colors.

In the following screen you can see the value of each symbol with a starting bet of 1 euro.

The second category consists of four non-premium symbols. As you might expect, these are called that because they appear much more often than the other symbols. However, when they are part of a connection, they will pay you less than a premium symbol. These are represented by different colored gems that vary in color.

As in the previous screen, the values shown in the following screen are for a starting bet of 1 euro.

The different connections of Space Miners

Space Miners is a slot that works with adjacent connections. This means that there are no connecting lines in this slot, but connections can occur when a symbol appears at least once in the first three columns. The more symbols that appear on your starting grid, the bigger your final payout will be.

So, unlike the classic slots, the connections on Space Miners work with "ways". If you manage to explode all the boxes that are present on this slot, you will be able to go up to 1 million different ways.

The following screen explains how the Space Miners slot machine connections work.

Even though there are no connecting lines in this slot, it is important to know that the connections only work from left to right. As you can see in the previous screen, you will be able to connect two symbols at the same time on the same spin.

How the Space Miners bonus works

Space Miners is a slot machine where you can get bonus games. To do so, you will have to get at least three flying saucers on the same game turn, as you can see in the following screen.

However, the more flying saucers you get on a single game turn, the more free spins you'll get. Thus:

  • For 3 saucers → 6 free spins

  • For 4 saucers → 8 free spins

  • For 5 saucers → 10 free spins

  • For 6 saucers → 12 free spins

All the features present during your paid spins are also present during the free spins. Only one difference is noticeable. Every time a square explodes on your starting grid, it stays that way until the end of your free spins. This way, you'll have a better chance of destroying all the available squares on your starting grid and seeing your number of ways increase.

Finally, it will also be possible to get extra free spins on Space Miners. For this, nothing very complicated. Each time a flying saucer appears on your starting grid, you are entitled to an extra free spin.

Our opinion on Space Miners

Our opinion on Space Miners is quite good. First of all, it should be noted that this is a slot machine with excellent graphics and a very nice sound atmosphere.

The pay spins on this slot machine can be very fruitful as there are so many features during them. However, the free spins are still more interesting and will allow you to potentially win the jackpot on this slot machine.

In fact, the maximum Space Miners payout is 50,000 times your original bet. For those who don't want to waste their time to get the bonus, you can buy it for 100 times your starting bet. Finally, the other great thing about this slot is its theoretical return to the player. Usually this is on average 96%. On Space Miners, if you play only in the base game, it is 96.47%, which is very interesting. But what's even better is that with the buy-in bonus option, it goes up to 97.14%, which is very high for the online casino world.

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📈 What is the volatility of Space Miners


💸 What is the RTP of Space Miners


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Space Miners ?


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