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Creation year2021

How Rooster Fury works

In the world of online casinos, there are some providers that are not necessarily at the forefront, but they do a remarkable job. This is the case of Endorphina, one of the most underrated slot machine providers today. Despite this poor reputation, some slot machines are very popular with players, such as Rooster Fury. This is a slot machine that came out on June 8, 2021 and has been in the news a lot.

When you go to this slot, you will find yourself in the middle of a battle where hulls will try to fight each other to make you win the jackpot. The graphics are very simple and the musical atmosphere makes you think you are in the middle of a main event. The starting grid is in the middle of a ring surrounded by a crowd of crazy roosters.

In Rooster Fury, you will not have any features in the base game. However, you will be able to unlock free games and these can pay you massively if luck is with you. The starting grid is very classic in the slot game world, as it offers only 3 columns with 3 symbols.

Connections on this slot work in the classic way, meaning that every time a connection is made, the spin stops immediately. Rooster Fury is a slot machine that you can try for free directly at Lucky7Bonus.

It is a slot that is open to all types of budgets, since you will be able to bet from 0.05 euros to 75 euros per game round. However, depending on the online casino you play at, the minimum and maximum bets may vary.

The different symbols of Rooster Fury

Rooster Fury is a slot machine with many different symbols, which are divided into two categories: premium and non premium symbols.

At first, we will look at premium symbols. These are called so because they have a lower frequency of appearance, but will pay you massively as soon as they connect. There are three of them and they are represented by roosters of three colors: one yellow, one purple and one red.

Then there are four more symbols, called non premiums. As you might expect, these are called non-premium symbols because they have a much higher frequency of appearance. Unlike the premium symbols, these symbols will pay you a lot when they are part of a connection. They are also represented by roosters of different colors: an orange, a purple, a blue and a green.

The following screen shows the different values of each symbol for a starting bet of 1 euro.

The last symbol that is present on this slot is the scatter represented by a symbol with the notion rooster fury written on it. This symbol has the sole purpose of giving you free games on this slot. If you manage to make a connection with this symbol, you will win 5 times your starting bet.

It's a rare thing to be highlighted, but Rooster Fury is a slot that does not feature a wild symbol.

The different connections of Rooster Fury

As we wrote in the introduction to this slot, the connections on Rooster Fury work in the classic way. Each time a connection is made, the spin ends immediately. In order for a connection to occur, a symbol must appear on all columns of the slot, as well as on a connection line.

The starting grid of Rooster Fury has 3 columns with 3 symbols so it is a slot that does not offer many different connections. Therefore, here are the 5 different paylines that make up the Rooster Fury slot.

How the Rooster Fury bonus works

By visiting Rooster Fury, you can unlock free games. In order to do this, you will need to get the bonus symbol three times in one round of the game, as shown in the following screen.

Like a video game, the slot machine will randomly select for you one of the roosters present. To have the chance to get closer to the maximum win on this slot machine, it is best to get the highest paying rooster.

The theme of the Rooster Fury slot revolves around fighting, so your bonus will play out like a tournament of sorts. You will have to fight all the roosters, from the lowest paying to the highest paying. Each fight is a duel that takes place in 5 rounds.

Each time a rooster connects, it will raise your counter located on the top right and left of your screen. On the left is your pool while your opponent is always on the right. To win your duel, you must have more connections than your opponent.

In case of a tie, your free spins continue until a connection is made. It will be possible for you to get extra free spins, for this you will have to get the symbol three times again on the same game round. This retrigger can be beneficial if you are losing, but can be something bad if you are winning.

For every duel you win, you get a reward and move up a rank. Your free spins end as soon as you lose a duel.

If you don't have the patience to get the free spins, then you can buy them. Unlike many slots in the online casino world, you will be able to choose your bonus symbol. The more you go for a high paying rooster, the more expensive your free spins will be.

In the following screen you can see the value of each symbol for a starting bet of 1 euro.

Our opinion on Rooster Fury

Our opinion on the Rooster Fury slot machine is quite positive. First of all, we have to underline the very nice work done by the teams of the provider Endorphina to propose a slot machine on a theme almost never used. The graphics are simple, but the animations between the bonuses are of a very high quality.

It is a very classic slot, easy to understand and with a starting grid that should speak to the vast majority of players, even those who know nothing about the world of gambling. Even though it is a slot that has no features in the base game, the bonus games will keep you on it. It doesn't look like it, but Rooster Fury is a slot where you can win massive amounts of money, up to 5,000 times your starting bet.

Another very important point to look at before you go to a slot machine is its theoretical return to player. With an RTP of 96%, Rooster Fury is in the average range of other slots that are present on the market. It is also a slot that has a very high volatility.

If you want to play Rooster Fury, you can do so at the vast majority of online casinos that are present at Lucky7Bonus.

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📈 What is the volatility of Rooster Fury


💸 What is the RTP of Rooster Fury


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Rooster Fury ?


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