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Free slot: Money Train 3

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ProviderRelax Gaming
Creation year2022

How Money Train 3 works

The information has been circulating for a while, and now it's official: Money Train 3 will be released very soon! After the first two versions, which were a worldwide success, a new and improved version will be available at all the best online casinos on the market, starting in September 2022. Once again, slot machine supplier Relax Gaming is behind this major creation, which will undoubtedly be the most played slot of the new season.

Once again, the barren lands of the American West are the backdrop for Money Train 3. Unlike the previous versions, this time it is a futuristic variant that is offered to you, since you will go to a kind of avant-garde factory, bordering on science fiction. Take courage and board the craziest train in the world of online gambling, which can allow you to win crazy amounts of money!

Like the vast majority of slots from Relax Gaming, this new creation will feature an exceptional, original and highly volatile bonus. While waiting to access the free spins, the base game is also very interesting and not very classic. The grid is composed of 5 reels with 4 symbols and you have to align at least 3 identical symbols on the different paylines to win. You can bet between €0.10 and €10 per spin.

Even though this is the bonus with the highest potential, the payout spins in this online game can also pay you big. If you need help making connections, you can always count on the wild symbol, represented by a gas mask. This symbol replaces all the classic and premium symbols and will take their value. In addition, you will win 0.8x, 4x and 20x the initial bet if you manage to connect 3, 4 or 5 wild symbols respectively.

Secondly, like many slots, the Respin Feature is present in the base game of Money Train 3. This feature is randomly triggered after a non-winning round and will select a symbol at random. The grid will be emptied and the occurrences of this reference symbol will be locked during the whole feature. A re-spin will take place and this operation will be repeated as soon as a new symbol appears on the grid.

The symbols appearing on the playing area will be sticky and will therefore remain in the same place until the end of the feature. Finally, a multiplier x1, x2 or x3 can appear at any time and will be accumulated on the right side of the play area. Once the feature ends, the connections made with the referral symbol will earn you winnings and these will be increased by the total multiplier.

Money Train 3's different symbols

In addition to being a very interesting slot machine in terms of its operation, Money Train 3 also features a very high payout scale for its symbols. There are a total of 8 classic and premium symbols in this exceptional slot, all with their own value. This value is set by the provider according to how often the symbols appear on the grid.

We will first introduce you to the classic symbols of this online game, which are the most common. These are the easiest to connect but are the symbols that pay the least. They are all the appearance of the usual suits of a deck of cards, namely clover, diamond, heart and spade. You can see the value of all the classic Money Train 3 symbols in the following image (€1 bet).

But it is the premium symbols that pay the most on this creation! These are therefore much more interesting to connect, but they are much rarer, so connections will be less frequent. They all have the appearance of futuristic characters that look like bounty hunters, among which we find :

  • The woman on a blue background

  • The man with the gas mask on a green background

  • The man with the cigarette on a yellow background

  • The man with the monocle on a red background

The following screen shows the value of all the premium symbols in Money Train 3. The amounts shown below correspond to a bet of €1 per spin.

The different connections of Money Train 3

The main objective of the Money Train 3 slot machine is to connect between 3 and 5 identical symbols. These connections must occur on a payline to be valid and must start from the leftmost reel to be rewarded. Indeed, the grid of this slot is only read from left to right and the further your connection goes on a payline, the bigger the winnings.

This online game is certainly one of the most volatile slots on the market, however the number of ways will still be very important, which is quite rare for a slot of this caliber. In fact, you can see in the following image the 40 paylines present on Money Train 3!

How the Money Train 3 bonus works

It will not surprise you, but the most interesting part of this slot machine is of course the Money Train 3 bonus! This is called Money Cart and it allows you to win huge amounts of money if you are lucky. If you want to access these free spins, you will need to see at least 3 scatters appear simultaneously during a payout round.

Again, you can purchase the free spins on this creation. Below is a list of all the purchase options present in this online game:

  • 1 Spin Feature: Pay 20 times the bet and get 1 free spin

  • 2 Spin Feature: pay 50 times the stake and get 2 free spins

  • Original Feature: pay 100 times the stake and get 3 free spins

  • Persistent Feature: pay 500 times the bet and get 3 free spins + a Persistent symbol

For those of you who have already tried their luck on a slot of this legendary saga, this bonus will not surprise you. For the others, some explanations are in order. The starting grid will be almost completely emptied once the bonus is obtained, and the scatters that allowed you to access the free spins will be transformed into valuable symbols.

The objective of this bonus will be to collect as much value as possible as the money symbols will be accumulated at the end of the bonus and will serve as a total multiplier. You will receive 3 free spins and the free spins counter will be reset every time a new symbol appears on the grid. Each symbol that appears on the game area is sticky, which means that it will remain in the same place until the bonus is over.

If you manage to fill an entire reel with symbols, then a new column will be opened and the playing area will expand. This can be repeated twice in total, resulting in a maximum of 7x4. Many special symbols can also increase the value of the multipliers. The list below highlights all the symbols that can appear during the bonus.

  • Value pieces: multipliers between x1 and x10

  • Collector: collects all the values on the grid

  • Sniper: doubles the value of 3 to 8 other symbols on the playing area, and this special symbol can double the same symbol several times

  • Collector/Payer: collects the value of 3 and 5 symbols and adds the total sum to these symbols

  • Necromancer: triggers 2 to 7 special symbols again, and it can reactivate the same signs several times

  • Absorber: collects all the valuable symbols and removes them from the reels

  • Tommy Gun Sniper: doubles the value of a symbol between 2 and 6 times

  • Tommy Gun Payer: has a value between x5 and x100 and adds it between 3 and 10 times to the same symbol

  • Persistent Collector: collects all multipliers from the grid after each free spin

  • Persistent Sniper: doubles the value of several symbols at each spin

  • Persistent Collector/Payer: collects the value of 3 and 5 symbols and adds the total sum to these same symbols on each free spin

  • Persistent Necromancer: reactivates several special symbols after each free spin

  • Persistent Shapeshifter: randomly turns into a special symbol on every free spin

Our review of Money Train 3

Embark on a futuristic journey and enjoy a unique gaming experience at Money Train 3. If you were wondering what the best slot machine of the end of 2022 will be, then you can stop looking! Indeed, this third opus of this iconic saga will be exceptional, and brings a futuristic touch that sets this slot apart from previous versions. As a result, the graphics and scenery have been modified and still look great.

The background music is extremely mysterious and immerses you in an exceptional adventure! The base game is quite interesting, with a re-spin function that prevents you from getting bored during the paying spins. But the star of this slot is the bonus, which is based on the principle of the free spins of the previous games, but with the addition of some new symbols. Once again, you will have to accumulate the biggest possible multiplier, relying on the special symbols if possible.

There are several bonus buy-in features that allow you to get one, two or three free spins. In addition, you also have the opportunity to receive 3 free spins and a guaranteed Persistent symbol by paying 500 times the initial bet. The Money Train 3 slot contains a return to player (RTP) of 96.10%, and this percentage increases by purchasing the bonus. You can win up to 100,000 times the original bet on this exceptional slot!

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📈 What is the volatility of Money Train 3


💸 What is the RTP of Money Train 3


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Money Train 3 ?


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