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Free slot: Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels

Provider : Relax Gaming

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ProviderRelax Gaming
Creation year2021

How Money Cart 2 works

Like many, you enjoyed the free spins bonus of the Money Train 2 slot machine? Well, Relax Gaming has heard you and brings you Money Cart 2! Indeed, the Money Cart series launches directly with the second opus, no time to lose with the first version, the most dangerous train on the planet is back, embark on the way to the jackpot!

Money Cart 2 is a slot developed and published by the online gaming provider Relax Gaming. It will be available at most online casinos offering this provider from 20 July 2021. One of the main advantages of buying a Money Train 2 free spins bonus is the extremely high player payout ratio (RTP) of 98% and Money Cart 2 keeps this strong by offering the same RTP in base game. Its volatility is very high while the maximum winning potential is 5,000 times the starting stake.

Indeed, the base game of Money Cart 2 does not really exist. The aim is not to make connections using identical symbols. In this slot, you simply need to get 3 Scatter symbols to trigger the bonus. Scatters are the only symbols that can appear on the basic 5x4 grid in Money Cart 2.

The different symbols in Money Cart 2

As you can see, Money Cart 2 is a very original slot machine. The paying spins actually have only one goal: to get the bonus. To do this, only one symbol can appear in the base game: the Bonus symbol. All pay spins without 3 bonus symbols are called Dead Spins, as no winnings will be paid.

During the bonus, you will find the symbols used in the Money Train 2 free spins, which we will explain later.

The different connections in Money Cart 2

Once again, the very special way in which Money Cart 2 works means that this slot machine does not require any connection. The base game only consists of bonus symbols to trigger the free spins and these are actually a respin system where value symbols appear. As such, no paylines are required and no login technology is used.

How the Money Cart 2 bonus works

Let's move on to the most interesting part of the Money Cart 2 slot machine: the Bonus! Since all the pay spins are Dead Spins for the sole purpose of getting the free spins bonus, it's because the bonus is interesting, right? As soon as at least 3 Scatters (Bonus symbols) appear anywhere on the grid, the famous bonus first created for Money Train 2 appears on Money Cart 2. The 3 Scatter symbols randomly become 3 pay symbols and new symbols can appear on the rest of the grid. Each symbol has a coin value which is actually your winnings based on your bet. 3 free spins are awarded and as soon as a symbol appears anywhere on the grid, the spin counter is reset to 3, this is the principle of a respin bonus. Here are the different symbols you can get in the Money Cart 2 bonus and how they work:

  • Money Symbol Bonuses have a value between 1 and 10 coins;

  • The Gold Bonus Symbols have a value of 20 to 200 coins;

  • The Payer adds its own value to all symbols on the grid;

  • The Collector collects all the values shown on the symbols in the grid and adds the total to his own value;

  • The Collector / Payer collects all the values on the grid and adds the total to each visible symbol on the grid;

  • The Sniper doubles the value of 3 to 8 visible symbols on the grid. He can double the value of the same symbol several times in one turn;

  • The Necromancer brings between 2 and 7 special symbols back to life. The Necromancer brings 2 to 7 special symbols back to life, allowing them to be used on an extra spin;

  • Reset Plus adds one spin to the total free spins awarded on a respin reset.

Next are the Persistent symbols. As the name suggests, they remain active for the duration of the bonus. For those in the know, it is these special symbols that make it possible to get impressive wins:

  • The Persistent Payer reveals a coin value and adds it to all other symbols on the grid during each bonus round;

  • The Persistent Sniper doubles the coin value of 3 to 8 other visible symbols on the grid on each bonus round. He can act on the same symbol several times;

  • The Persistent Collector collects the value of all other symbols on the grid and adds it to his own value at the end of each round.

All Money Cart 2 bonus symbols have a coin value, even those with a special or persistent feature. When a reel is completely filled with symbols, then a new reel is added. This feature can be used twice. The grid then reaches its full potential with 7 reels that can hold 4 symbols each. If you manage to fill the entire grid with symbols, then the bonus ends and a 500 coin jackpot is awarded.

Each coin has a value of 1/10th of the real money bet. A bet of €10 per spin is worth €1 per coin.

Our review of Money Cart 2

We have to admit one thing: Relax Gaming has come up with a brilliant idea with the Bonus Reels technology. The principle may seem strange with a base game that offers no middle ground between dead spins and getting the bonus, but since Money Train 2 players swear by its bonus, it's not so strange to focus on it. Especially since it's quite common to see 3 Scatter symbols triggering the bonus on Money Cart 2. On average, it takes around ten paying spins before you get the bonus and can shake. To compensate for this, the winning potential has been divided by 10. Indeed, it will not be possible to win more than 5,000 times your initial stake since the maximum jackpot is 50,000 coins. Money Cart 2 is therefore an extremely original, well-thought-out, volatile, and very exciting creation that you will certainly enjoy!

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📈 What is the volatility of Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels


💸 What is the RTP of Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels ?


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