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Free slot: Magnum Opus

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Creation year2021

How Magnum Opus works

Endorphina finally decides to create an original slot machine! Enter a dark alley where you can meet an eminent scientist. The scientist asks you to gather the different elements to create gold. If you succeed, you will be covered in gold!

Magnum Opus is a slot machine developed and published by the online game provider Endorphina. It is available at all online casinos that offer the games of this provider since October 20, 2021. The payout ratio (RTP) of 96.01% of this slot machine ranks it among the average slots. Its volatility, too, is considered average and its maximum winning potential is quite low, even for an Endorphina slot with the possibility of winning up to 320 times the starting bet at the maximum. The Magnum Opus grid has a rather peculiar 3x3 format with 3 reels of 3 symbols each. The objective will be to connect these together by lining them up on paylines to get wins.A free spins bonus is available in this slot, which is remarkable for Endorphina, but in return you won't find any special features in the base game. There is also no wild to make the connections easier.

The different symbols in Magnum Opus

The Magnum Opus pay symbols are the heart of the game. Their design has been worked on and their importance is paramount. Let us introduce you to the 8 pay symbols of this slot and find out their value. First of all we can separate them into 3 distinct categories according to their rarity: Premium symbols are obviously the rarest symbols in this game. They are also the ones whose connections pay the most. They are represented by a golden lion that pays 150 times the starting bet, a blue moon and a red eye Common symbols are less rare, but their connections pay much less. They are most important when one of them occupies the whole grid, and then they become a kind of Scatter triggering the bonus. They are represented by the elements such as earth, fire, water and air The most common symbol is quite special. It has the lowest value and is represented by a mystical geometric shape

In the image above you can see the value of each symbol in a paying connection. This value corresponds to a bet of 1 euro.

The different connections in Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus has the particularity to offer only one connection per symbol since only 3 reels are available. The symbol must still be present on a payline. In fact, there are 5 predefined paylines in this slot, and the connections are valid from left to right only. In the image below, you will find the 5 different predefined paylines in Magnum Opus, with 3 horizontal and 2 diagonal lines.

How the Magnum Opus Bonus Works

To meet the mad scientist of Magnum Opus, you'll need to venture into the bonus feature of this slot. Don't look for a Bonus or Scatter symbol, there are none here. To unlock the bonus, you'll need to get a full screen of items. This means that one of the element symbols must occupy all 9 slots on the grid to trigger the bonus. The way this bonus works is very original and you will not find any free spins. You must choose one of the elements placed on the right. This will be placed in a mixture that only the scientist has the secret to create copper. An animation will start and if copper is created, congratulations, you are still in the race. The process of choosing and animation will be repeated to create money on the lion statuette. If you are successful, you will then have one last choice to make from the 2 remaining elements to create gold. If the statuette is covered in gold, your creation is complete and successful. Your winnings are multiplied according to the precious metal obtained:

The winnings of the 9 element symbols are multiplied by 2 if you manage to create copper before losing The winnings of the 9 element symbols are multiplied by 4 if you manage to create silver before losing The 9 element symbols are multiplied by 8 if you manage to create gold. The bonus then stops and you get the maximum win Any connection with an element pays 8 times your bet. A completed screen is worth 40 times your stake, which can become 320 times your stake if the bonus is completed in full. It is not possible to retrigger or purchase the bonus feature in Magnum Opus.

Our opinion on Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus is a rather original slot machine from the provider Endorphina. The graphics are of great quality and the animations are fluid. The visuals are a strong point of this slot with 8 symbols worked in detail and a bonus capable of immersing you completely in the laboratory of a scientist in search of the impossible: creating gold. Although the base game is very classic, the high payout rate of the best symbol and the possibility of getting a screen full of the same symbol make the game interesting. With a slightly higher maximum win potential, Magnum Opus could have been a great slot!

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📈 What is the volatility of Magnum Opus


💸 What is the RTP of Magnum Opus


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Magnum Opus ?


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