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Free slot: Jurassic Party

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ProviderRelax Gaming
Creation year2022

How Jurassic Party works

In the world of online casino, the different online game providers are constantly looking to offer volatile slot machines, potentially very lucrative, but also and above all that do not lack originality. Indeed, today it is hyper important not to neglect the theme, which must be as original as possible. Beyond the potential profits, it is above all necessary that the players have fun on a creation! And this is the case with the slot machine we are going to present to you today! Welcome to Jurassic Party, a slot from the provider Relax Gaming.

Contrary to what you think, dinosaurs are not extinct! No, no, they are just relaxing on the beach of an island paradise! That's the scenario proposed by the Jurassic Party slot machine, released in the vast majority of online casinos in April 2022. Far from the standard slots using the theme of dinosaurs, here we have a machine with colorful graphics, lively music and very good animations. The starting grid is relatively large, with seven columns each containing seven symbols. Features are present in the basic game, while it will also be possible to unlock Jurassic Party free games.

The first feature present in the basic game is the Combo Feature Respin. This is triggered when two Scatter symbols appear on your game grid. If this is the case, a respin will start offering you two features randomly.

The second feature is the Mega Bet. This feature allows you to increase your bet by 50%. When the bonus game is triggered with the Mega Bet enabled, you have the opportunity to have an additional choice at the beginning of the free spins, but also if you manage to retrigger.

The Jurassic Party slot has a volatility that is considered high and a payout ratio of 96.47%, which places it slightly above the average slot machine on the market. As for the maximum payout, it is 20,000 times your original bet, which is a very attractive jackpot.

The different symbols of Jurassic Party

Jurassic Party is a slot game that has a number of symbols, which fit perfectly into this colorful Jurassic world. These symbols can be separated into two categories: common symbols and premium symbols.

As with most slot machines, there is also a wild symbol. Here, it can substitute for any of the classic symbols. But that's not all! The wild symbol may also be accompanied by a multiplier, which applies to the winnings involved.

Then there are the classic symbols. First of all, you have the common symbols. These symbols are considered as such because they appear much more often, but have a lower payoff. There are four of them and they are represented by different dinosaur eggs:

  • The red egg

  • The blue egg

  • The purple egg

  • The green egg

Below are the potential payouts for each common symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

Then you have the premium symbols, of which there are five. The reason why these symbols are considered as such is that, unlike the common symbols, they appear less often, but have a more interesting payout. They are represented by different dinosaurs:

  • The red dinosaur

  • The blue dinosaur

  • The purple dinosaur

  • The green dinosaur

As with the common symbols, below are the potential payouts for each premium symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

Finally, you have a Scatter symbol on the Jurassic Party slot machine, represented simply by the slot machine logo. It is this symbol that will allow you to access the bonus feature of Jurassic Party.

The connections in Jurassic Party

On the Relax Gaming Jurassic Party slot, we have seen that the game grid is relatively large. This is because the Relax Gaming slot machine uses a connection system that is quite different from what you find in other slot machines. Indeed, here, no predefined paylines or connections going from left to right.

Here we have a system of Cluster Wins. In this system, a win is made when a group of identical symbols appears horizontally or vertically. The symbols in question disappear, causing the symbols above them to fall and giving you a new opportunity to win. So you have the chance to win big if you can manage to chain the clusters together! Here you will need a minimum of five symbols to form a cluster and win money. To help you out, below is an example of a valid connection and an example of an invalid connection.

How the bonus works in Jurassic Party

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, it is quite possible to get free games at Jurassic Party. All you need to do is to show a minimum of three Scatter symbols on your game grid, which will give you 7 free spins.

But that's not all! In addition to getting 7 free spins, you also get two features that will be active during your entire bonus game. Note that you can get an extra feature for every extra Scatter. The features available are as follows:

  • Symbol turns Wild: a classic symbol becomes a Wild symbol during the entire free spins period

  • Symbol expansion: A classic random symbol or wild symbol can expand to 2x2

  • Random Wilds: At the beginning of each round, between 2 and 6 Wild symbols are added randomly to the game grid. Note that these Wilds are not sticky.

  • Extra Free Spins: two extra free spins

  • Symbol Upgrade : a common symbol is transformed into a corresponding premium symbol

  • Extra Pick: an additional choice is given to you

Only then do your free games begin. The bonus game works just like the basic game, except for the features that spice up your session and give you great opportunities for big wins. Note that you have the option to retrigger. If you land a Scatter symbol, it gives you an extra free spin. You even get two free spins and a feature pick for every two Scatter symbols.

Finally, you can purchase the Jurassic Party bonus feature for 80 times your original stake.

Our opinion on Jurassic Party

The provider Relax Gaming has often offered us slot machines with original universes, and this is once again the case today! With Jurassic Party, we have a slot of very good quality, both graphically and on the gameplay side

The gameplay is simple and effective, and the cluster wins system is a bit of a change from the classic connection systems. The features present in the base game are certainly interesting, but they are probably not your best chances to win the jackpot of this slot. In fact, it is the free games that will be your best opportunities to win the maximum Jurassic Party payout, which is 20,000 times your starting bet.

Relax Gaming's Jurassic Party is a slot with a volatility that is considered to be average and an RTP of 96.47%, which ranks it slightly above the average slot on the market. Note that you can test this slot for free directly at Lucky7Bonus.

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📈 What is the volatility of Jurassic Party


💸 What is the RTP of Jurassic Party


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Jurassic Party ?

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