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Free slot: High Street Heist

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Creation year2022

How High Street Heist works

This is the March 2022 release for provider Quickspin: High Street Heist. For those who enjoyed playing the Payday video games, this new slot machine should please you. Head to a bank to rob diamonds and rings of various qualities. Ready to join the team of bank robbers in High Street Heist?

Today Lucky7Bonus presents you the High Street Heist slot from Quickspin in great detail, starting with an introduction to the slot as a whole, followed by an overview of the different symbols and connections. We will detail how the bonus works and how to hit the jackpot, and finally we will end with our general opinion. Feel free to play High Street Heist for free above to form your own opinion.

The masks of the burglars might be a bit scary, but don't worry, because these are premium symbols and will pay off for you! As usual, the provider Quickspin has worked on the art direction of the High Street Heist slot so that players are totally immersed.

The first question any player will ask when they arrive at Quickspin's High Street Heist slot is "Why are the two lines in the middle grayed out?". This is one of the slot's key features! When a reel has the same symbol on all 4 lines, then the boxes are grayed out, but that's not all!

You get a Respin for trying to clear the other reels. In case you manage to remove all the grey squares from the grid, you trigger the High Street Heist bonus and win 10 free spins. We'll go into more detail about this part, a little further down in this article.

Technically the Quickspin High Street Heist slot is very volatile and the biggest jackpot can go up to 21,160 times the starting bet. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.29%, which is a little above the general average. Bets start at 20 euro cents per spin up to a maximum of 100 euros at Lucky7Bonus online casino partners.

The different symbols in High Street Heist

There are many symbols in High Street Heist slot. First of all, the Wild symbol is represented by a gold bar and replaces all other symbols on the reels. As we have seen before, there is no Scatter symbol to trigger the bonus, as you have to rely on the Respin system.

There are 5 premium symbols and the most interesting one is the diamond, which can pay up to 12.5 times the starting bet. The other premium symbols are represented by the burglars with rather scary clown masks. These symbols pay out more than the common symbols, but their appearance rate is lower. The image below shows you the 5 premium symbols and the associated payouts for a starting bet of €1.

There are also 5 common symbols represented by different rings. The best symbol can win up to 1x the starting bet. So don't count on them for big wins, however their higher appearance rate will help you to quickly unlock the grey boxes in High Street Heist. Again, the screen below gives you an overview of these symbols and the associated payouts for a €1 bet.

The different connections in High Street Heist

There are no less than 1,024 paylines that will allow you to make connections in the High Street Heist slot. The grid, consisting of 5 reels and 4 lines, will let you make connections as long as at least 3 of the same symbols are found on the first three reels from the left, regardless of their position on the lines. For a better understanding, the image below is very explicit.

How the High Street Heist bonus works

Winning the High Street Heist jackpot seems hard to achieve in the base game. Fortunately, the slot bonus is much more interesting! To unlock the free spins, you simply need to remove all the grey boxes from the base game by accumulating the same symbol on all the different reels.

A little impatient around the edges? Then consider buying the bonus directly by clicking on the left side and paying 111 times your original bet. You'll win the 10 free spins of the High Street Heist bonus straight away.

Once on the High Street Heist bonus, your objective will again be to get reels with only the same symbol. Each time this happens, you clear a goal box in the upper left corner of the screen. By doing this 4 times, you will validate the first level by winning 2 extra free spins and one of the symbols represented by a burglar will be replaced by the best premium symbol: the diamond.

The idea is to turn all the premium symbols into diamonds to try to win the jackpot in High Street Heist. If you are lucky and have turned all the burglar symbols into diamonds and continue to meet the bonus objectives, then you still win 2 extra free spins, but in addition to that a multiplier is applied to the diamonds. You add + 1 to this multiplier each time you complete the objective.

Our opinion on High Street Heist

Our opinion is a little bit mixed about the latest slot from the provider Quickspin: High Street Heist. The theme is interesting and reminds us of the good gaming sessions with friends on PayDay. However, Quickspin did not push the concept further and the slot remains rather bland. The scenery is beautiful, but nothing changes especially between the base game and the bonus, the scenery remains the same.

Regarding its features, the principle of unlocking the bonus by removing the gray boxes thanks to the accumulation of the same symbol on the different reels is interesting and offers a good breath of fresh air, compared to other slot machines of the moment. High Street Heist will appeal to both new and experienced gamblers thanks to its high volatility, very high jackpot and ease of understanding the slot.

Lucky7Bonus strongly recommends that you play Quickspin's High Street Heist for free at the top of this page, or go directly to the online casinos recommended on the page, and take advantage of the welcome offer to get your new adventure off to a great start!

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📈 What is the volatility of High Street Heist


💸 What is the RTP of High Street Heist


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine High Street Heist ?


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