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Free slot: Golden Glyph 2

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Creation year2021

How Golden Glyph 2 works

Quickspin is back with the second version of one of its bestsellers: Golden Glyph 2! Still in an impressive setting in the middle of ancient Egypt, the pyramids of Giza guide us towards the entrance of a tomb containing a fabulous treasure...

Golden Glyph 2 is the follow-up slot to Golden Glyph, the first slot to use clustered connection technology from Quickspin. Released in 2019, the first opus was quickly appreciated by players who were highly anticipating a sequel to this game. Since June 8, 2021, it is done with Golden Glyph 2! The 7-reel, 7-slot grid with its power ups, power glyphs and other original features are back in a big way. Golden Glyph 2 has a payout ratio (RTP) of 96.09%, which puts it in the mid-range of slot games, high volatility and an impressive maximum win potential of up to 29,500 times your original bet. The aim in Golden Glyph 2 is to make connections by getting at least 5 identical symbols on adjacent positions, commonly known as a cluster. With each winning connection, the symbols used are then removed from the grid to make room for symbols placed above them which cascade down. This system makes it possible to make several different connections in a single spin. The special features of Golden Glyph Slots 1 and 2 are the power-ups formed by the Power-Glyph. This symbol functions as a wild, substituting for the other pay symbols. It appears on one of the pay connections obtained during a spin. When the Power-Glyph is used in a new connection, it activates a Power-Up which is triggered when no connection is available at the end of the spin.

The Power-Ups are placed in a row of 6 squares below the grid in random order except for the 7th Power-Up There are 3 different types of Power-Ups:

  • The golden scarab is a flying beetle that randomly places between 4 and 11 wilds on the grid;

  • The Horus Pattern removes between 9 and 13 symbols from the grid in a pattern defined by its symbol;

  • The gigantic Wild is a 2x3 Wild randomly placed on the grid, it is always placed in the 7th position in the Power-Ups row. You will need to get 7 connections using a Power Glyph in order to trigger the gigantic Wild.

The different Horus patterns are as follows:

  • The Whip and Sceptre, the Cross of Ankh and the Bird;

  • The eye, the hourglass and the snake.

The different symbols in Golden Glyph 2

In addition to the Wilds, the power-glyph and the Scatter, there are 7 symbols in Golden Glyph 2. They are divided into two categories:

  • High value symbols are called premium symbols. They are rarer but pay a lot more, they are represented by an Egyptian God, Hatshepsut and a Pharaoh in blue;

  • Low value symbols are called common symbols. They appear more often but pay less, they are represented by an orange seprent, a pink cross, a green eye and blue waves.

The different connections in Golden Glyph 2

Many connections are possible in Golden Glyph 2. There are no predefined paylines in this slot. At least 5 identical symbols must be in contact on adjacent positions for a connection to be made. This group of identical symbols is called a cluster. After a winning connection, one of the symbols is replaced by a Power-Glyph while the other symbols used are deleted. The space created is then filled by the symbols above it falling in a cascade effect, the mechanism repeats until no connections are available on the grid. The image below gives you a simple understanding of what a cluster is and how a cascade or tumble is activated.

How the Golden Glyph 2 bonus works

Getting 3 or more Scatter symbols on a single pay spin triggers the Golden Glyph 2 Golden Free Spins Bonus. 7 free spins are awarded and a retrigger offering 5 additional free spins can be obtained if 3 Scatter symbols appear on a single spin during the bonus. The winning potential then becomes clear thanks to the multiplying wilds. Here again, you will have to make a series of connections in the same spin and hope for interesting stunts. The Golden Glyph Wild symbol then appears. It's a red winged wild with a multiplier that increases by +1 for each payout connection involving it. The Golden Glyph Wild starts the bonus with a x1 multiplier, stays for the duration of the free spins, only moves randomly during each free spin and does not cascade after being used in a connection. Its maximum multiplier is 50 and if multiple Golden Glyph Wilds are involved in the same payout connection, their values multiply with each other to provide a much larger win multiplier.

During free spins, the Power-Ups are always active and the gigantic wild is always the 7th Power-Up in the list. The bonus buy-in feature is available on Golden Glyph 2, in exchange for 50, 150 or 275 times your bet you can treat yourself to free spins with 1, 2 and 3 Golden Glyph Wild respectively from the start.

Our review of Golden Glyph 2

Players were expecting a lot from this release and we can imagine that they won't be disappointed! Indeed, the success of Golden Glyph made it one of the provider's flagship slots, and they have worked hard to deliver a sequel that lives up to that first success. Golden Glyph 2 is more beautiful, more volatile and offers a maximum winning potential twice as impressive as its ancestor while keeping its strong points which are: its original features, its 7x7 grid and its system of clusters and tumbles. Golden Glyph 2 is an excellent success that will certainly please fans of the first opus!

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📈 What is the volatility of Golden Glyph 2


💸 What is the RTP of Golden Glyph 2


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Golden Glyph 2 ?


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