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Creation year2021

How Book of Duat works

Book of Duat is the latest slot from the provider Quickspin, the team wanted to make their own "Book of..." with their vision and especially their heroine: Anna. This slot is unfortunately not very original since the player will follow this adventuress in the heart of ancient Egypt, a theme very much used in the online casino world and especially with the sequel of "Book of Dead". Fortunately, Quickspin offers new features regarding the Book of Duat bonuses, a way to stand out and dust off this category of slot machines.

The atmosphere is well done with its cliffs in the background, its captivating music, Book of Duat will undoubtedly take you with it to ancient Egypt. The symbols are beautiful but the lack of animation on the base game is quickly felt, all the beautiful animations are on the bonus games.

The Book of Duat slot is considered to be very volatile due to its jackpot of 32,760 times the starting bet. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is average at 96.27%. Players will be able to wager anywhere from 20 cents to 100 Euros at Lucky7Bonus' online casino partners.

The different symbols in Book of Duat

There are many symbols in the Book of Duat slot game. First of all, the Scatters, represented in the form of the golden book with a beetle, will allow you to land free spins and the bonus feature with 3 or more Scatters. The other symbols are separated into two parts: premium and common.

The premium symbols are the most interesting for players, they are much rarer to get on the grid but these symbols pay much better and especially on Book of Duat, the difference is visible:

  • Anna the Explorer can earn you up to 500 times your original bet

  • The Pharaoh can pay up to 200 times your original bet

  • Anubis and Sobek can get you up to 75 times your original bet

The image below shows the potential payouts with a starting bet of €1.

The common symbols will be much more present on the game grid, but they pay much less. These symbols are more numerous than the premium symbols, so you'll have to be lucky to get the best possible symbols!

  • Ace and King can pay up to 15 times your original bet

  • The Queen, Jack and 10 can win up to 10 times your original bet

The image below shows the potential payouts with a starting bet of €1.

The different connections in Book of Duat

The connections in Book of Duat slot are quite simple as 10 paylines will allow you to make nice wins! The grid is very classic with only 5 reels and 3 lines, the connections will become more interesting thanks to the expanding symbols feature during the bonus rounds. The image below shows you the 10 possible paylines in Book of Duat.

How the Book of Duat bonus works

Of course, you probably know the basic mechanics of the Book of Duat bonus. By getting 3 Scatters, you trigger free spins and a symbol is selected. Each time this symbol appears at least 2 or 3 times, it expands to the 2 or 3 reels to make a bigger connection.

However, Quickspin has decided otherwise and the provider will give you the opportunity to make choices to change the course of your free spins. A large grid with 20 golden scarabs will be displayed in front of you and you can select a number of boxes to discover the extra bonuses you will win. With 3 Scatters you get 3 squares to flip, for 4 Scatters: 6 choices, and for 5 Scatters: 12 choices. Regardless of the number of Scatters, players will always start with 4 free spins by default.

Once you have triggered the bonus feature, this large grid will allow you to trigger various additional bonuses:

  • +1, +2, +3 or +4 extra random symbols: this box will unlock one or more random symbols to become expandable in turn

  • +2 to +10 free spins: this box will add additional free spins to your bonus

  • x1 to + x5 multipliers: This box will add a set number to your overall free spins multiplier. All winnings will be affected by this multiplier.

A balance is needed to get close to the big prize at Book of Duat. Unlocking all the symbols is interesting, but if the multiplier is always x1 and you only have 8 free spins, the potential won't be very high unless you have a lot of luck.

Of course, it is possible to get Scatters again during the free spins. With 3 Scatters, you will again have the opportunity to make 1 choice on the big grid, 2 choices for 4 Scatters and 3 choices for 5 Scatters.

If you don't have the patience to wait on the basic game to get the minimum number of Scatters needed, then you have the option of buying the bonus directly. Be careful though, this can be very expensive:

  • The price to pay for a bonus purchase with 3 Scatters: 150 times your initial stake

  • The price to pay for a bonus purchase with 4 Scatters: 500 times your initial stake

  • The price to pay for a bonus purchase with 5 Scatters: 1,600 times your initial stake

Our opinion on Book of Duat

It's a daring bet for the provider Quickspin to take up a trend that is getting old with the "Book of...". However, the provider managed to make its slot machine interesting thanks to good ideas for the bonus feature. This was also an opportunity to place its heroine: Anna the Explorer.

The potential of Book of Duat is very high and will motivate both beginners and more experienced players. The possibility to choose your destiny on the big grid is an excellent idea, which will never make you experience the same bonus twice. The purchase price of the bonus is still relatively high, even for the 3 Scatters only.

Book of Duat won't be too big of a surprise in the online casino scene, but this slot is still interesting and graphically top notch for release in 2021. We highly recommend trying it out for free at the top of this page at Lucky7Bonus or play directly at one of the site's partner casinos.

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📈 What is the volatility of Book of Duat


💸 What is the RTP of Book of Duat


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Book of Duat ?


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