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Free slot: Angry Dogs

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Creation year2022

How Angry Dogs works

If the online casino world is where it is now, it is thanks to several men, including Roshtein. The famous Swedish streamer has put online casinos in the spotlight, thanks to streams on the Twitch platform. The showman is so well known that he became the first streamer to have a slot of his own. The provider that trusted him is none other than GameArt, which took advantage of this highlight to make itself known.

Even though it is a very old provider, GameArt has experienced a real boom thanks to its collaboration with the famous Swedish company. Since then, the provider has been able to make a name for itself by offering ever more innovative and volatile slot machines. In this article, we will introduce you to Angry Dogs. This slot machine was created in 2022 and was immediately very popular with online casino players.

When you go to this slot, you will find yourself in the middle of an alley where cats are attacked by ferocious dogs. The graphics are very simple, the animations just as much, however this slot remains very pleasant to play. The musical atmosphere is there, which is very appreciable.

The starting grid is rather classic, as it offers you 5 columns with 4 symbols inside. The connections work with rows and a round of play stops as soon as a connection is made.

There is a feature to get your hands on during your paid games, and you will see that it can be very volatile. Finally, you will also be able to get free spins, or buy them if you don't want to wait to get the bonus.

Angry Dogs is a slot machine that you can try for free at Lucky7Bonus. It's a slot that is open to all types of players, with wagers ranging from €0.25 to €100 per spin. However, depending on the online casino you play at, these may vary.

As we have just written in the introduction of this slot, it will be possible for you to get a feature in the basic game. To do this, you need to have an angry dogs niche appear on your screen.

Once the slot appears, it will reveal a symbol, then move down one slot. The feature can appear on all columns of your slot machine.

The more niches you have on a single spin, the more likely you are to get a large sum of money. These work exactly like the seaweed in the Razor Shark slot.

Among the symbols that you will be able to unlock are the bonus symbol and coins. These can arrive with a multiplier of between x 1 and x 2,500 times your original bet.

So if you manage to get a coin x 2,500, the value of your original bet will be multiplied by x 2,500.

The different symbols of Angry Dogs

Angry Dogs is a slot machine with a lot of symbols. First of all, we will tell you about the premium and non-premium symbols, of which there are 8.

The premium symbols are 4 and they are called so because they have a much lower frequency of appearance than the others, however, they will pay you much more as soon as they become part of a connection. They are represented by :

  • A red dog

  • A purple dog

  • A blue dog

  • A green dog

Then there are four non premium symbols. These are also 4 and are so called because they have a much higher frequency of appearance. Unlike the other symbols, as soon as they are part of a connection, they will pay you much less.

They are represented by: a piece of meat, a box of dog food, bones and a bowl. The following screen shows the values of each symbol for a starting bet of 1 euro.

Then there are the coins, which are available during your free games as well as your paid rounds.

Bronze coins can appear between x 1 and x 5. Silver coins can appear between x 10 and x 50, while gold coins will appear between x 100 and x 2,500.

Then comes the golden bulldog symbol. It can appear only in the kennels and allows you to reveal coins or the bonus symbol.

A wild symbol is also present in the Angry Dogs slot. The wild symbol is very popular with players, as it allows you to connect with all the other symbols in the slot, except the bonus symbol.

It is represented by a dog with a W behind it. The following screen shows the wild symbol values for a starting bet of 1 Euro.

The mystery doghouse symbol was explained in the introduction to this slot. As soon as you get it, it will reveal any symbol in the slot machine.

This symbol can only appear during your free games and allows you to move the mystery doghouse up one line. It is the same as the bombs on Razor Shark.

A bonus symbol is also present on this slot and it allows you to get the free games as soon as you get at least three of them on the same spin.

The different connections of Angry Dogs

Angry Dogs is a slot machine that has a fairly classic starting grid, with 5 columns and 4 symbols inside. The connections work with lines, of which there are 20. For a connection to occur, the same symbol must appear at least once in the first three columns of your starting grid.

The further a single symbol goes, the bigger your final win will be. It is also important to know that as soon as a connection is made, your turn to play stops immediately.

The following screen shows the different connections that are available in the Angry Dogs slot machine.

It is important to know that the connections on this slot machine only work from left to right. Also, only the highest paying payout per line will be considered.

How the Angry Dogs bonus works

As we mentioned in the introduction to this slot, you can get free games in this slot. In order to do so, you will need to get at least three times the bonus symbol on the same game round.

Once this is the case, you will be taken to another screen.

Before your free games start, you will have to click on a poster. Behind them are multipliers ranging from x2 to x10. This will let you know which multiplier you will start your free games with.

During your free games, you will start with angry dogs symbols. On each spin, these will move down one space until they disappear from your starting grid. With each spin, your winnings multiplier increases by 1.

Your free spins will stop as soon as there are no more angry dogs symbols on your starting grid. It will be possible to get additional free spins.

Our opinion on Angry Dogs

Our opinion on the Angry Dogs slot machine is quite good. First of all, we must highlight the very good work done by the GameArt teams on this creation which is very easy to understand and pleasant to play.

Angry Dogs is a slot machine where you will not get bored thanks to the very volatile features in the base game, as well as the bonus rounds that can pay you massively. When you play this slot, you can win up to 50,000 times your original bet.

Another very interesting point about this slot is that you will be able to buy bonus games for 100 times your initial bet. With a very high volatility, Angry Dogs has an RTP of 96.36%. However, if you decide to buy only the bonus games, this rises to 96.91%, which is much more interesting.

Angry Dogs is a slot machine that you can play at many of the online casinos at Lucky7Bonus.

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📈 What is the volatility of Angry Dogs


💸 What is the RTP of Angry Dogs


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Angry Dogs ?


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