Which are the 5 most beautiful casinos in France?
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Which are the 5 most beautiful casinos in France?

The casino is a place where you can deposit money and hope to get more. Whether it's card games, table games, slot machines or poker, land-based casinos are becoming an increasingly important part of the French landscape. Often placed in places where tourists crowd, casinos are becoming larger and more beautiful. Real places where everything is done to make you feel as comfortable as possible and you almost forget that you are betting real money. In this article, Lucky7Bonus has decided to present to you, in general terms, the 5 most beautiful casinos that are present in France. This ranking is completely subjective and Lucky7Bonus does not have a partnership with any of the casinos listed below.


The Arcachon Casino is located in the heart of the Château Deganne, in the middle of Arcachon. This magnificent infrastructure, which was built and completed in 1853, is a very popular place for tourists from all over the world to visit this part of France. In the heart of the castle there is a casino with 75 slot machines, more than 15 electronic games and 2 gaming tables.

Even if it does not offer an impressive number of games, you can still enjoy the other activities offered on the site. There is a traditional restaurant serving gourmet food and a bar. You can also organise private and public events, as a modern and fully equipped room can be made available to you.

In addition to the casino, you can visit the most beautiful squares of this seaside resort located less than an hour from Bordeaux.


Let us now go to the French Riviera and Monte Carlo to discover one of the most famous places in France with the Casino Monte-Carlo. Situated on the waterfront, this establishment dating from the late 19ᵉ century is located in the heart of Monaco and a few minutes from Nice. When you visit this casino, you will not be disappointed by the amount of games that are available to you: blackjack, craps, English roulette, slot machines, texas hold'em ultimate poker, punto banco, French roulette.

The interior of the Monte-Carlo casino is one of the most beautiful in Europe and every year this casino hosts poker tournaments in a grandiose room that is much appreciated by the players.

The water, the beach, the sun, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is without a doubt the place to go if you want to bet your money on the French Riviera.


The Casino Impérial in Annecy is surely one of the most beautiful places to bet in France. Located at the foot of the Alps and on the shores of Lake Annecy, this casino is also magnificent with its frontage, worthy of the most beautiful buildings in France. Entirely renovated in 2016, this casino will welcome you in a warm and friendly place where many things besides the casino are waiting for you: a bar, a terrace, a high quality restaurant, a 4 stars hotel.

As far as games are concerned, the Casino Impérial d'Annecy offers a wide range of games to its players. Thus, by going to this magnificent place, you will be able to play numerous slot machines, electronic games such as blackjack or roulette as well as numerous table games. Open every day of the week from 10am to 2am, the Casino Impérial d'Annecy is a place not to be missed by those who love gambling and who live in or pass through the Haute-Savoie.


Located north of Paris, the Casino d'Enghien-Les-Bains is one of the most beautiful casinos in France. With a magnificent frontage as well as a recognizable infrastructure of far, this casino places at the disposal of the players especially of what to have fun: machines has slots, of the games of table like the English roulette, the French roulette, the blackjack, the wheel of the chance or poker ultimate. As far as electronic games are concerned, you can enjoy blackjack and English roulette.

In addition to gaming, other activities are available at this 20ᵉ century casino: three gourmet restaurants, upscale hotels, an auditorium, a meeting room as well as a theatre with Italian decor that can seat up to 650 people.

A small drawback for this casino is the entrance fee. To enter this casino, you will have to pay an access fee of about 15 euros.


In the heart of Normandy lies the town of Deauville, known throughout the world for its annual American film festival. Since its creation in 1975, this event has succeeded in bringing in some very big American stars, whether actors or directors. But Deauville is not only famous for its festival, but also for its casino. It was in 1912 that the casino was created. In 1978, the casino made the headlines after being robbed by the famous criminal Jacques Mesrine.

If the reputation of the Deauville casino is well established, it is because it has a very large number of activities. Hotels, a theatre, a cinema, two auditoriums, three restaurants, three bars, a discotheque and a large reception hall are all located in this typically French building.

As far as gambling is concerned, the casino has enough to satisfy its customers: more than 290 slot machines, 4 stud poker tables, 4 French and 4 English roulettes, 10 blackjack tables and finally 6 Texas hold'em tables.

The editor's favourite:


In the heart of the Landes forest lies the town of Mimizan and its casino: the Stelsia Casino. If Lucky7Bonus decided to highlight this small casino, it is mainly because of its very American atmosphere, but at the same time very family oriented. It's not a large-scale casino, as it only has two bars and a restaurant, but it still offers its players plenty of fun:

  • Slot machines (open from 12pm to 3am);

  • An electronic English roulette wheel (open from 12 noon to 3am);

  • Electronic blackjack (open from 12pm to 3am);

  • A blackjack table (open from 8.30pm to 3am).

A far from modern interior, but totally atypical, old-fashioned slot machines, but above all a very American atmosphere, the casino of Mimizan is a place which does not necessarily pay mine, but which is nevertheless of very good quality.

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