What jobs for what training in the casino world?
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What jobs for what training in the casino world?

Whether in land-based or online casinos, there are many jobs that can allow you to combine your passion for gambling with your full-time job. Lucky7Bonus offers you an overview of the different possible jobs and the training available to achieve them.

The jobs of the land-based casino


It is perhaps the most well-known trade in casinos, both on land and online. The croupier is one of the essential parts of the casino. He is in charge of running the various gaming tables, from roulette to blackjack, poker, craps or even the game of bowls. He deals the cards, checks the bets, handles the chips, throws the roulette wheel, pays the players etc. The customer relationship is of the utmost importance; the dealer ensures that the game runs smoothly and that the rules are respected. He must follow a detailed protocol according to the games, with precise gestures. His working hours are staggered, day, evening and weekend.

Although no diploma or specific training is required, certain qualities seem essential for this position: versatility, meticulousness, a mathematical and synthetic mind, but also patience and vigilance. The best known training in Europe to become a croupier is that provided by the Academy Cérus Casino. It provides training in all table games including poker and also offers courses to become a customer assistant and maintenance technician for slot machines.

The only prerequisite for the future croupier is a clean criminal record. He will then be able to move on to positions of responsibility such as floor, tournament director, games director etc.

Another point of entry into the business, European poker tournament organiser Texapoker regularly offers free 15-day training courses for aspiring poker dealers in the event industry. The trainees are then taken on a trial basis at the brand's various international events.

Controller at the entrances

More commonly known as a physiognomist, the controller at the entrances must check the identity of the players passing through the door of the gaming establishment. In fact, he must check the age of the customers and therefore the majority of them. In addition, he can judge the correct attire required of the customer in order to fit in with the casino's brand image. Finally, he must also check that the player is not subject to a casino ban.

It is the controllers at the entrances who ensure the security of the establishment. Here again, no diploma or special training is required, but an acute sense of friendliness and composure on quite a few occasions. The working hours are spread out over those of the establishment.


The cashier has a key role in the smooth running of the casino. He carries out the exchange transactions between the customer and the gaming establishment. In exchange for money, he issues chips and vice versa. The cashier must obviously be friendly to the players while respecting very precise procedures. He must ensure the security of the funds and comply with administrative tasks. The cashier must be present at the opening and closing of the establishment and must be perfectly familiar with its organisation. The skills required for this position are usually learned quickly internally after a motivation interview.

Surveillance operator

This is a job in the shadow of the casinos and yet indispensable. The surveillance operator is in charge of the overall security of the gaming establishment. In addition to monitoring entrances and exits, he also keeps a close eye on the tables and slot machines. He must ensure the safety of the customers by checking the integrity of the games and detecting any attempts to cheat. He is the one to be called upon in the event of a dispute between customers or between the customer and the casino. He most often works in a video surveillance room where the slightest actions of the players are scrutinized and analysed.

In addition to the customers, he also looks after the integrity of the gaming establishment's employees. No diploma or specific training is required, but qualities of attention, concentration, attention to detail and a perfect knowledge of the various games, computer systems and casino mechanisms.

There are also many non-industry-specific jobs: cleaning and reception agent, slot machine assistant, footman, marketing and communication manager, waiter, barman etc.

The online casino jobs


The development of online casinos has led to the creation of new jobs, or at least an adaptation of existing trades in land-based casinos to the online tool. Thus, the croupier's profession has taken on a new dimension with the multiplication of online casinos. We used to know the croupiers of traditional games and those specialised in poker, now we discover the versatile croupiers in the flesh behind our computers. If they don't interact directly in front of a player, they have to face thousands of players behind their screens. Whether it is for the animation of roulette, baccarat, ultimate poker tables or live games, online dealers have become indispensable elements in online casinos, not only for their smooth operation but also for their entertainment potential. Without them, there is no interaction and therefore a much less enjoyable gaming experience.

In addition to the required qualities already developed for croupiers in physical establishments, online casino croupiers will be required to be even more adaptable and knowledgeable about the games, to have a cool head and to be in a constant good mood.

Customer service operator

This is surely the most widespread trade in terms of cash positions. The customer service operator is essential to the smooth running of online casinos. It is similar to the after-sales service of many companies. The customer service operator is entrusted with many tasks. He has to refer the customer and answer all his questions, he is the direct link between the player and the casino. In the event of misunderstandings or disputes, the customer service operator is on the front line and is responsible for providing the player with the best possible information.

He has the tools of mail, live chat or even telephone to do his work. The position often serves as a first job or first foot in the online casino world before potential developments. The customer service operator must be a good listener, patient, attentive and in a good mood, while being fully conversant with the various games on offer and the different procedures for identity verification, payment, withdrawal etc.

There are also many non-industry-specific professions: web developer, graphic designer, web designer, marketing and communication manager, project manager, etc.

Which professions are recruiting?

The gaming industry is a sector that is constantly developing and recruiting! Whether in land-based or online casinos, there are numerous job offers. However, some positions are more in demand than others. The lack of a diploma or required training is also a very positive point for the gambling industry, with easy access to employment for all sections of the population. If short training courses exist, in-house apprenticeships are also possible.

Thus, land-based casinos frequently employ croupiers, footmen and slot machine assistants with a consequent turnover, but it is above all when new casinos or gaming clubs are opened that recruitment takes place en masse, in particular for competent and specialised croupiers.

The online gaming sector remains the largest employer: online dealers and customer service operators are in demand throughout Europe. For example, the live gaming giant Evolution Gaming is constantly looking for dealers for its various games, who can speak several languages to accommodate the thousands of players simultaneously present at the various online casinos. The company hires for its studios mainly in Latvia and Malta.

IGaming companies are also constantly recruiting customer service operators for their relocated headquarters in Malta, the Isle of Man and certain Eastern European countries. Attractive contracts and salaries are offered to a population of expatriates looking for a first/new experience.

In conclusion, if you want to work in the gaming industry, there are many trades and recruitment is constant. If you like customer relations and are not afraid of staggered working hours, then you will surely qualify for one of the jobs described in this article. A new career may be open to you at any time!

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