Top 5 best sports to bet on
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Top 5 best sports to bet on

Sports betting in a few words

Increasingly popular, especially since the massive arrival of prognosticators on social networks, sports betting is a field in its own right in the world of gambling. Before every major competition or match, all sports fans engage, in most cases for free, in predicting the outcome of the upcoming match or competition. While some people predict for fun with friends, others spend hours analysing matches in search of the perfect match.

Sports betting works with odds. Simply put, the higher the odds, the less likely the team/player is to achieve what you are betting on. The lower the odds, the better the chances.

To find out your potential winnings, simply multiply your bet by your odds. If you have odds of 3 and you bet €10 ⇒ 3 × €10 = €30.

Top 5 sports to bet on

The world of sports betting is full of sports to bet on. In this article, Lucky7Bonus has decided to highlight five popular sports to bet on (the first three) and two sports where the odds are very interesting (the last two).

Betting on football

Speaking of sports betting, how can we not mention football? The most popular sport on the planet is also popular in the world of sports betting. Indeed, football is the sport where the most money is bet, especially during major competitions or matches. World Cup, Champions League, national championships... football offers a unique range of betting opportunities.

If you want to bet on football, there is a wide range of betting options available to you.

  • Results of the match ;

  • Number of goals ;

  • The scorer(s) ;

  • Penalty or not;

  • Goal between certain minutes of the match.

In short, sports betting sites offer an unimaginable range of things to bet on. Whether you are a football fanatic or just a follower from afar, it will be very important for you to follow a certain strategy to avoid falling into certain traps. So, looking at the form of the two teams, the players present and absent or the upcoming schedule are things to take into account to put all the chances on your side.

Betting on basketball

The second sport Lucky7Bonus decides to discuss in this article is basketball. On paper, the orange ball looks complicated to bet on. Unlike football, where many leagues are available to bettors, this is not the case with basketball. Moreover, this sport, which is largely based on individuals, sometimes seems unpredictable. Who would have predicted a victory of the French team against the United States during the 2019 Basketball World Cup? So many events or examples that could demonstrate that basketball is difficult to bet on. However, for those who follow the results and performances of basketball teams and players very closely, the situation may change. Especially in the NBA, it is not uncommon for many major players to be rested a few minutes/hours before games, giving the opposing team a chance to win the game. In the vast majority of cases, sports betting sites do not update the odds quickly enough and opportunities can arise.

So, if you want to put all the chances on your side in basketball, we advise you to follow the specialized sites and Twitter accounts that announce the absent players several hours in advance. This way, you will have time to find nuggets and put more chances on your side.

Just as they do for football, sports betting sites also offer many categories for basketball bettors.

  • Victory / Defeat ;

  • Individual performance (points/rebounds/passes) ;

  • Difference in points between the two teams;

  • Extensions or not, and a whole host of other possibilities that you can discover on our partner sites.

Betting on tennis

Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, Davis Cup... tennis is a sport that is full of major competitions and tournaments throughout the year. In addition to these competitions, ATP tournaments are held throughout the season. This means that there is no shortage of opportunities for bettors of the yellow ball. On the bookmakers, the vast majority of competitions are offered. Girls, boys, doubles... almost everything is there.

In contrast to other sports where the team is the main focus, tennis is a 100% individual sport. Therefore, this sport requires a more detailed analysis than football or basketball. On which surface the match will take place, the number of sets to win the match, whether the court is covered or not... a whole host of elements need to be taken into account so that your analysis is as complete as possible and so that you have all the chances on your side. However, even if you make the most complete and thorough analysis, there is no guarantee that your bet will win.

As with other sports, there are many betting categories in tennis:

  • Result;

  • Final score ;

  • Number of games ;

  • Number of sets ;

  • Number of aces ;

  • Gap between the two players and a host of other possibilities.

Betting on biathlon

Biathlon is one of the winter sports where the most bets are made. A very difficult discipline, biathlon has been brought to the fore by the great French champion Martin Fourcade. This sport is very difficult. Mixing agility, strength and precision, biathlon is a discipline that is very popular with sports bettors. It is a sport that includes two main events: individual events (sprint, chase, line start) and team events (relay, mixed relay and team race). Each event requires a different analysis. Indeed, you will not analyse an individual event in the same way as a team event. It is also a sport that requires a thorough analysis of the weather. Indeed, the weather conditions are the basis of the discipline and an event under a blazing sun will not necessarily have the same winner as an event with difficult weather conditions.

  • Winner of the event ;

  • Ranking of an athlete ;

  • Podium and a whole host of other categories to bet on.

Biathlon is not only a fun event to watch, but also a discipline where the odds can sometimes be very interesting. Indeed, it is not uncommon for surprises to occur during major competitions and for second-rate athletes to have much higher odds than expected. As with the other sports discussed above, biathlon is full of competitions that you can bet on throughout the season.

Betting on cycling

The last discipline we have decided to highlight is cycling. Considered by some to be a boring sport, cycling, otherwise known as "cycling", is a sport that is very strategic. Some people think that cycling is a sport where it is impossible to predict the winner, but this is not the case. Throughout the year, bookmakers will offer you the biggest competitions in the world: Tour de France, Tour of Italy, Tour of Spain... all the biggest competitions are possible to bet on.

  • Winner of the stage ;

  • Winner of the competition ;

  • Who will wear the jersey of the first at the end of the stage;

  • Who will win an intermediate sprint?

  • Which team will win the best team ranking, etc.?

Cycling is a sport where you can bet on a lot of things and bookmakers are doing their best to offer you increasingly interesting odds on this discipline. Of course, cycling is a sport where individual performances take precedence over analysis, but teamwork should not be overlooked. Every team has individuals in its ranks who play a specific role. One will open the way for the sprinter, the other will move into first position to have the wind against him and do all the work for his teammate... in short, each person has a precise role that it is essential to know and take into account during your analysis.

Moreover, depending on the stage you want to bet on, you will not analyse it in the same way. For example, it would be very surprising for you to bet on a sprinter as a stage winner during a mountain race.

If we have decided to highlight this discipline, it is because it is full of nuggets to bet on.

The best sites for betting

At Lucky7Bonus, we are highlighting two sites that offer a wide range of sports to bet on. We decided to highlight these two sites because we believe they are among the most reliable in the market. They offer you great odds and bets that you can't find on some bookmakers.


The first site that Lucky7Bonus decides to highlight is Gamdom. This site already offers a high quality online casino where you can find the best providers and the most famous slot machines on the market. On top of that, Gamdom offers a sports betting section. In the latter, you will find a wide variety of sports to bet on as well as many video games. The odds are very interesting and some bets are unique to Gamdom.

By registering on this site with our link, you will be entitled to a unique welcome offer on the market. To register with Gamdom, please click here. You will be able to win up to $50 on a simple registration with our link. To do this, open your safe with the code LUCKY7.


The second site we have decided to highlight is Like Gamdom, this site also offers online casino to its players, with the best slot machines on the market. On this bookmaker, you can also bet on the biggest competitions and on many sports. You can also make bets on everyday things. A few weeks ago, Lucky7Bonus wrote an article about the original bets on To read it, click here.

If you decide to register on this site, you will be entitled to above average odds, but also to many promotions dedicated only to the world of sports betting, something rare. If you would like to register with, please click here.

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