Tokyo Olympic Games: the BIG result!
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Tokyo Olympic Games: the BIG result!

Tokyo Olympic Games: the BIG result!

That's it, it's over! After two weeks of long and intense competition, the flame of the Tokyo Olympic Games has finally been extinguished. 14 crazy days where feats were achieved, records were beaten but above all where new champions were crowned!

Organized in a very particular sanitary context, the absence of public did not discourage the more than 10 000 athletes to give body and soul to try to bring back a medal to their countries. If you were confined at the bottom of a cave during the last two weeks, do not worry because we concocted you the ultimate assessment of these Games of the XXXIIth Olympiad.

France's team sports at the top!

If France finishes with a total of 33 medals and an eighth place in the ranking of the most medaled nations, it can thank greatly the masterful performances of its various teams on the disciplines of team sports. The handball players won their third Olympic title by beating a valiant Denmark team (25-23). The men were then imitated by their female colleagues, who defeated Russia, after a match where they were not so worried. (30-25). The French volleyball touched the stars for the very first time by winning the gold medal at the expense of Russia, after a hard fought match. (3-2). The French men's basketball team can certainly have some regrets but can be extremely proud of its performance at the Olympics. Les Bleus leave with the silver medal, after losing to the untouchable Americans, led by Kevin Durant, named best player of the competition. The women leave with the bronze medal, having beaten Serbia (91-76). The French women's rugby sevens team also performed very well, winning the silver medal. The only real shadow in the picture of the French team sports, the performance, or rather counter-performance, of the French Olympic team, which will clearly not be remembered...

In total, the performances in team sports allowed the French delegation to collect no less than six medals, including half of the most beautiful metals!

Athletics: the beautiful Italian surprise

While the United States dominated the track and field events, it is impossible to ignore the performance of the Italian delegation! Italy may have won "only" five medals, but all of them are gold, making it the second most successful nation in track and field, behind the seven American gold medals. The Italian athletes left with the gold medal in the 4x100 meters men, the 20 kilometers walk women and men. But also on the event of the jump in height male, in equality with Qatar, what moreover gave place to one of the most beautiful images of these Olympic Games, when the Qatari Mutaz Essa Barshim proposed to his Italian counterpart Gianmarco Tamberi to share the gold medal instead of competing to break their equality.

But the performance that has obviously made the most talk is of course the victory of Marcell Jacobs in the 100 meter race. The Transalpine succeeded the legend of the discipline, the Jamaican Usain Bolt, with an impressive time of 9 seconds 80. In addition to leaving with the gold medal, he beats the European record in the 100 meters ... he had already beaten earlier in the day during his semi-final! A performance that has even been called "the biggest surprise in the history of the Olympic Games"!

The powerlessness of Annika Schleu

It is one of the strong images of these Olympic Games of Tokyo, and certainly the most cruel of all. While she was leading quite comfortably in the ranking of the modern pentathlon, the German athlete Annika Schleu saw all her hopes of medals collapsing during the event of jumping on horseback.

As required by the rules, it is a draw that assigns a horse to each athlete. And alas for the one who had finished fourth at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Saint Boy, the horse she was assigned, was impossible to channel. The animal simply refused to jump, leaving the German powerless. A helplessness illustrated by the tears of the young woman. She who was first in the ranking saw herself tumbling down to the bottom of the ranking.

The images that went around the world have both moved and shocked. Some did not hesitate to cry animal abuse, seeing the athlete multiply the blows of whip and spurs. The coach of the German team, Kim Raisner, has been excluded from the Olympics by the International Federation of Modern Pentathlon, after being filmed hitting the horse.

Final medal standings: USA on top of the world

At the end of the first week of competition, two nations clearly seemed to stand out from the rest: China and the United States. The two delegations fought hard for the title of the most medal-winning nation. But in the end, it was the American athletes who took the most advantage of this second week to literally soar in the rankings! They finished the Tokyo Olympic Games with an impressive total of 113 medals, 25 more than their Chinese rivals! But where the United States made strong, it is that they also preceded China in the number of gold medals won, 38 for the USA against 37 for China! A real domination for the USA, who finished at the top of the ranking of the most medal-winning nations for the seventh time in a row!

The podium is completed by Russia, which ends the Olympics with 71 medals, including 20 gold. France ends its Olympic Games in eighth place with 33 medals, including ten gold charms. Despite this, the challenge of 40 medals won by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron is unfortunately missed for the French delegation. Let's bet that the next Olympic Games will be more victorious for the French athletes, which will take place in Paris! In the meantime, you can find the complete medals ranking just here.

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