The craziest sports bets in history!
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The craziest sports bets in history!

The European Football Championship, the Tour de France and the Olympic Games are now behind us. This summer 2021 was an incredible time for bettors around the world, who had the opportunity to bet on the world's most popular games and sports every day. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or a novice, you have undoubtedly been thrilled at least once during these past few weeks, betting on sports you may not have known about, or on athletes who simply caught your eye or your sympathy.

The dream of every sports bettor is to hit the jackpot, or at least come as close as possible. Every gambling enthusiast has a friend who has come very close to winning tens of thousands of euros. But unfortunately, a last second goal, VAR at the worst possible moment, a tennis player dropping out or an incident at a Formula 1 Grand Prix have prematurely put an end to this beautiful story. However, for some bettors, the planets can sometimes align to produce exceptional stories and stratospheric winnings.

That's why today Lucky7Bonus has decided to take a look back at the most incredible sports bets in history! In this article you will find combined bets on dozens of matches that go through without a hitch, while most of us lose in our first match. We'll also talk about betting on unlikely winners, exact scores that only happen once in a lifetime, and completely crazy stories that are the stuff of sports betting legend!

The ride of a lifetime

This is the biggest win ever made in France for a sports bet. Last February, Jérome, a budding young bettor aged 23 from Bordeaux, won a staggering €902,779 in just under a month! This exceptional performance began when the player deposited "only" €500, a substantial sum but a derisory one compared to the final win, and by initially making a rising deposit, which means that the young man reinvested all of his winnings each time to increase his capital.

In the first instance, it is a match from the Ligue 2 BKT that gets Jérome off to a good start. The next six bets were also validated, which allowed the punter to end up with more than €20,000 in just a few days! The story is on and the Bordelais decides to play it all again on System bets, types of bets that are more expensive but still allow players to get a substantial amount of money back if one or more matches don't go through.

The Bundesliga has a reputation for being one of the best leagues in the world. The bettor noticed that in the previous 3 rounds, there were very few games that ended in a draw. That's why he decided to gamble more than €20,000 on the draws: "I thought there could be 3 or 4, but I never imagined there would be so many". He was right to do so, as 6 out of 7 games ended in a draw and he won over €800,000!

Add to that a last combined bet that brought him over €100,000 and you get the biggest win in the history of sports betting in France!

Biggest combined bet in history

It's the craziest combined bet in sports betting history! Just before the start of the health crisis, Greg, an inveterate bettor and poker player, also experienced a period of incredible luck. Indeed, after depositing €2,000 on biathlon, the 39 year old Toulousain was lucky enough to see his bet validated after a completely crazy race. Greg was not about to stop there and used the "Complete my bet" function, which allows players to put all their winnings back into play on new odds.

The operation is repeated several times and a total of 21 bets were placed by Greg over the course of a week, mainly on football and tennis. After a few scares, notably during the match between Novak Djokovic and Gaël Monfils, there was only one match left to allow the bettor from Toulouse to win almost 400,000 €, which was the maximum ratio he could win at Winamax.

And this match should have been one of the easiest on his ticket, with the player even refusing to take a cash out at almost €300,000. This final hurdle saw Bayern Munich host lowly

Bundesliga side FC Augsburg at the Allianz Arena. However, not everything went according to plan! Bayern were not as sovereign as usual, and took the lead with difficulty in the second half, before seeing Augsburg equalize in the 89th minute! After the intervention of the VAR, the goal was finally refused for offside and Greg, present at the stadium, was finally able to exult and collect 399 461,32 € !

A poker player finds the exact score of France-Switzerland ... and Croatia-Spain!

Romain Lewis is a professional poker player. He has been playing on the live circuit for several years and is a gambling enthusiast from Gironde, France, who is also a big football fan. And the setbacks of the French team at the last Euro have made the happiness of the one who is among the best French poker players of the moment!

It was by betting on the exact scores of Croatia-Spain and France-Switzerland, two round of 16 matches of the last Euro taking place on the same day, that Romain Lewis made one of the craziest bets in history. Even more incredibly, the young man decided, on the advice of a friend, to bet on the same exact score for both matches. After several bets between €3 and €5 were made, the impossible happened in an incredible scenario as the two games ended in a 3-3 score!

Romain had made this bet 3 times, and the Bordelais nevertheless cash out part of his winnings for almost €5,000. But he had let the last bet go through and the pro poker player won over €60,000 with odds of €21,000! "It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance", said the still shocked player. This stratospheric win will allow Romain Lewis to play the World Series of Poker (WSOP) which will take place from September 30th to November 23rd in Las Vegas.

Gamblers find the exact score of Brazil-Germany (7-1)

It may not be the biggest payout in the history of sports betting, but you have to admit that it was worth thinking about! Several punters, mainly based in England, the bookmakers' and bettors' paradise, had bet on the exact score of the Brazil-Germany match, in the semi-final of the World Cup 2014, which took place... in Brazil and which saw the Seleçao lose 7 goals to 1.

What remains to this day as one of the biggest defeats of a historic football nation in a major competition, especially at home, allowed a handful of punters to win a nice sum by finding the exact score 7-1 in favor of the Mannschaft. Some players even predicted that Germany would win 5-0 at the break. The odds were between 500 and 1,000 depending on the different bookmakers who have now had to lower their odds on the exact scores to avoid losing on this type of bet.

Man bets on Leicester as 2016 English champions... but doesn't go all the way!

Seeing the glass half full or half empty? That's the question John Pryke, a 59-year-old Englishman and Leicester fan from a young age. The Foxes fan decided to combine his passion for his beloved club with his penchant for sports betting by taking an unlikely gamble: Leicester to be champions of England at 5,000 to 1!

Claudio Ranieri's men have made a great start to the season and the Foxes are quickly leading the Premier League by several points. The bookmaker who offered the bet tried to buy out John Pryke, offering him over £16,000 (€21,000), having bet only £20.

This offer was turned down by the player who had the potential to win a total of over £100,000 However, as the season progressed and Leicester's rivals returned, the stress began to build. John became stressed and decided in March, with two months to go before the end of the 2015-2016 season, to accept the latest offer from the bookmaker, which amounted to around £30,000 (€37,000). The payout was exceptional, but Leicester did not crack and did become English champions against all odds! Too bad for the punter who could have won almost €100,000 more if he hadn't sold his bet.

Finn predicts craziest podium in Formula One history

Last year at the Formula One Italian Grand Prix, French driver Pierre Gasly won the first race of his young career in an incredible scenario. The victory ended a 24-year drought for France, as the last French victory was at the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix and was attributed to Olivier Panis. To accompany Gasly on the podium, Carlos Sainz Jr and Lance Stroll showed incredible lucidity, resulting in the most unlikely top three in F1 history. Even crazier, one punter had predicted the exact podium!

This stroke of genius (or madness, as the case may be) was the work of a Finn who has been following every Formula 1 Grand Prix for several years. The bet was minimal, as the player only bet 20 cents, for total odds that reached 167,000! This incredible bet allowed the Finn to win more than €33,000 and to become the man with the biggest odds in the history of Formula 1.

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