The most incredible failed bets
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The most incredible failed bets

All sports and gambling enthusiasts combine these two passions and naturally turn to sports betting, to thrill to an innocuous match, to follow with attention a discipline unknown to the general public, but above all to try to win colossal sums. As we mentioned a few days ago, some players have shown the way by achieving tickets as fantastic as they are improbable. These strokes of luck (or madness, as the case may be) leave most betting enthusiasts dreaming of the best "method" or bet to make a profit.

But life is not always rosy for sports bettors! Indeed, the most incredible betting stories do not always lead to stratospheric gains. Sometimes fate, a player's bad intuition or simply the course of a match turns a near-perfect bet into a nightmare. Every regular player has lost bets because of small odds that don't pan out, or goals in extra time on the last match of their set.

That's why Lucky7Bonus has decided to take a look at some of the most incredible losing sports bets! You'll find tickets with tiny odds that don't pass, combination bets where players refused to cash out or impossible odds that kept the protagonists hoping until the end! We remind you that sports betting, and gambling in general, is dangerous. Be careful with your money and only play what you can afford to lose.

200,000 gone for 35 hundredths

When we told you that bets can lose on details, we weren't lying! Indeed, this story is one of the most incredible in the history of betting. It was written by Merivan, a well-known bettor on Twitter who is specialised in cycling and winter sports betting. This betting enthusiast had an incredible time betting on the Super G, a skiing event that is a mix between the giant slalom and the downhill, just over a year and a half ago.

Attracted by the extremely high odds (5,000) of the Italian skier Nicol Delgado, this crazy bettor decided to bet 40 € on the victory of this unknown sportswoman. The final victory of Delgado would have brought Merivan an incredible profit of 200,000, which is the maximum potential profit of this bookmaker, excluding bonus. What was supposed to be a simple fun bet quickly became an exceptional bet, following the Italian's incredible performance. However, the German skier Viktoria Rebensburg who took the lead in the Super G put an end to this bettor's dreams, for only 35 hundredths of a second!

He misses out on €250,000 for the Champions League final

You may remember Greg, the man who won the biggest prize in the history of online betting on a combination bet? Well, this gambling enthusiast did it again a few months ago! After winning almost €400,000 in March 2020, this high roller tried again to hit the jackpot on a bet of 11 football, rugby and tennis matches. As you might expect, the first 10 matches were over and only the 2021 Champions League Final remained for this man from Toulouse to win over €250,000 after betting €465.

The 100% English final was between Manchester City and Chelsea, and Greg placed his final bet on the Citizens, who were favorites after eliminating PSG in the semi-final. Even though he was offered a substantial Cash Out, the punter decided not to have his bet redeemed and to go through with it. However, the match did not go according to plan and the Londoners gradually gained the upper hand over City who struggled to find ways around the opposition block.

Kai Havertz's goal just before half-time allowed the Blues to take the lead, and Greg was once again unwilling to sell his bet at the break. The score would not change again and the Toulouse man consequently lost his incredible bet, only because of a game that could have earned him over a quarter of a million euros!

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A bettor loses his bet because of odds of 1.01!

Admittedly, this story doesn't involve huge sums of money, or even a breathtaking combined bet, but you have to admit that this bet is pretty incredible! A tipster had made a ticket that seemed to be quite correct at first, as the player had bet €100 on a quote of 2 and decided to try his luck to double his initial bet.

The bettor turned to the Italian second division, and his hunch was correct. But the gambler decided to add a second match, and bet on France winning against the modest nation of Luxembourg. The probability of Les Bleus winning was rated at 1.01, which would have earned the punter a modest sum of... 2 on their handset.

Unfortunately for this punter, the unthinkable happened as the French team failed to score a single bur against the 136th world nation in the Fifa rankings at that time (2017). Worse still, Les Bleus almost lost the match when GersonRodrigues, a right winger from Luxembourg, hit the post of Hugo Llloris at the very end of the match. This match counting for the qualification to the World Cup 2018 ended in a sad 0-0. A bad night for the French team, but especially for this unfortunate bettor who lost his bet because of the odds of 1,01.

An American loses almost $4 million betting on the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl is the most watched sports broadcast in the world every year, with over 100 million viewers in the USA alone. This American football final is known as the day of excess, especially when it comes to betting on the game. Indeed, billions of dollars are wagered each season, making this sporting event the most bet match of the year. In 2019, $6 billion was spent by players. While some punters play reasonable bets, others take the opportunity to set record bets on their favorite franchise.

This is the case of a bettor in Las Vegas, who placed a total of 3 bets on the Los Angeles Rams, who had not reached the Super Bowl in 17 years. In total this player, known to be a very big bettor, placed 3 bets for a total amount of $3.8 million!

Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan as the Rams, playing against the New England Patriots of Tom Brady (now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), did not exist in this game and lost 13 to 3 in the last quarter. This bettor lost almost $4 million on a single game, which is still one of the biggest losses on a single sports bet.

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