From €400 to €900,000 in sports betting
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From €400 to €900,000 in sports betting

How does this story begin?

In January 2021, a 23 year old French speaker decides to deposit €500 on the sports betting site Betclic. On paper, his deposit is quite common, but the story that follows is not. In less than a month, the young man has become the biggest winner in the history of sports betting on Betclic. Going from €500 to over €900,000 in winnings in less than 4 weeks, the young man has made history. Lucky7Bonus has decided to bring you the story of this historic month, which every bettor would love to experience.

A few days after the end of the year celebrations, a young Frenchman decided to deposit the substantial sum of €500 on the Betclic site. For his first bet, he decided to bet €400 on a Ligue 2 match. A winning bet that will earn him over €800. The young gambler didn't stop there and managed to win almost 6 sports bets in a row. Each time he places a new bet, the boy takes a small part of his winnings and reinvests the vast majority. With a string of wins and withdrawals, the young man's balance is almost €20,000, just 6 days after his first deposit.

The days go by, but they are not the same. Indeed, the young boy is no longer making winning bets and is fluctuating between losses and gains. Still with a huge profit in his pocket, he decides to move on to the second.

A bet in the NBA that changes everything

It is a huge bet of €8,000 that will greatly advance our young man in his crazy quest. For the first time since the beginning of his adventure, the boy decides to bet on basketball. On a combination of two games, he decides to bet €8,000. Without any difficulty, the Frenchman's bet went through and he won a whopping €22,320.

The combination of a lifetime

Despite this substantial win, the young bettor did not intend to stop there. He decided to reinvest all of his winnings from the last bet in a very risky combination, but with a colossal potential payout: €1,400,000 million.

It is on the German side that the young Frenchman finds his happiness. After analysing all the matches and what had happened in Ligue 1, the bettor decided to bet only on draws. In total, the 23 year old decides to bet on 7 draws. To do this, he will combine 3 matches and combine all the possibilities. This way, the young man spreads his €22,320 over 35 different combinations. Each combination brings him almost €40,000.

Although crazy on paper, the young man's analysis paid off: 6 draws out of the 7 matches he bet on. Thus, with 20 wins out of a possible 35, he won over €800,000.

To end his magnificent adventure, the punter decided to bet once again on the team that had allowed him to start his adventure. A win, the amount of which has not been communicated, allows him to raise his balance to more than €902,000. So, in less than a month, a young man with an ordinary life has seen his initial €500 investment converted into more than €900,000.

As a reminder, what the young man went through is an exceptional story. Like online casinos, sports betting can also be dangerous if you don't manage to control yourself. So, the rules you set for yourself as soon as you sign up for an online casino should be exactly the same for sports betting.

What is the principle of a mount in sports betting?

In order to win so much money, the bettor has made a "climb". In the world of sports betting, this method is extremely common. Lucky7Bonus has decided to explain to sports betting enthusiasts what a "mount" is.

The rise will be explained with a starting bet of €10. So, for your first bet, you decide to bet your entire balance on odds of 1.5. Your bet goes through easily, bringing your balance up to €15.

After your first bet, some bettors decide to take back their investment (€10 in the example) and play with the profit only. Other people continue to play with the entire balance.

The aim of the rising is to bet the full amount won on the next bet. This means that the €15 won will be wagered in full on the next bet.

In order to be successful, you have to set limits. For example, a good run can stop after level 4 or 5, i.e. 4/5 winning bets.

The winning strategy that was chosen

To achieve his masterstroke, the young bettor adopted an uphill strategy, but in several steps.

Firstly, for his first winning bet, he decided to take a small amount of the total winnings. Every time he won a bet, the young man decided to take a small part. For example, of the €20,000 he won after 6 days of betting, he took out almost €8,000 for a total bet of almost €12,000.

However, after his bet on basketball, he made a "total" bet, i.e. he bet all of what he had won before.

Where to bet on esports and sports?

At Lucky7Bonus, we have many online casinos that also offer sports and esports betting.

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What happened to the €900,000

Interviewed by the Betclic website, the young Frenchman explained that he had withdrawn all the money he had won during this exceptional month. Almost a millionaire, the 23-year-old already knows what he will do with his money. "I will save and invest to secure my future. Above all, I intend to be very careful with my money and not to burn it. Despite his young age and his recent exceptional winnings, the young man has a good head on his shoulders.

Lucky7Bonus would like to remind you that gambling is dangerous and that although you may win large sums of money, sports betting, like online casino, is a long-term winner.

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