Casino Affiliation from A to Z. We explain everything!
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Casino Affiliation from A to Z. We explain everything!

For a few years now, the world of online casinos has been constantly developing and raises many questions, especially about those who promote them. It is true that the general public is questioning itself more and more on this subject.

Can you make money by promoting casinos? On what model do casinos pay affiliate sites? How much are streammers paid? Do they have any advantages over casinos?

In this article, Lucky7Bonus offers you to decipher the world of Affiliate Marketing and explain everything about its use in the online casino!

Warning, this article is by no means a general truth. Indeed, the affiliation is in constant evolution and exists in many forms likely to change. Also, each casino and affiliate is unique and may work in ways not described in this article.

What is affiliation?

By definition, affiliation is the agreement between a traffic/business contributor (an individual, an influencer, a company etc) and a commercial entity (a store, a site etc) seeking to develop its activity and make revenues.

The business entity, then called Advertiser, offers an affiliate program (which describes how the affiliate will be remunerated by promoting the advertiser's products or services) to that traffic/business contributor wishing to monetize its traffic or monetize its business in a new way, then called Affiliate.

This definition may not seem obvious to you, but a few examples should help! You may not be aware of it, but membership has existed since the dawn of time and constantly surrounds you on a daily basis.

For example, when you (here the affiliate) go to a bar (here the advertiser) and the bar offers you drinks because you brought friends, this is affiliation also called sponsorship at the individual level. Or again, when you recruit someone for your company (cooptation) and that company increases you or offers you a bonus in exchange, this too is affiliation.

But since the advent of the Internet and the development of new technologies, affiliation has taken on a whole new dimension, particularly because its practice has been greatly facilitated. Indeed, before, its use was limited by the storage of information and the attribution of shares/conversions (if you bring 100 friends to a bar, how can the bar know that they are each coming from you, what they have consumed or what they have earned in terms of turnover).

Nowadays, you no longer need to rely on your memory or perform manual actions. Absolutely everything is automated, recorded and stored in databases. Digital technology has allowed advertisers to stop assuming and measuring accurately using thousands of pieces of collected information.

This is a new era for affiliation.

Some modern examples of online affiliation:


Ubiquitous on Youtube and Twitch, Fortnite has set up a completely innovative affiliate system for the video game industry. Indeed, Epic Games has made it possible to indicate a creative code before each purchase in the store to allow players to support their favorite influencers (who make them want to play the game or who have been able to introduce them to the game).

This mechanism has greatly increased the interest that influencers may have in promoting the game and has totally exploded their revenues as a publisher! Moreover, after this important success, the publisher decided to allow the use of the creative code on all the games in their catalog via the Epic Store.

To know more about it, visit 

Uber Eats

You couldn't miss this well-known offer. Shared massively on the Internet and especially on social networks, Uber Eats has set up a sponsorship system (similar to affiliation) that pays you €10 for each new user registered on the platform. What's interesting here is that in addition to receiving €10 as an affiliate, the referral (user who registered thanks to you) also gets €10 in the form of a voucher in the application!

To know more about it, visit 


Dealabs has created an empire through affiliation. Indeed, this site, which lists the good plans of Internet users, has many agreements with e-merchants highlighted on the site. For each good plan published, a code is added in the link and allows Dealabs to indicate that the traffic does indeed come from the site and earns commissions thanks to this. Clever, isn't it?

To know more about it, visit 


You've probably had the opportunity to discover during many product placements on Google. NordVPN are indeed experts in affiliate marketing and have used this lever to track the conversions generated by each influencer and be featured on all VPN comparison sites.

To know more about it, visit 


Amazon was one of the first companies in online commerce to understand the importance of affiliation and the use of affiliates. Indeed, as early as 2001 Amazon implemented a program that allows anyone promoting a product sold on Amazon to earn a commission on the sale.

This strategy has greatly helped Amazon to democratize itself, especially via news or comparison sites that have had a real interest in promoting the platform rather than another and generate revenue from this promotion. The commissions paid by product category are available here:

To know more about it, visit 


Coinbase, one of the best known sites for buying cryptomoney, allows its users to earn €10 for every new person registering on the platform thanks to your link. It's an intelligent system that makes it possible to acquire new users at a lower cost.

To know more about it, visit 


Binance here offers an affiliate program that is very different from Coinbase. Indeed, Binance does not pay you for the registration of new people but pays you a part of the fees generated by the platform. This system is similar to revenue sharing since the fees represent the revenues generated by Binance.

To know more about it, visit 

Why does affiliation work so well?

As you can see, affiliation (often presented as sponsorship at the individual level) is ubiquitous in our society. But why does affiliation work so well? Why is it popular with both advertisers AND affiliates?

Affiliate marketing has several undeniable advantages over other promotional methods:

Performance-based compensation.

For an advertiser like an online casino, it is always easier to pay for results than to make an initial investment without any guarantees. Affiliate marketing is totally performance-based and therefore guarantees profits. Even when the commission paid to an affiliate is high, the advertiser knows in advance that his revenues are higher than his costs and therefore he has made a profit. This is absolutely not the case with other promotion methods. Thanks to this system, the advertiser is sure to pay only for what interests him (traffic, registration, conversion according to his objectives) and the affiliate is sure to be paid according to the real value he brings.

Example: When a casino pays a commission to an affiliate, it pays a commission because the affiliate has already been able to bring results (new registrants for example) as opposed to other methods where it would pay even before the user has achieved results for example.

Totally measurable results. 

Thanks to affiliate marketing, the advertiser has the opportunity to measure absolutely everything and therefore to optimize his expenses as well as possible according to the results.

Session duration, number of pages visited, registrations, information on each registrant, average basket and average value per user, nothing escapes the advertiser.

Example: With the collection of these numerous data during the course of each user's journey brought by the affiliates, the casino can analyze many statistics that allow it to spend its money more intelligently.

Online reputation and presence.

Promoting a service or product through an affiliate is usually much simpler. Indeed, when an advertiser such as a casino works with a reputable influencer or casino comparator, it benefits from the trust placed in them and allows for greater credibility. This helps to strengthen the brand and make a lasting impression.

Example: When Ronaldo promotes a brand like Nike, Nike clearly benefits both from Ronaldo's exposure but also from the trust and credibility his followers may have in him. As a result, his fans are more likely to have a positive image of the brand and buy its products.

How does an online casino work?

Like most sports betting sites, casinos outsource a lot of parts of their business. Whether it is slot machines, odds or sports match statistics, payment management (deposits and withdrawals), casinos outsource massively.

And here, marketing is no exception. Indeed, casinos use many companies and individuals to acquire new players in addition to using their own channels.

But why delegate an additional part of their business?

Acquiring new players in the online casino is both difficult and expensive. It is true that gambling represents a huge market in terms of turnover which necessarily brings many players and especially competition.

However, because the number of affiliates in the market is huge, casinos employ affiliate experts to handle their relationship with them. They are commonly referred to as "affiliate managers" and their role is to interact with the affiliates so that they can communicate about the casinos in the best possible way.

The different affiliate models in the online casino

As you may have seen earlier, casinos work with many affiliates to promote themselves. But what do they use to pay these affiliates? We explain everything from A to Z.

As you might expect, not all casinos operate in the same way to pay their affiliates. Likewise, not all affiliates are paid the same way within the same casino. Below you will find the most common commission models:

Revenue sharing

This model is one of the most used by online casinos. It is based concretely on the revenues generated by the casino and aims to share them with the affiliates.

For example, if an affiliate (such as a streamer) brings a player back to a casino he works with and the casino generates €20 in profits from it, then the casino will pay him a portion of the €20. This part is agreed upon beforehand between the affiliate and the casino. In general, the more players an affiliate brings in, the more the revenue share goes in his favor.

However, in case a player brought back by the affiliate causes the casino to lose money, then the affiliate shares the losses. So this model is double-edged and can be quite penalizing for affiliates in case some players make big winnings.

Payment by acquisition CPA

In contrast to the model presented above, the APA payment allows affiliates to earn a fixed commission for each player they bring in. Here affiliates are not paid after simple registration but after user registration + first deposit (this is called FTD - First time deposit).

This compensation model allows affiliates to avoid negative earnings as may be the case with income-sharing. However, once the commission is paid out, affiliates can no longer touch commissions on a player they brought in.

Hybrid payment

Hybrid payment, as the name suggests, is a mix between payment by acquisition and revenue sharing. The affiliate receives both a fixed commission on the new user's transaction and a small portion of the revenue generated by the online casino.

Of course the revenue sharing is much less than the traditional revenue sharing program, but it allows affiliates to minimize the negative revenue risks associated with revenue sharing and to continue to earn commissions on brought-in gamblers.

Sharing the house edge

This is a new model used in the online casino industry. It is similar to the revenue sharing model, but allows for commissions to be earned even if the casino loses money and the player wins.

How does it work? When a user registers, deposits and plays at an online casino via an affiliate link, the affiliate will generate revenue on the amount that this user will play. The more the player will play this deposited money, the more revenue will be generated for the affiliate.

In effect, the casino has a statistical advantage over the player. This is often referred to as RTP. In the case where the RTP on a machine is 96% for example, theoretically in the long run, the casino has an advantage of 4% over the player.

Well, if the affiliate has a 20% house edge sharing agreement with the casino it means that the affiliate gets 20% of the casino's 4% statistical benefits or 0.8% of what is played by the affiliate player.

This model is notably used by new casinos based on crypto-currencies.

Who can become an affiliate for online casino? And how do I get started?

As explained before, anyone can become an affiliate as long as they can bring value to an advertiser through visitors, purchases, registrations, in this case online casinos.

Interested in becoming an affiliate and getting started in the world of casino gaming? Are you looking to monetize your content or supplement your income?

Lucky7Bonus helps you to work with the best casinos on the market at the best conditions. So what are you waiting for? Register via this form and try your hand at casino adventure!

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Ce qu’il faut retenir de l’affiliation et de son utilisation dans le casino en ligne

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