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ProviderRed Tiger
Creation year2022

How Zillard King works

In the online casino world, the recipe for delivering a successful slot machine often consists of three main ingredients. First of all, you need the highest possible volatility, so that you can promise the players fiery gaming sessions. Secondly, you need to have a slot machine with a maximum payout worthy of the name! Finally, and this is a point that should not be neglected, is to make your slot original. Indeed, today originality is essential in the development of a successful slot. And sometimes, some providers don't hesitate to look for originality in pop culture must-haves! And this is notably the case of the slot that we are going to present you today! Welcome to Zillard King, a slot from the provider Red Tiger Gaming.

Released during the month of March 2022, Zillard King is a slot machine that takes you to the heart of a city targeted by a monster. It is obvious that this is a tribute to the famous Japanese monster Godzilla. And the homage is rather successful in terms of graphics. Indeed, they are well done, as well as the animations and the musical atmosphere, which take us perfectly in this disaster movie atmosphere. The starting grid is quite large, as it is composed of five columns, each containing four symbols. There is also the possibility of unlocking a sixth column, but we will come back to that later in this review. The Red Tiger slot has two features in the base game. Unfortunately, you will not be able to unlock free games on this slot.

The first feature present in the base game is the Thunder Wild feature. When a Zillard Wild symbol lands on your game grid, but there is no win, there is a chance that it will "roar" to bring Thunder Wilds to the game grid to guarantee a win. You can get between 3 and 6 Thunder Wilds if five reels are active, and even up to 9 if the sixth reel has been unlocked.

The second feature present in the basic game is the Zillard Wild feature. Here, the Zillard Wild symbol replaces all the symbols, but that's not all! Indeed, you will notice the presence of a progress bar with three levels. In order to fill this bar, you will have to collect gold coins, which are sometimes attached to classic symbols, and are collected when a Wild appears on your game grid. As gold coins are collected, the Zillard Wild is upgraded at each level:

  • First tier: After 30 gold coins are collected, the Zillard Wild symbol becomes stacked, i.e. it takes its place on an entire column

  • Second tier: After 60 gold coins are collected, a multiplier is added to the Zillard Wild symbol. For each win it participates in, the win multiplier increases to x 20.

  • Third level: after 90 gold coins collected, he becomes sticky! It stays in place on the reels until it participates in a win, followed by a non-winning spin.

Once the three upgrades have taken place, the progress bar turns into a sixth reel. On this reel, only premium symbols can appear.

The Zillard King slot has a volatility that is considered average and a payout ratio of 96%, which puts it right in the middle of the pack of slots on the market. As for the maximum payout, it is 3,800 times your original bet, which is a pretty good jackpot.

The different symbols of Zillard King

Zillard King is a slot machine that has a number of symbols, which fit perfectly into the universe discussed here. These symbols can be separated into two categories: common symbols and premium symbols.

As mentioned in the introduction, there is also a wild symbol, the Zillard Wild. Here, like most slot machines, it can substitute for any symbol. And it can also be enhanced to increase your chances of making big wins.

Then there are the classic symbols. First of all, you have the common symbols. These symbols are considered as such because they appear more often, but have a less interesting payoff. There are four of them and they are represented by the values of a deck of cards:

  • The clover

  • The tile

  • The heart

  • The spade

Below are the potential payouts for each common symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

Then you have the premium symbols, of which there are also four. These symbols are considered premium because, unlike the common symbols, they appear more rarely, but have a much higher payout. They are represented by different objects belonging to this universe:

  • The GPS

  • The survival kit

  • The helicopter

  • The egg

As with the common symbols, below are the potential payouts for each premium symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

Connections in Zillard King

On the Red Tiger Gaming Zillard King slot, we have seen that the game grid is relatively large, but otherwise, it is still quite classic. As a result, the connection system is just as classic. Indeed, here you have no less than 30 fixed paylines to make connections. The screen below shows the different paylines of the Red Tiger Gaming slot machine.

To make a connection and win, you must have a minimum of three identical symbols on the first three reels and that it is on a payline. Note that the further your connection goes, the bigger your winnings will be. In addition, the connections in Zillard King only work from left to right.

How the bonus works in Zillard King

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, you will not be able to unlock free spins on Zillard King. This is the big negative point of the Red Tiger slot, as a bonus feature would have been very welcome and, above all, would have only enhanced the gaming experience on this slot.

But this is not the case, so you will have to make do with the two features present in the basic game.

Our opinion on Zillard King

The provider Red Tiger Gaming takes us back to the good old days of the 90's, when disaster movies were legion! With Zillard King, the online gaming provider pays a very nice tribute to the most famous pop culture monster, making a more than correct slot machine.

The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, and visually, the slot is a success, thanks to its good graphics and animations. The two features present in the base game are very interesting, especially the one that allows you to make the wild symbol more profitable. In our opinion, this feature is your best chance to get the max win of this slot, which is 3,800 times your initial bet. The only regret we have about Zillard King is the complete lack of a bonus feature.

Zillard King by Red Tiger Gaming is a slot with a volatility that is considered average and an RTP of 96%, which puts it right in the middle of the pack of slots on the market. Note that you can test this slot for free directly at Lucky7Bonus.

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📈 What is the volatility of Zillard King


💸 What is the RTP of Zillard King


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Zillard King ?


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