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Free slot: Wild Falls 2

Provider : Play'n Go

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ProviderPlay'n Go
Creation year2022

How to play Wild Falls 2 

Play'n Go is a very active provider in the casino world. As of December 15, 2022, you will be able to play Wild Falls 2 on all gambling platforms. 

This creation is a 2.0 version of Wild Falls. Even prettier and more volatile, this slot machine has everything to please you. 

The starting grid is classic with 5 columns and 3 symbols. However, the grid changes every time a cash register appears on your starting grid. 

The minimum bet is 0.20 euros, but you can bet up to 100 euros. The maximum winnings are very high, as you can read in the following article. 

The functionality in the basic game is triggered by the crates that are above your starting grid. 

Each crate that goes down allows you to have an extra turn. And that's with a new line, making your grid 5 x 4.  

The crate is a wild symbol that allows you to connect with all the other symbols in the game. It is also the cashier that allows you to get the bonus rounds. 

During the pay games, the crates cannot appear with a multiplier. The multiplier will always be x1. 

Wild Falls 2 has 20 different paylines, which you can see in the following screen.  

The connections only work from left to right and only the highest paying symbol is taken into account. 

Since the starting grid is scalable, when the column is 5 x 4, you have 30 different connections. With a 5 x 5 grid, this increases to 40 different lines. 

There are 10 different symbols available in Wild Falls 2. 4 premium symbols (the most profitable) and 5 non-premium symbols (the least profitable).  

The following screen shows the premium symbol values for a starting bet of 1 Euro. 

A wild symbol will also connect you with all the other symbols in the game 

Special features   

To unlock the free spins, you'll need to get three breaks, one on each column (2, 3 and 4).  

Once you do, your number of free spins may vary. Your game will stop as soon as there are no more spaces on your screen. 

It will be possible for you to get golden breaks. If you manage to get the free spins with these crates, your volatility will become even greater. 

For classic games: each crate can appear with a multiplier between x 1 and x 64. 

New crates can appear (by falling on your column from above). And at each turn, the crates move down one square, until they disappear from your starting grid. 

For gold games, each time a crate moves down, it will increase its multiplier by +1. 

Advantages and Disadvantages Wild Falls 2 


  • Highly volatile slot machine 

  • Very easy to understand slot machine 

  • RTP in the market average 

  • Very high maximum gain 


  • The bonus purchase feature is missing 

  • Free games are sometimes much too volatile 

  • It will be difficult for you to get the golden parts 

Reviews of Wild Falls 2 

Wild Falls 2 is a slot machine that we really like for several reasons. 

For beginners, it is perfect, as it is very easy to understand. The pay spins will be volatile, thanks to the feature that is present.  

It will be the free spins that can take you to new heights: up to 15,000 times your starting bet. But don't dream, it seems almost impossible to get this maximum win.  

The RTP of 96% is within the market average, which is also something very positive. Like the majority of Play'n Go slots, a lot of baiting can take place before you get the free games. 

Finally, the last negative point is the lack of the buy-in bonus feature. Thus, it makes it even more difficult to get free spins. 

Frequently asked questions

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📈 What is the volatility of Wild Falls 2


💸 What is the RTP of Wild Falls 2


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Wild Falls 2 ?


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