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Free slot: Well of wonders

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How Well of Wonders works

Close your eyes and throw a coin into the well, while making a wish, and maybe fortune will come your way! That's what Well of Wonders is all about, a slot with a fairy-tale atmosphere straight from the studios of online game provider Thunderkick. Released in 2017, Well of Wonders takes you to the heart of a magical forest where you will come face to face with an equally magical well. Your goal is to get the fortune hidden in it, that is, up to 2,280 times your starting bet. The atmosphere is soft and relaxing in this fairy world, where the greenery blends perfectly with the colors of the different flowers and plants that inhabit this enchanted forest. The sound effects perfectly complete this soothing side that will follow you throughout your game session. And with a 96% payout ratio and average volatility, there's little doubt that you'll be enchanted by Thunderkick: Well of Wonders

The different symbols of Well of Wonders

In the Well of Wonders slot, there are ten symbols, all of them representing stones, of different shapes and colors, and each bearing a symbol that can also be found on the well:

  • The blue stone, which can earn you up to eight times your original bet;

  • The green stone, which can bring you up to 10 times your initial stake;

  • The yellow stone, which can earn you up to 12 times your original bet;

  • The orange stone, which can earn you up to 15 times your original bet;

  • The violet stone, which can bring you up to 18 times your initial stake;

  • The red and orange stone, which can earn you up to 20 times your original bet.

Three of these stones can be considered as premium symbols, due to the presence of a jewel in the heart of these stones. These symbols are rarer but also and above all more profitable:

  • The green and blue stone, which can bring you up to 25 times your initial stake;

  • The yellow and green stone, which can earn you up to 30 times your original bet;

  • The red stone, on the other hand, can bring you up to 50 times your initial bet.

Below are the potential payouts for each symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

There is also a Wild symbol in this slot machine, represented by a stone with a W engraved in the middle. This symbol substitutes for any other symbol.

The different connections in Well of Wonders

Despite the omnipresent magic that emanates from the Well of Wonders slot machine, no magic will allow you to win money without making connections! The system used by Well of Wonders is quite particular and original. Here, there are not really classic reels as you can see on the majority of slot machines. On this machine, seven stones come out of the well and are placed in the air. In order to win, all you have to do is make three identical stones appear. This then triggers a respin, while increasing the multiplier, which you can see at the bottom of the pit. The more connections you make, the higher your multiplier will be. You start from the multiplier x1 and climb the different levels: x2, x4, x8, x16 and finally x32!

How the bonus works in Well of Wonders

Unfortunately, there is no bonus feature on the Well of Wonders slot. This is a small negative point, which is a pity, because there was a lot of room for a nice bonus game, given the universe. However, Thunderkick's slot machine does not leave you out in the cold. Indeed, there is a feature on Well of Wonders that will satisfy a large part of the players. What would an enchanted forest be without its share of fairies? Well, there is one in the Well of Wonders universe and it can be very useful. Here, a fairy can appear randomly and if no winnings are generated, she will use her magical powers to remove all the symbols on the screen and trigger a respin, while increasing the multiplier at the next level. Handy when you are only one level away from the coveted x32 multiplier!

Our opinion on Well of Wonders

The Swedish provider Thunderkick is known for thinking outside the box, regularly offering original slot machines, taking real risks. This is once again the case with Well of Wonders. The slot machine offers players a total immersion. One feels totally taken away in this enchanted forest, with its well of wonders and its magic stones. Add to this the very successful sound effects that are very much in line with the chosen universe and you get a relaxing and magical atmosphere that will please most of you. However, Well of Wonders still has some negative points. First of all, even if we can underline the originality of the gameplay, it runs out of steam quite quickly. It is unlikely that the most experienced players will spend much time on this slot machine. The lack of bonus features is also to be deplored, and the "Fairy" feature is certainly nice but does not make up for this lack. But Well of Wonders is still a decent slot machine, worth a try just for its originality. You can find the machine at our partners Arlequin, Banzai Slots or Casino Extra. And don't forget that you can always try Well of Wonders for free at Lucky7Bonus!

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🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Well of wonders ?


📈 What is the volatility of Well of wonders


💸 What is the RTP of Well of wonders


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Well of wonders ?


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