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ProviderRed Tiger
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How Viral Spiral works

In the world of online casinos, the various game providers are always looking for imagination to offer players ever more volatile, ever more lucrative slot machines with universes that are more original than the others! Sometimes, it also happens that these same providers decide, in order to offer players something never seen before, to try out some daring things in the development of their slot machines. This can be huge game grids with many reels, countless ways to make connections or even sky-high winning potentials. But here, the slot machine we are going to introduce to you today offers a huge counterbalance. Welcome to Viral Spiral, a slot machine from Red Tiger Gaming!

Released at the very beginning of April 2022, the Viral Spiral slot is already available on many online gaming platforms. Here, the slot takes us by surprise. Indeed, if on the graphics side, we are entitled to a very good result, as well as the sound atmosphere which is more than correct, the surprise comes mainly from the game grid. We are dealing here with something quite unusual in the world of online casinos.

Indeed, in an era where game grids are always bigger and more imposing, here we are facing only one reel, containing only one symbol! As a result, you won't have any features in the base game. As for the bonus, it's again a bit special. Indeed, there is no way to unlock free games on Viral Spiral, but a bonus is indeed present, and we'll talk about it in the dedicated section later in this Viral Spiral review.

Viral Spiral is a slot machine with what is considered to be high volatility, while its payout ratio (RTP) is 95.69%, which puts it below the average of slots on the market, which is 96%. As for the maximum payout, it is 5,000 times your original stake, which is a pretty decent jackpot.

The different symbols of Viral Spiral

Usually, when we talk about the different symbols that populate a slot, we are entitled to a fairly large number. Indeed, between the classic, premium, common, wilds and scatter symbols, you can easily find yourself with a dozen different symbols. But as we said, Red Tiger wanted to do something new with Viral Spiral!

And the least we can say is that the provider has succeeded in this challenge! Indeed, here you won't have any trouble mixing among all the symbols present because in reality, on Viral Spiral, there are only... two. Yes, yes, you read that right, only two symbols are present on the Red Tiger Gaming creation.

The first symbol is a yellow diamond symbol. And don't ask us how to connect it or how this symbol can earn you money, because it simply doesn't.

That's right! Because only the second symbol on Viral Spiral will really interest us here. This symbol is represented by several fruits with the words "Bonus Wheel" written underneath. We will discuss the characteristics of this symbol in the bonus section of Viral Spiral.

The connections in Viral Spiral

Today, there are so many different connection systems that providers are spoilt for choice! Between the classic fixed paylines, cascading connections, clustered connections and adjacent connections, you could say that all the possibilities have been done. But once again, Viral Spiral is very, very far from being a slot machine like the others, and it's going to be even more innovative by offering a slot that has NO way to connect. Of course, you only have two symbols, one of which has absolutely no use!

How the bonus works in Viral Spiral

As far as the bonus feature on Viral Spiral is concerned, this is what players will be focusing on, as this is the one and only way to make money on the Red Tiger slot. To access it, the "Bonus Wheel" symbol must appear. Viral Spiral also has a 'nudge' feature, which means that if the Bonus Wheel symbol does not appear in the base game, the reel can be 'nudged', thus triggering the feature.

During a spin, the reel rotates and can therefore only stop on one of two outcomes: a classic symbol that is worthless and does nothing, or the symbol with the "Bonus Wheel" written on it. If the spin stops on the latter, the associated function is activated and displayed on the screen. The Bonus Wheel contains eight segments: four of them are losing, while three have smaller prizes and one gold segment promises a larger payout.

On the first round of the Bonus Wheel, you will notice that the winning segments are larger than the losing segments, giving you a 75% chance of winning. If you land on a winning segment, all segments have their prizes increased on the wheel and you are faced with a choice: you can either collect your winnings or continue playing to the next wheel.

Please note that on the following Bonus Wheels, you only have a 50% chance of winning. If the wheel stops on the golden segment, the prizes on the following wheels have a higher amount than if they fall on a segment with a smaller prize. If the wheel lands on a non-winning segment, players lose and return to the base game empty-handed.

In total, you can play up to three times. The minimum reward offered by the wheel is 15 times the stake, while the maximum is 5,000 times your original stake, the maximum payout for this slot. Note that the maximum reward of 5,000 times can only be achieved if the needle is on the golden segments of the jackpot for each spin.

Our opinion on Viral Spiral

Of course, one cannot remain indifferent to a slot machine like Viral Spiral. After all, this is not the best thing about Red Tiger Gaming's creation. Indeed, if graphically the slot does the job, as well as on the sound effects, the gameplay still leaves relatively perplexed.

The base game is present, but it is not abusive to say that it is simply useless. Indeed, the base game can't bring you anything in terms of winnings, however, it is obviously the one that will allow you to access the bonus feature, based solely on the gamble. This bonus feature is your best chance of winning the maximum payout of this slot, which is 5,000 times your original bet.

Viral Spiral by Red Tiger Gaming is a slot with a high volatility and an RTP of 95.69%, which puts it well below the average slot on the market. Note that you can try the Viral Spiral slot for free at Lucky7Bonus.

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📈 What is the volatility of Viral Spiral


💸 What is the RTP of Viral Spiral


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Viral Spiral ?


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