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Free slot: Treasure Wild

Provider : Pragmatic Play

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ProviderPragmatic Play
Creation year2021

How Treasure Wild works

Treasure Wild is a slot game developed and published by the online gaming provider Pragmatic Play. In recent months, this provider has become the most popular slot maker in the community, thanks to its iconic creations and a very high work rate compared to its competitors. This slot machine has been available at the vast majority of online casinos since the end of September 2021. The graphics of Treasure Wild take us to a mysterious room with thousands of gold coins. Will you be able to avoid the many obstacles that will be in your way and collect the entire treasure? This slot has a classic format, with 5 reels of 3 symbols. To win on Treasure Wild, you will need to see identical symbol connections appear on the predefined paylines that this slot contains. To help you with this, there is a wooden chest symbol. It serves as a wild, which means that it has the ability to substitute for all symbols except the gold coins, allowing you to make connections more easily. A very interesting bonus round is present in this online game, we will come back to this one a little bit later.

The Treasure Wild slot machine has many features that will considerably enhance your base game experience. Indeed, on some slots, the pay spins can sometimes be boring. The opposite is true here, with the Money Collection feature featuring gold coins with different values. The principle of this feature is very simple. To collect the valuable coins, they will have to appear together with a wild symbol, which has the ability to collect the gold coins. You will therefore win the total amount of coins present during that pay round on the grid. The value of these agent symbols ranges from 0.5 times to 50 times your original bet.

Treasure Wild Symbols

In addition to the special symbols mentioned above, there are many symbols in Treasure Wild that you need to connect to win. The value of these symbols is predefined according to their frequency of appearance. There are two distinct categories in this slot: classic symbols and premium symbols. Classic symbols appear much more often, so they are much easier to connect. However, these are the symbols that have the lowest payout. They are represented by the highest values in a pack of cards, i.e. Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The following image shows the payout range for each classic symbol in Treasure Wild. The values shown are for a starting bet of $1 but will of course be the same in Euros.

Premium symbols are much more difficult to match as they appear more rarely. On the other hand, they are the symbols with the highest value. They are represented by objects reminiscent of gold and lust, among which we find :

  • The gold and pearl bracelet

  • The golden chalice

  • The gold chain and pendant

  • The bag filled with precious stones

  • the gold crown

The following image shows the value of each premium symbol in the Treasure Wild slot game (€1 bet).

The different connections of Treasure Wild

As you can see, Treasure Wild contains many features that will allow you to win in several different ways. The simplest solution is of course to see connections of identical symbols appear. But be careful, these symbols must not be placed anywhere on the grid! In fact, for a connection to be valid, the symbols must be aligned on one of the many paylines provided for this purpose. There are 20 connection lines on the Treasure Wild slot machine, which you can see in the following image. Please note that the grid in this slot is read exclusively from left to right and that only the maximum win per line is paid out.

How the Treasure Wild bonus works

Like the vast majority of slot machines from this provider, Treasure Wild allows its users to access a bonus feature in which free spins are awarded. There are no scatter symbols here. In fact, to get these free spins, at least 5 gold coins must appear. The number of value symbols collected will not affect the number of free spins. In fact, you will receive 9 free spins during which it is not possible to retrigger.

Treasure Wild also allows impatient players to purchase the bonus features of this slot machine directly. The prize for these free spins will be between 100 times and 200 times your original bet. There are 12 different options to choose from. The difference between these options is the variation in the number of gold coins you will start the bonus with.

  • 100 times your stake: 9 free spins + 5 gold coins

  • 110 times your starting stake: 9 free spins + 6 gold coins

  • 120 times your stake: 9 free spins + 7 gold coins

  • 130 times your stake: 9 free spins + 8 gold coins

  • 140 times your stake: 9 free spins + 9 gold coins

  • 150 times your stake: 9 free spins + 10 gold coins

  • 160 times your stake: 9 free spins + 11 gold coins

  • 170 times your stake: 9 free spins + 12 gold coins

  • 180 times your stake: 9 free spins + 13 gold coins

  • 190 times your stake: 9 free spins + 14 gold coins

  • 200 times your stake: 9 free spins + 15 gold coins

More indecisive players also have the option of letting the slot machine randomly choose a number of gold coins for them by selecting the last option. This choice will cost you 150 times the original bet.

Once the bonus is earned, all coins that appear on the grid are collected in a chest on the right side of the slot. During free spins, each gold coin that appears is added to the total amount in this box. As soon as a wild symbol appears, it will collect the value of the famous chest on the right side of the grid and add to your total winnings. If multiple wilds appear simultaneously, then the total sum of the chest will be collected multiple times.

Our review of Treasure Wild

As usual, Pragmatic Play has delivered a top-notch creation with the Treasure Wild slot. The graphics are very well done and the scenery is neat and features gold coins as far as the eye can see. It's no coincidence that gold and wealth are at the centre of this slot. Indeed, this online game can allow you to win huge amounts of money. Firstly, the base game is very well thought out, with a feature called Money Collection allowing you to collect the valuable coins present on this slot if they appear along with a wild. Then, the bonus function will truly revolutionize the slot machine universe since the principle of free spins in Treasure Wild is quite original for a slot with a classic appearance. Finally, the buy-in bonus feature, which is popular with players all over the world, allows you to buy in to the free spins directly and there are several options to choose from. The Treasure Wild slot has a theoretical payout ratio (RTP) of 96.53% and a maximum potential payout of up to 4,500 times your original bet!

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📈 What is the volatility of Treasure Wild


💸 What is the RTP of Treasure Wild


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Treasure Wild ?


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