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How Toki Time works

Do you know the kawai culture? Yes, this culture which comes straight from Japan and which puts forward animals represented in the most cute way possible? It's the kawai that gave us cult characters of the Japanese culture like Hello Kitty for example! Well, if you like the kawai culture, then you will be delighted to play on Toki Time! Toki Time is a slot released in 2014 by Swedish provider Thunderkick and features Toki, cute and colorful little monsters. And these little creatures are going to be your best friends in your quest for the jackpot, which on this slot machine amounts to 1,130 times your starting bet! The graphics and sound effects of the slot are just like its colorful characters and offer a very entertaining gaming experience that will suit mainly players who are new to online casino. And with a 97% payout ratio and average volatility, the jackpot opportunities will be there at Toki Time!

The different symbols of Toki Time

In Toki Time, there are eight different symbols, which are obviously in perfect adequacy with the universe approached by the slot machine. There are two types of symbols in Toki Time. First of all, there are the common symbols, which are less profitable but appear more often. They are represented by small Toki monsters of different colors:

  • The Yellow Toki, which can earn you up to twice your original bet;

  • The Blue Toki, which can pay you up to 2.5 times your original bet;

  • The Green Toki, which can earn you up to three times your original bet;

  • The Red Toki, which can pay you up to 4.5 times your original bet;

  • The purple Toki, the highest paying monster, which can pay you up to 6 times your original bet.

There are also two symbols that can be considered premium. These symbols are rarer but can earn you much more money! They are represented this way:

  • The Rainbow Cloud, which can pay you up to 12 times your original bet;

  • The shooting star, the highest paying symbol in this slot, which can pay you up to 24 times your original bet.

Below you can find the potential payouts for each symbol in relation to a bet of one euro.

Toki Time has a Wild symbol, represented by a sheep. This symbol is handy because it can substitute for any symbol! In the Thunderkick slot, the Wild symbol can appear on the second and fourth reels. Moreover, this symbol is what we call an "expended wild", which means that it takes the whole reel on which it appears. But that's not all! The wild symbol also has a little bonus feature, which we will discuss later in this review.

The different connections in Toki Time

There's no secret about Toki Time, if you want to win on the Swedish provider's slot machine, you're going to have to make connections! Here, the slot has three lines, five reels and 11 paylines, which you can find below.

To make a connection and win money, you will have to align a minimum of three identical symbols, on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost one... but not only! And yes, a little subtlety on Toki Time, the connections are made from left to right but also from right to left, starting from the rightmost reel! This gives you more opportunities to make connections and win more! You can bet between 0.10 and 100 euros on this slot machine.

How the bonus works in Toki Time

On Toki Time, there is a small bonus feature, closely related to the Wild symbol, which we mentioned earlier in this review. In fact, to trigger this bonus feature, all you need to do is to make a wild symbol appear on the second or fourth reel. If you manage to make a win with the symbol, it will stay in place and trigger a respin on the other reels. Note that the respins continue as long as you manage to make connections, and only stop once there are no more.

Unfortunately, this is the only bonus feature present on the slot machine. And yes, there are no free spins on Toki Time, no scatter symbols, no bonus game, nothing. A small negative point to put to the credit of the slot machine.

Our opinion on Toki Time

All in all, Toki Time is a rather pleasant slot machine, on which it is quite possible to spend a good time. However, this Thunderkick slot quickly becomes repetitive. Indeed, its gameplay remains quite simplistic. No multiplier, no bonus game including free spins, only a wild symbol which is your best ally in your quest for the jackpot. That's why we recommend Toki Time mainly to players who are new to online casinos, as the gameplay will allow them to assimilate the functioning of the machine quite quickly. More experienced players will easily get bored with this slot. After, graphically, the game is successful and the sound effects are in adequacy with the approached universe. If you want to give Toki Time a try, you can try it for free at Lucky7Bonus!

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📈 What is the volatility of Toki Time


💸 What is the RTP of Toki Time


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Toki Time ?


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