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Free slot: Sugar Pop

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Creation year2013

How Sugar Pop works

Join a colorful world where you're on the verge of a sugar overdose as you gorge on candy! Sugar Pop doesn't skimp on the means and will allow you to hit the jackpot at the risk of breaking your teeth...

Sugar Pop is a slot machine developed and published by the online game provider BetSoft. Originally launched in 2013, this slot has quickly become known and is now available at most online casinos in the market. With a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 97.6%, Sugar Pop ranks well above the average slot machine. Its volatility is considered to be very high, despite the fact that no maximum winnings are advertised by the provider. When launching this slot, you land on a 5x5 grid with 5 reels, each with 5 symbols. By making connections with these symbols, you will get winnings, original features and experience to climb the different levels of the game! There are 3 features that can be triggered at any time, but especially as soon as you enter this slot machine:

  • Super Color occurs when a connection of 4 identical symbols is made. The symbols used then merge to form a super symbol surrounded by a frame and with a x2 win multiplier. If this super symbol is used in a connection with symbols of the same family, the winnings will be multiplied by 2

  • Color Bomb occurs when a connection of at least 5 identical symbols is made. The symbols used then merge to form a color bomb. If the Color Bomb is used in a payline with symbols of the same family, all symbols of the same color on the grid will explode.

  • Lollipop -> This feature is one of the mini bonuses to unlock that we will talk about later. Its particularity is that it is available from level 1, which corresponds to your arrival in the game. When this special lollipop symbol appears on the grid and no new connections are available, all the symbols are deleted in order to reset the grid and get potential new connections

The different symbols of Sugar Pop

There are 7 pay symbols, each represented by a different colored and shaped candy, and their value is correlated to their rarity: the rarer the candy, the more it will pay you in the event of a winning connection. Unlike many slot machines, the value of a connection on Sugar Pop is calculated for each symbol. You simply multiply this value by the number of symbols used in the connection:

  • The red round candy pays 0.4x the original bet for each candy connected

  • The blue tube-shaped candy pays 0.3x the starting stake for each candy connected

  • The green pentagon-shaped candy pays 0.24x the starting stake for each connected candy

  • Yellow egg-shaped candy pays 0.2x the original bet for each connected candy

  • Orange square candy pays 0.16x the original bet for each connected candy

  • Triangular-shaped purple candy pays 0.12x the original stake for each connected candy

  • Pink heart-shaped candy pays 0.08x the starting stake for each connected candy

In the image above you can see each candy and its value in relation to a €1 bet.

The different connections in Sugar Pop

In order to win in Sugar Pop, you will need to make paying connections using a simple principle. Indeed, you will not find any predefined paylines in this slot. The connections are made in the form of clusters. In other words, you must have groups of at least 3 identical symbols for a connection to be valid. The symbols must be in horizontal or vertical contact. With each winning connection, the used symbols are removed from the grid to make room for new symbols that cascade down. This system, called tumble, allows you to make a series of potential connections during the same game round. In the image below, you can see some examples of paying connections to understand this system more easily.

Sugar Pop Bonus Features

Sugar Pop does not have a free spins bonus, but rather an original system of mini bonuses linked to a progressive level system. We talked to you about these mini bonuses with the Lollipop available from level 1. Indeed, by playing this slot machine and making paying connections, you get experience that fills the gauge placed on the right of the grid. When this gauge fills up, you gain an extra level which allows you to unlock new special candies and new visual themes.

A bonus pattern is also visible on the left side of the grid. By transferring the figure presented on the cells of the grid, you obtain the boxes to be validated. By making a paid connection on the cells corresponding to the pattern, they turn purple. When the pattern is completed, you get a bonus of 1,200 experience points and a new pattern is assigned to you. The boxes are not reset between each round. Here are the different mini bonuses obtained by climbing the levels:

  • Level 1 and above -> Lollipop

  • Level 2 and up -> Caramel Chew. When this candy appears on the grid, it will move randomly until it leaves the screen, all candies on its way are removed

  • Level 4 and up -> White Chocolate. This candy throws almonds and explodes candies on the grid to trigger wins

  • Level 6 and up -> Gumdrop. The gummy candy sucks up a random number of candies before exploding.

  • Level 8 and up -> Jawbreaker. This candy still in the wrapper destroys symbols near it by jumping out of position.

  • Level 10 and up -> Candy Cane. This candy cane explodes all symbols on its reel and row.

  • Level 12 and up -> Jelly Beans. These colorful candies will shoot between 1 and 3 projectiles, exploding a random area and triggering wins

  • Level 15 and up -> Chocolate. A 3x3 area surrounds this symbol and turns into chocolate, creating a large connection

  • Level 20 and up -> Cotton Candy. A cotton candy tornado blows across the grid to trigger big wins

  • Level 21 and up -> Peanut Butter Cup. Between 7 and 12 candies are randomly selected on the grid, which then turn into the same symbol

Our review of Sugar Pop

With a sweet, colorful and explosive universe, a lot of features and an original level system, Sugar Pop could have been an incredible success. The success was not what was expected with the release of this slot machine, although it is appreciated by some players. The features, although represented by original animations, are perhaps too redundant and a real free spins bonus would have been welcome. Still, if you're not diabetic, you can enjoy some spins on Sugar Pop!

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📈 What is the volatility of Sugar Pop


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📈 What is the volatility of Sugar Pop


💸 What is the RTP of Sugar Pop


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Sugar Pop ?


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