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Free slot: Starburst XXXtreme

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Creation year2021

How Starburst XXXTreme works

During 2012, the creator of slot machines NetEnt decided to release a new creation named: Starburst. The latter, whose graphics and animations are of very good quality for the time when it is offered to online casino players, is directly appreciated by players. At the heart of the universe is the starting grid. The principle of the slot machine is very simple to understand: every time a wild appears, it spreads over the entire column and you are awarded a new free spin. A few years later, NetEnt has decided to give a new lease of life to one of its most popular slots. On July 15, 2021, a new version of Starburst was introduced to gamblers: Starburst XXXTreme. The starting grid is similar to the old one, as it consists of 3 horizontal rows and 5 vertical columns. There are 9 paylines and no bonus features in the game. The theme chosen is close to the old one, a slot grid that is set in the middle of the universe and whose graphics and animations are very similar to the old version.

The different symbols of Starburst XXXTreme

Starburst XXXTreme is a slot machine that consists of 7 different symbols. First of all you have 2 premium symbols. These are called premium symbols because they appear less often than the other symbols, but pay you more. They are represented by :

  • A symbol where it says "BAR";

  • The number 7 in a blue circle.

To know the value of these two symbols, please refer to the following screen. The value displayed is for a starting bet of €2. Then there are 5 non premium symbols. As you might expect, these are so called because they appear more often than the premium symbols, but pay less when they connect. They are represented by gems:

  • A yellow gemstone;

  • A green gemstone.

This is followed by three other gems:

  • One in orange;

  • One blue;

  • One in purple.

In the following screen, the value displayed is also for a starting bet of €2.

The different connections of Starburst XXXTreme

As mentioned in the presentation of Starburst XXXTreme it is a classic grid slot. As such, there are only 9 different paylines in this slot. To find out where each line is located, please refer to the following screen. For a connection to occur, a symbol must appear at least once on the first three columns of your slot as well as on a payline. The further a symbol goes on a connecting line, the bigger your final win will be.

It is important to note that the connections on the Starburst XXXTreme slot machine only work from left to right.

How the Starburst XXXTreme bonus works

Unfortunately for players who like bonus features, Starburst XXXTreme has none. In fact, only a respin feature is present in this machine. To trigger it, you'll need to get at least one star symbol of any colour on columns 2, 3 or 4 of your slot machine. A multiplier will also increase your final win. This varies from x2, x3, x5, x10, x25, x50, x100, x150.

It is also possible that during your free spin a second symbol will appear. The multiplier of the new line will be added to the previous one. As soon as the second symbol appears, you will be awarded a new free spin.

Finally, when you spin, you can also get three symbols. These will spread across the entire columns and the multipliers in each column will add up to a final multiplier. You are also awarded a new free spin.

You can spice up your payouts. For every 10 times your initial bet, you'll get a guaranteed Starburst symbol and an extra free spin. To drastically increase the volatility of the slot, you will be able to pay up to 95 times your original bet to get at least 2 starburst symbols on a single spin as well as get an extra free spin.

Our opinion on Starburst XXXTreme

One thing is for sure, Starburst XXXTreme is a slot that will be talked about for years to come. First of all, even though it is a very classic slot machine, it is worth mentioning the work on the design and the animations of this slot machine. Even though there are no bonus features in the game, this is a slot that will keep you on your toes every time you play. Indeed, Starburst XXXTreme is a slot with explosive volatility, as you can win up to 200,000 times your initial bet. A colossal sum that can be reached on each round of play in the base game. As far as the RTP (theoretical return to player) is concerned, it is 96.26%, which is very high for a slot machine that can make you win so much money. Starburst XXXTreme is very simple to play, it's a slot that can win you a huge jackpot on any given spin and has an RTP that is well within the average slot machine range. NetEnt has been slow to release a 2.0 version of one of its most popular slots, but this slot is going to be making a lot of noise in the coming weeks and months to say the least.

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🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Starburst XXXtreme ?


📈 What is the volatility of Starburst XXXtreme


💸 What is the RTP of Starburst XXXtreme


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Starburst XXXtreme ?


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