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Free slot: Star Bounty

Provider : Pragmatic Play

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ProviderPragmatic Play
Creation year2020

How Star Bounty works

The Star Bounty slot machine was created by provider Pragmatic Play and deployed in online casinos on September 3, 2020. Through an intergalactic journey, your path will be fraught with pitfalls from unscrupulous space pirates. At the end of this journey, new stars/planets filled with new riches are to be discovered.

Star Bounty is a 4 by 6 cascading slot filled with symbols connecting left to right and adjacent to each other.

With an RTP of 96.6 % and high volatility, you can win up to 25 000 times your bet.

The different symbols in Star Bounty

Several payment symbols are available on Star Bounty. These are divided into four different categories:

  • Minor symbols: They are represented by the jack, queen, king, and ace, and pay in different ways depending on their rarity.

  • Major symbols: They are represented by glyphs of different colors, and pay differently depending on their rarity.

  • Premium symbols: They are represented by galactic travelers, and pay differently depending on their rarity.

  • Wild Symbol: It is represented by a colored jewel and can replace any of the symbols shown above. They can only appear on rolls 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

The different connections in Star Bounty

Star Bounty is a cascading slot machine with adjacent connections. In order to make a payout, you need at least three of the same symbols that connect left to right on the first three reels. Each connection makes the connected symbols disappear and after each connection, new symbols land on top of the grid to fill in the holes created. The round continues until there is no more possible connection.

On the game grid, there are a total of 4,096 possible connection paths.

On Star Bounty, in addition to the cascade feature, there is another feature called "Missile Feature" to make the game a little more interesting. Randomly, during a game turn, a missile can land on the game grid and distribute a random number of wilds symbols on the game grid between reels 2 and 4.

How the Star Bounty bonus works

To get the Star Bounty bonus you need to get at least three "Free Spins" symbols in a single round of play. This will start a mini-game before the bonus game.

This mini-game is simply the game grid emptied of all payment symbols and leaving only the "Free Spins" symbols where they landed. Then take turns to get more Free Spins symbols. Each "Free Spins" symbol gives you an extra free spin. As long as at least one symbol per spin lands on the game board, the mini-game continues. When a round does not award a Free Spins symbol then the bonus game starts. The bonus game is similar to the basic game, except that the "Missile Feature" feature can distribute classic wilds symbols as well as wilds symbols with a random multiplier between 2 and 3. It is also possible to get more free spins: each "Free Spins" symbol that appears during the bonus game grants an additional free spin.

This bonus game can be purchased for 75 times your bet. This will cause three to six "Free Spins" symbols to appear on the game board.

Our opinion on Star Bounty

We can say that Star Bounty from Pragmatic Play is a pleasant surprise. Several factors play a part in this success, such as the graphics and the soundtrack used to accentuate the science fiction theme. As far as the gameplay is concerned, apart from the oddly shaped game grid, nothing much changes from the usual slot machines. The stunt system is very well known in the industry, but what can also change would be the "Missile Feature" feature that makes the game a little more interesting both during the basic game and during the bonus game. Even though Star Bounty does not bring any big changes to the online casino world, Pragmatic Play has managed to put this slot machine in the spotlight thanks to its perfectly crafted graphics and soundtrack.

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📈 What is the volatility of Star Bounty


💸 What is the RTP of Star Bounty


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Star Bounty ?


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