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Free slot: Spinfinity Man

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Creation year2019

How Spinfinity Man works

Welcome to Metropolis! The city has been taken over by the terrible villain: Mr. X and the superhero Spinfinity Man is counting on you to help him face his nemesis in a merciless battle.

Spinfinity Man is a slot game developed and published by the online gaming provider Betsoft. It is available at most online casinos offering this provider since June 11, 2019. Its payout rate to the player ranks it in the average slot machine with 95.8%, its volatility is high while its maximum winning potential will not allow you to win more than 1,000 times the starting bet. The grid is a 7x7 square format with 49 symbols. The 7 reels are triggered and show 7 symbols each. Getting clusters of identical symbols adjacent to each other makes it possible to win on this slot. The tumble feature allows for multiple cascading connections in a single game round. There are several features available in Spinfinity Man in addition to a free spins bonus that is earned by collecting Scatters as you spin. In fact, every time the Spinfinity Man symbol appears on the grid, one of his 5 superpowers is triggered:

  • Laser Eye Beam: Spinfinity Man makes all symbols in 2 rows or 2 columns from his location disappear;

  • Double Laser Eye Beam: Spinfinity Man makes all symbols in 2 rows AND 2 columns disappear from his location;

  • Icy Blast : Spinfinity Man makes all the symbols disappear in an area of one square from its location;

  • Double Icy Man : Spinfinity Man makes all the symbols disappear in an area of 2 squares from its location;

  • Telepathy : Spinfinity Man makes all the symbols of the same type on the grid disappear.

In addition to Spinfinity Man's powers, the Fan Girl can intervene on the grid. When you manage to make 5 connections in a single spin, the Fan Girl appears and destroys a random number of symbols on the grid, guaranteeing a win.

It is also possible to flip a coin for each win. Choose the Double Up option and select one side of the coin. The coin is tossed and the result affects your winnings. You can choose to bet half or all of your winnings. If you lose, your bet disappears, if you win, you double your bet.

Spinfinity Man Symbols

In addition to the Super Wild, and the Scatter in the form of Mr. X, there are 8 symbols in Spinfinity Man and they are classified into 3 categories according to their rarity:

  • The very high value symbol is represented by the white crystals. It will reward you with 0.6x the starting bet for each symbol used in a payline;

  • High value symbols, also called premiums, are represented by the orange, purple and blue crystals. They are quite rare and pay between 0.3x and 0.4x your original bet for each symbol used in a payline;

  • Low value symbols, otherwise known as common symbols, are represented by the high values in a deck of cards. They appear often, but pay between 0.1x and 0.2x your original bet for each symbol used in a payout.

Below are the potential payouts for each symbol in relation to a €1 bet.

The Different Connections in Spinfinity Man

There are many different ways to connect in Spinfinity Man. Indeed, there are no predefined paylines in this slot machine. You have to connect at least 4 identical symbols adjacent to each other, either vertically or horizontally. This system is called clustering. With each payout connection, the used symbols are destroyed and disappear from the grid to let new symbols cascade down from above. This tumble system allows you to potentially make multiple paying connections in a single game round.

How the Spinfinity Man bonus works

On the payout spins, Scatter symbols, represented by Mr X, can appear anywhere on the grid. They are then collected in a counter on the right side of the grid. When this counter is filled, you get the free spins bonus. Get 10 Scatters with the same bet to trigger the bonus free spins. If you change your bet during the game, your progress is saved on the bet used and you have to start collecting Scatter again.

Once the grail is reached, the city is set on fire as Spinfinity Man and Mr X clash, you are awarded 10 free spins and the bonus game can begin. On the grid, the Superhero is replaced by his nemesis, but his powers are similar. Like his nemesis, Mr X can destroy columns, rows or both. He can delete symbols around him on a larger or smaller radius and he can also delete all symbols of the same kind on the grid. The special thing about this symbol is that it gives you an extra free spin every time it appears, allowing you to retrigger without limits.

Our review of Spinfinity Man

Betsoft offers an original slot game with Spinfinity Man. The theme is fun, the graphics are good and the animations are well done. The volatility is high, the features are numerous and original although the bonus and the base game are very similar. Unfortunately, the maximum winning potential leaves a bit to be desired, but the real downside of this slot is its sound effects. The rarest symbol is accompanied by an extremely disturbing sound that will force all players to turn off the volume after a few spins.

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🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Spinfinity Man ?


📈 What is the volatility of Spinfinity Man


💸 What is the RTP of Spinfinity Man


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Spinfinity Man ?


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