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How Spiña Colada works

In the world of online casino, it has become a habit to see the different providers of online games redouble their efforts to offer slot machines always more volatile, with potential gains always more colossal but especially with a certain originality to please a maximum of players. It can be historical periods, pop culture symbols... in short, everything can be used as long as the universe is respected. The slot machine we are going to talk about today has tried something rather daring by basing itself on a famous cocktail. Welcome to Spiña Colada, a slot machine by Yggdrasil Gaming!

Released during the month of June 2017, the Spiña Colada slot takes you to a little piece of paradise, in the sun, feet in the water, in a bar where in addition to a cocktail, you will be able to leave with very nice amounts of money! Graphically, the slot is rather pretty, the animations are efficient but one of the strong points of this slot is its sound effects, which make you feel like on vacation. The starting grid is quite classic, although relatively small, as it is composed of five columns each containing three symbols. Features are present in the base game, and it will also be possible to unlock free spins on Spiña Colada.

There are four features present in the basic game. The first is the 2nd Chance feature, which allows you to get between 1 and 2 winning symbols and a winning symbol when the spin was supposed to end. The second feature in the base game is the Full Line feature. It allows you to start a spin with a guaranteed connection of 5 identical symbols. The third feature is Extra Wilds, which allows you to get a spin with two guaranteed wild symbols. The fourth and final feature of Spiña Colada is the Guaranteed Win x 3, which offers you respins until you get a win, which will be multiplied by 3!

Spiña Colada is a slot with a medium to high volatility, while the payout ratio (RTP) is 96.30%, which puts it slightly above the average of slots on the market. As for the maximum payout, it is 3,000 times your original bet, which is a nice jackpot to try and hit.

The different symbols of Spiña Colada

Spiña Colada by Yggdrasil Gaming is a slot machine that has several symbols, which perfectly respect the universe it deals with and which can be separated into two categories: common symbols and premium symbols. There is also a wild symbol, represented by a logo with the name of the slot. As with most slot machines, it can be used as a substitute for any other symbol.

There are also the different symbols that you will have to connect in order to make wins. First of all, you have the common symbols, of which there are five. These symbols are considered as such, because they are the ones that appear much more frequently, but have a less interesting payout as a result. They are represented by different fruits:

  • Watermelon

  • Pineapple

  • The kiwi

  • The orange

  • The strawberry

Below is a screen showing the potential payouts for each common symbol, based on a bet of one euro.

Then there are the premium symbols, of which there are only three. The reason why these symbols are considered as such is that, unlike the common symbols, they appear much less regularly, but have a much more interesting payout. They are represented by different cocktails:

  • The green cocktail

  • The blue cocktail

  • The pink cocktail

As with the common symbols, below is a screen showing the potential winnings for each premium symbol, again based on a bet of one euro.

The connections in Spiña Colada

As you may have noticed, the Spiña Colada slot machine has a relatively small and rather classic starting grid. As a result, one would think that the connection system would be just as small. Indeed, at first sight, the connection system of the slot signed by Yggdrasil Gaming seems to be quite classic, with its 25 fixed paylines, which you can find on the screen below.

But all the originality is shown when you make a connection. In order to do this, the same symbol must appear at least once on all three columns of your starting grid as well as on a connecting line. The farther your symbol goes on a payline, the bigger your win. But that's not all! Because every time you make a connection, the symbols involved will freeze and trigger a respin! And the respins continue as long as you manage to get more frozen symbols. Also try to fill consecutive columns from the left to see your winnings multiply! Please note that connections in Spiña Colada only work from left to right.

How the bonus works in Spiña Colada

As it was said before in the introduction of this Spiña Colada review, you will be able to win free games in this slot by Yggdrasil. To access this bonus feature, all you need to do is collect four chips from one of the features present in the base game, the progress of which you can see at the bottom of the grid.

Once this is done, you access the bonus feature, which runs exactly like the basic game, and are played with the average value of the bets used when collecting the chips.

However, you will have to be patient to access the bonus game of Spiña Colada because it is simply not possible to buy the bonus feature.

Our opinion on Spiña Colada

At Yggdrasil Gaming, the experience on one of their slot machines is very often synonymous with fun, great graphics and animations and above all can be relatively lucrative if luck is on your side. And Spiña Colada is a new proof of all the work and seriousness provided by the provider's teams.

The gameplay is simple and effective, the graphics and animations are totally successful, as well as the sound effects, all of which makes for a very refreshing cocktail. The features present in the basic game are quite interesting. However, we would have appreciated a bigger risk on the bonus feature, which remains very classic. The maximum win of Spiña Colada is rather correct, since it amounts to 3,000 times your starting bet.

Spiña Colada by Yggdrasil Gaming is a slot with a medium to high volatility. As for the RTP, it is 96.30%, which ranks the slot machine slightly above the average of the slots on the market. Note that you can test Spiña Colada for free directly at Lucky7Bonus.

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📈 What is the volatility of Spiña Colada


💸 What is the RTP of Spiña Colada


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Spiña Colada ?


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