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Free slot: Return to Paris

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Creation year2021

How Return to Paris works

A return to Paris ? What's that? Indeed, most players will have forgotten or simply don't know it, but one of the first successes of the provider Betsoft was the slot machine A Night in Paris released in 2011. This return to Paris represents the continuation of that creation, 10 years later.

The thief and the security guard are back in a game of cat and mouse where the valuables of the Louvre will be mishandled to the delight of players. Collect the works of art and watch the two characters battle it out for the jackpot! Return to Paris is a slot machine developed and published by the online games provider Betsoft. Very active on the online gambling market, you will be able to find this provider on a very large number of online casinos and this latest creation will be available from October 28th 2021. Stake casino players can already play it in advance. The player payout ratio (PPR) of this slot machine ranks it as average with 96.06%, while the volatility is also considered average. The maximum winning potential follows this format, with the possibility of winning up to 1,056 times your starting bet alone. The Return to Paris starting grid features a classic slightly expanded format with 5 reels consisting of 4 symbols each. These symbols appear randomly on the reels and the objective will be to connect them on paylines in order to make wins. The game works in a classic way, but fortunately there are several special features in this game. The Wild, which you probably know, replaces all the paying symbols to make connections easier, a free spins bonus which we will reveal later is also present in Return to Paris. But that's not all: the thief and the security guard are at the heart of this slot's operation! Indeed, as soon as a thief symbol appears on the grid, he will move on one of the adjacent symbols in order to steal it while leaving a paying symbol behind him. The stolen symbol is then added to his collection under the grid. In the grid, all symbols in the game are displayed with a multiplier starting at x1. For each stolen symbol, the multiplier of this symbol will increase by 1, but the classic connections of this symbol on the grid will not be affected.

This is where the security guard has a role to play, as soon as he appears on the grid, he will look for stolen objects in the symbols adjacent to his position. If he finds one, he will then retrieve it and take it back to the museum by moving to his square while leaving a paying symbol behind. The retrieved symbol then pays as a 3-slot pay connection by adding the multiplier corresponding to the number of times the symbol was stolen. The multiplier is then reset to x1. A thief and a security guard can appear simultaneously on the grid at most. They take turns if they are not on adjacent positions. However, as soon as the thief and the security guard come into contact, the problems begin. Their conflict triggers a huge explosion that turns both characters and all adjacent symbols into Wilds, creating, in most cases, a fairly large payout connection.

The different symbols in Return to Paris

In addition to the thief, the security guard and the wild, you will come across 8 different symbols in Return to Paris. They are classified into 2 distinct categories according to their rarity:

  • High value symbols are called premiums, they appear less often, but their connections pay off strongly. They are represented by a diamond, a crown, a statue and a gold vase

  • Low value symbols are common symbols. They appear much more often, but in return their connections pay much less. They are represented by the high values of a deck of cards (J-Q-K-A)

In the image above, the different symbols show their potential payouts according to the size of the connection. The bet used in this screen is 1 euro per round.

The different connections in Return to Paris

There are many different connections available in Return to Paris. Indeed, 20 paylines are predefined in this slot. Whether it's single lines, diagonals or keys, you'll need to line up at least 3 identical symbols on one of these structures in order to win. Connections are valid from left to right only, which means that the first reel must always be used in the connection for it to be valid. In the image below, you will find the 20 different predefined paylines in Return to Paris.

How the Return to Paris Bonus Works

The free spins bonus we mentioned earlier can only be earned in one way: 3 Scatters must appear on the grid. Represented by a rather strange version of the Mona Lisa, these symbols can only occupy one slot on reels 2, 3 and 4, so there's no way you can get extra by getting more Scatters than you need. The bonus starts with the thief and the security guard present at 2 ends of the grid. The first one keeps stealing symbols during each free spin while the agent also moves one square randomly in search of the thief.

The multipliers of the symbols in the collection increase with each spin, but this is of little use since our favorite security guard doesn't take them back to the museum. As long as the two characters do not meet, the bonus continues and can reach a total of 1,000 free spins! When the security guard lands on a square adjacent to the thief, he will take one of the adjacent symbols back to the museum, finally applying the multiplier before moving closer to the thief. The bonus finally stops, as the thief is imprisoned and all the other symbols in the collection are returned to the museum (their multipliers return to the value x1). It is not possible to purchase the Return to Paris feature.

Our review of Return to Paris

Return to Paris is an interesting machine. It is original thanks to its operation and the theme used is not so common. The functionality of the thief and the security guard is well done, but its potential remains rather weak. Finally, a large connection of Wilds often pay more than the majority of symbols, even with multipliers. The graphics are still of high quality and the world will certainly appeal to many players ready to play cat and mouse!

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📈 What is the volatility of Return to Paris


💸 What is the RTP of Return to Paris


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Return to Paris ?


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