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Free slot: Pizza!, Pizza?, Pizza!

Provider : Reel Kingdom

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ProviderReel Kingdom
Creation year2022

How to play Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! 

Reel Kingdom is a provider that has made a habit of releasing slot machines that are unique, to say the least. All Big Bass games are a creation of this company. As of December 12, 2022, Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! is available at online casinos. 

This game is absolutely unique in the world, since the starting grid is ... a slice of pizza. To understand it, please look at the following screen. You will be able to play from 0,20 euro to 100 euro per round. 

A wagering feature will allow you to increase your chances of getting the free games. This will cost you 50% more than your initial stake.  

The feeling while playing this slot is very strange. It seems at the same time: not pleasant, incomprehensible and very volatile. 

Connections are only made from the bottom up. For a symbol to connect, it must appear at least once on your first two/three lines from the bottom.  

No matter where the symbols are from top to bottom, they connect within them. The more times it appears, the bigger your final payout will be. 


10 symbols are available in this game. They are divided into two categories:  

  • Premiums (5, the most profitable) 

  • The non-premiums (5, the least profitable) 

The following screen shows the values of each symbol for a starting bet of 1 euro. 


Special features  péciales  

3 scatter symbols get you the free games on Pizza!, Pizza?, Pizza! 

3 symbols = 10 free spins, 4 symbols = 15 free spins, 5 symbols = 20 free spins. 

For 100 times your starting bet, you can buy free spins. 

Several features during the free spins:  

  • As soon as a truck symbol appears, it will take the value of all the peppers (if any) that are present in the lighted part of the pizza to give you a final win 

  • If a golden truck appears, the starting grid will expand to the entire screen and it will take all the peppers to give you a final win 

  • As soon as a truck appears, no matter what color it is, a pizza slice will light up in the top right corner. As soon as you get a full pizza, you get 10 more free spins and the winnings increase to x2. The next step is x3 and then x10 

  • If a truck symbol appears without peppers, then a feature can give peppers that will later be taken by the truck 

Advantages and Disadvantages Pizza!, Pizza?, Pizza! 

Benefits :

  • Unique slot machine in the world 

  • Bonus purchase functionality 

  • High maximum gain 

  • RTP in the market average 


  • The game can be quite difficult to get used to 

  • It lacks a feature during paid games 

Reviews of Pizza!, Pizza?, Pizza! 

This game from Pragmatic Play is quite special. It is both very enjoyable to play, but also incomprehensible. The starting grid is unique, and the ways of connecting, from the bottom to the top, do not exist elsewhere. 

The maximum payout is very attractive, 7,200 times your starting bet. The RTP of 96% is in the middle of the market. The buy-in bonus feature is available for 100 times your original bet, which we appreciate. 

This game is not recommended for beginners, as it is still quite difficult to understand. As for the bonus games, they are very volatile, and work just like the Big Bass games. 

Frequently asked questions

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🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Pizza!, Pizza?, Pizza! ?


📈 What is the volatility of Pizza!, Pizza?, Pizza!


💸 What is the RTP of Pizza!, Pizza?, Pizza!


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Pizza!, Pizza?, Pizza! ?


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