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Free slot: Pacific Gold

Provider : ELK Studios

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ProviderELK Studios
Creation year2022

How Pacific Gold works

It is now a habit for the game provider ELK Studios to offer us Gold versions of its slot machines. Pacific Gold takes you right into the middle of World War II where the player will have to survive after a plane crash against strange creatures and symbols. The discrepancy is immediately apparent between the very dark and rather ominous background while the symbols are very colorful on the game grid.

Today Lucky7Bonus brings you its Pacific Gold Review to discover the slot in great detail! First, we'll cover the technical details and basic gameplay, followed by the symbols and associated payouts, the different connections and how the Pacific Gold bonus works. Finally, the team will share with you their overall conclusion on the ELK Studios slot. There's nothing to stop you from trying Pacific Gold for free at the top of this page.

Welcome to this strange, genre-mixing slot machine. Technically, this one is composed of 6 reels and 4 lines by default, but the number of lines can change thanks to the connections made. The maximum setup is 6 reels and 8 lines, so the number of ways is exploding!

Technically, the volatility of Pacific Gold is high, which means that the slot won't pay you very often, but if it does, you can expect big wins. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 95% and that's a shame! Well below the general average on the market, Pacific Gold has a really low RTP if you plan to play the slot for the long term.

The minimum bet starts at 20 cents and can go up to 100 Euros at Lucky7Bonus' online casino partners, although this can vary depending on the casino you choose.

The basic game has many features. First of all, the screen above gives you an idea of the maximum setup that can be reached by chaining connections. In addition to this, Pacific Gold has the Avalanche feature. As soon as a connection takes place, the symbols concerned disappear and are replaced by new symbols from above.

The image below shows the giant symbols feature. All symbols can appear in one of 4 shapes: normal 1 x 1, medium 2 x 2, large 3 x 3 and giant 4 x 4. In case a connection takes place under a large symbol and an empty space is created, then the remaining empty space will host the same symbol as the large symbol above.

The Wave feature can make a horizontal stack of the same symbol appear. Easy to spot with its golden outline, this stack, which can be one of these sizes: 1 x 2, 1 x 3 or 1 x 4, will allow you to fill in the empty spaces underneath this stack with Wilds.

Finally, the Ghost Boxes feature can cause a special symbol to appear that will decay when the round is over and no connection is made. As the symbol decomposes, it will explode, removing the surrounding symbols and harvesting them. The collected symbols will all become Jacks if you have collected more Jacks than other symbols. These symbols will then fill in the missing squares and may allow you to make a connection again!

The different symbols in Pacific Gold

There are many symbols in Pacific Gold and the different features can act on any symbol! Don't worry, it's perfectly normal for the screen to become a real mess on some spins. Let's start with the Wild symbol, which can substitute for any other symbol in the game except the Scatter. The Scatter symbol is represented by an airplane with the word Bonus displayed above it. With at least 3 Scatters, players have the opportunity to win the free spins in Pacific Gold.

There are 4 premium symbols that will give you a chance to win some nice cash, however, they appear much less frequently than the other symbols in the game. There is the explorer Kane and 3 masks of different colors: red, purple and blue. The best symbol can earn you up to 5 times the starting bet.

The middle symbols are an in-between and can remain interesting. They are represented by mystical symbols of different colors through red, purple, green and blue. These symbols can pay up to 1x the starting bet.

Common symbols are not really interesting in ELK Studios' Pacific Gold slot. In fact, the payouts associated with them are very low, you can expect at best 0.3 times the starting bet with these symbols: Ace, King, Queen and Jack. The screen below gives you an overview of these different symbols and the associated winnings for a starting bet of €1.

The different connections in Pacific Gold

Connections are relatively easy to understand in Pacific Gold slot. You need at least three of the same symbols on the first three reels from the left to make a connection. It doesn't matter where the symbols are on the first three reels!

The default number of ways is 4,096 on the starting grid of 6 reels and 4 rows. When you unlock Pacific Gold's max setup, the number of paylines increases to 262,144 on this 6-reel, 8-line grid.

How the Pacific Gold bonus works

The Pacific Gold bonus is interesting because you will have the possibility to block the number of ways thanks to the Safety Level system. First of all, the number of free spins won will depend on the number of scatters present during your game round:

  • 3 Scatters will basically give the player 10 free spins

  • 4 Scatters will unlock 15 free spins

  • 5 Scatters will win you 20 free spins

  • 6 Scatters can win you 25 free spins, which is huge!

The goal is to make as many connections as possible as quickly as possible to increase the safety level and ensure that you always have a certain number of ways to the end of the bonus. The more ways you have, the more chances you have to make big profits. Of course, you will find all the Pacific Gold features during the bonus: Waves, Ghost Box, giant symbols and the Avalanche feature.

The provider ELK Studios offers its X-ITER mode which allows you to purchase various bonuses, ranging from free spins to a single boosted spin:

  • Big Symbol: for only 5 times the stake, the player receives a spin with a big symbol on the game grid

  • The Wave: For 10 times the stake, you will receive the wave feature for sure during your spin

  • Ghost Box: For 25 times the stake, the Ghost Box feature will activate on the next spin

  • Bonus: get the classic Pacific Gold free spins for 100 times your original stake

  • Super Bonus: For 500 times your original bet, receive free spins boosted by a persistent Ghost Box for the duration of the bonus

Are you a rather impatient player? Then don't hesitate to use the X-ITER mode to buy the desired bonus directly! Please note that it can take a while to unlock the bonus in the base game, but it's all a matter of luck!

Our opinion on Pacific Gold

The latest slot from provider ELK Studios may seem quite complex to understand at first glance. However, this complexity can easily be understood and the slot quickly becomes a visual delight and a world of surprises to discover! The theme is still quite messy, but the graphics and animations are beautifully done.

The features are very numerous on Pacific Gold, especially since they are almost all accessible from the base game. This is a real strength, as the spins are all different from each other, allowing players not to get bored easily. The X-ITER mode allows you to buy several bonuses to test all the features and eventually get closer to the jackpot that can reach 10,000 times the starting bet!

On the technical side, the volatility is high and the RTP is far too low. Pacific Gold from ELK Studios would be better suited to an audience of experienced online casino players. This one seems to be a bit complex for beginners to grasp.

Lucky7Bonus highly recommends playing Pacific Gold by ELK Studios for free at the top of this page. Alternatively, take advantage of a welcome offer at one of our partner casinos to start your new adventure with a boosted balance!

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📈 What is the volatility of Pacific Gold


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