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Free slot: Mount Magmas

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ProviderPush Gaming
Creation year2021

How Mount Magmas works

One of the latest releases from provider Push Gaming, the Mount Magmas slot has been available since August 25, 2021 at a large number of online casinos. Welcome to the world of smoke and lava that Mount Magmas offers, where your objective will be to find the best gems and jewels despite the hostile environment that welcomes you. The principle is very simple and the difficulty very high, take your patience and courage to accompany you on this long journey.

The visual aspect is beautiful, the player can feel the suffocating air of this grid which is so close to these two big volcanoes. The musical atmosphere will not transport us into the universe unfortunately, the sound of the connections is almost unpleasant after several spins. The provider Push Gaming has made us used to beautiful slot machines like Razor Shark, the operation of their slots vary greatly and tend to be very original. Mount Magmas will be no exception, despite its simplistic look with a grid consisting of 5 reels and 5 lines. But wait until you see the part about the bonus features and the huge jackpots that the slot offers. The maximum payout is 20,450 times your original bet, so Mount Magmas is a very volatile slot, with a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.50%, of which 8% is paid out with jackpots. The minimum bet is 20 euro cents and the maximum is 100 euros per spin. Mount Magmas can be tried for free at the top of this page or played at Lucky7Bonus partner online casinos.

The different symbols of Mount Magmas

There are several symbols in the Mount Magmas slot machine, they are well made but they are not exceptional or very original. First of all, let's talk about the Wild symbol, represented with magma, which brings as much winnings as the best symbol, in case you get 5 of them side by side in a connection, you win 500 times your starting bet. The Wild also helps to increase the total jackpot amounts on the sides of the grid. Concerning the premium symbols, there are only 3 of them:

  • Red crystals win up to 500 times your bet;

  • Orange crystals that will make you win up to 100 times your bet;

  • Purple crystals that will make you win up to 75 times your bet.

Besides, many classic and less profitable symbols are present on Mount Magmas, they will appear more regularly but you should not count on them to win nice rewards.

  • Green crystals win up to 12.5 times your bet;

  • Cyan crystals that will make you win up to 10 times your bet;

  • Blue crystals that will make you win up to 7.5 times your bet;

  • The two gold and metal ore deposits will make you win up to 2.5 times your stake;

  • The two blocks of ores will win you up to 2 times your stake.

As you can see, premium symbols are much more profitable than other symbols.

The different connections in Mount Magmas

The connections are quite classic to make in the Mount Magmas slot. At least 3 of the same symbols are needed to trigger a connection, they must be placed on the first 3 reels from the left. There are only 20 paylines, the wild symbol will be of great importance to achieve nice wins.

How the Mount Magmas bonus feature works

To trigger the bonus feature of the Mount Magmas slot, you will have to rely on the Wilds that fly to one of the two volcanoes present around the game grid. First of all, the Wild will increase the total jackpot amount and give you a chance to trigger the bonus. If the bonus is triggered, several rewards will scroll by and the wheel will stop by itself. The selected prize will be the first prize offered on a large board, the size of the volcano. This first prize can be a multiplier or an instant win, but it is quite rare that this first prize is interesting for the player. This volcano has 11 floors. On the second floor, you have to select one of the squares to turn it over, you could come across these 3 possibilities:

  • This is a direct reward or a multiplier, the bonus feature continues and the multiplier is added to the total;

  • It's a symbol with a cross, the bonus feature ends there and you earn the total multipliers you have accumulated;

  • It's a symbol with two arrows pointing upwards, so you go upstairs in an attempt to unlock better wins.

The bonus feature is an obstacle course. When you land on the square with the cross, the game ends there and you walk away with the total of the multipliers you came across. But if you only come across symbols that take you up levels, you don't accumulate multipliers either. Of course, on the top floors the multipliers are very high. On the top floor, you will have a choice of two boxes: one is a cross and the other is a big multiplier, usually x500.

When you get Wilds, they fly off to one of the two volcanoes. There is a chance to unlock one of the Jackpots when this happens!

  • The Daily Jackpot: this always starts at the same time with € 1,000. A timer goes off next and the jackpot will necessarily be won by one of the players before the time limit. Each bet feeds the jackpot, the more it advances in time and the higher it will be.

  • The Mega Jackpot: this always starts at € 50,000. It will inevitably come close to a maximum amount displayed under the Mega Jackpot. The closer this number gets, the higher the chances of winning the Mega Jackpot.

Luck will need to be on your side to unlock any of its jackpots, as well as a good strategy for betting at the right time.

Our opinion on Mount Magmas

This is a new success for the Push Gaming provider, which is bringing a breath of fresh air to bonus features and jackpots on slot machines. There's nothing very original about the universe and the symbols, and it all lacks a bit of history, but the features are still so ingenious and interesting. Mount Magmas is a very volatile slot machine and players might be a little frustrated with only poor ores falling on the 5x5 grid. But what a pleasure when the bonus feature kicks in and takes us to the heart of this erupting volcano. You will have to choose well to get closer to the maximum jackpot of 20,450 times your bet. In addition to the bonus feature, players can hope to unlock the daily jackpot or the mega jackpot, an additional chance to make people happy. We strongly recommend that you try this new slot machine from the Push Gaming provider.

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📈 What is the volatility of Mount Magmas


💸 What is the RTP of Mount Magmas


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Mount Magmas ?


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