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Free slot: Monopoly Megaways

Provider : Big Time Gaming

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ProviderBig Time Gaming
Creation year2019

How Monopoly Megaways works

Monopoly Megaways is a slot machine developed and published by online gaming provider Big Time Gaming. This slot was launched in 2019 and is based on the theme and settings of the famous board game Monopoly, invented by Hasbro. The world's most popular game is now present as a slot machine and is available at a large number of online casinos. Go back to your childhood and play some wild games on Monopoly Megaways!

This slot offers an original format, with 6 reels containing between 2 and 7 symbols on each column. Monopoly Megaways uses, as its name suggests, the Megaways technology, also invented by Big Time Gaming. The purpose of this slot machine is to connect identical symbols to each other, at least on the first three reels.

Several original features are present on this slot machine, based on the Monopoly principle and the Monopoly gaming mat, which is present under the reels. These features offer a unique gaming experience, thanks to high-quality graphics and a very successful visual.

The different symbols of Monopoly Megaways

Monopoly Megaways contains a large number of symbols that you will need to connect to each other in order to win. These symbols will pay you differently depending on how rare they are. On Monopoly Megaways you will find the classic symbols of a card game, namely the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Find the classic symbols of Monopoly Megaways in the following image.

This slot machine also offers symbols that are more difficult to connect, but which will pay you much more if you manage to make connections with them: these are called premium symbols. These are represented by the classic Monopoly board game pieces, including :

  • the dog

  • the automobile

  • the boat

  • the hat

The graphics below show you the payout scale for each premium symbol on the Monopoly Megaways slot machine.

Also noteworthy is the presence of a wild symbol, represented by a large shiny "M" with a rainbow-coloured background. This wild symbol replaces any symbol in order to make connections more easily.

The different connections of Monopoly Megaways

Monopoly Megaways takes up the technology invented in 2015 and which has become a cult in the online gambling world: the Megaways. Slot machines using this technology do not offer predefined paylines but rather adjacent connections. Indeed, the principle of Megaways is still to connect similar symbols at least on the first three reels from left to right. However, the location of the symbols within the columns is not important, as their presence is sufficient to make a connection. Thanks to this Monopoly technology, Megaways offers up to 117649 potential payment lines.

The image below shows you when a connection is validated on the right, and when the connection does not take place on the left.

How the Monopoly Megaways bonus works

Like many slot machines, Monopoly Megaways offers the possibility to access a bonus round of free spins. This slot also offers several original features that will allow a varied gaming experience using the real Monopoly board game board.

Each box on the Monopoly Megaways board is specific:

  • During each connection, Mr Monopoly moves on a property. If you manage to make 3 connections on the same spin, then he drops a house on the property he stops on. For each additional connection, a house will be added.

  • The Community Fund takes you to a property and can give up to 4 houses at random on that property.

  • Each stop on the starting square will make the next spin in setup maximum so you have more chances to make connections.

  • The Chance Box allows you to either have 4 houses on a property, have the maximum number of Megaways or get 8 free spins.

To get this bonus, you will need to have all 8 free spins on a Chance card, or get 5 houses on the same property. The principle of these free spins remains the same as in the base game, however a multiplier that starts at x1 increases by 1 each time Mr Monopoly stops on a property containing a house. Other features will make the free spins more attractive and even potentially start the free spins with 15 spins and a x3 multiplier:

  • Each station you own will earn you at least one extra spin. This is also the case when you run into one of your stations.

  • Your start multiplier increases by 1 for each utility square you get in the base game. This is also the case when you hit one of these boxes in the bonus game.

  • When you get the free spins you can see a symbol with 3 additional free spins.

  • The chance card takes you to a new property, offers you 5 extra spins or turns the next spin into max Megaways.

  • Each time you land on a property, your multiplier will increase according to the number of houses on that property.

Our opinion on Monopoly Megaways

Monopoly Megaways is truly one of the most original slots game experiences in the world of slots. By taking over the Monopoly board game, online gaming provider Big Time Gaming had the brilliant idea of mixing the cult game with its Megaways technology.

The Monopoly Megaways slot machine can also allow you to make huge winnings. Indeed, this highly volatile slot has a 96.50% RTP, as well as a maximum multiplier of up to 14700 times your initial bet, which can potentially increase your balance considerably if your luck is with you!

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📈 What is the volatility of Monopoly Megaways


💸 What is the RTP of Monopoly Megaways


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Monopoly Megaways ?


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