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Free slot: Lucky Neko Gigablox

Provider : Yggdrasil

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Creation year2020

How Lucky Neko Gigablox works

Lucky Neko Gigablox is a slot machine developed and published by the supplier Yggdrasil. Released in April 2020, this game immediately appealed to its users because of its originality and its amazing principle.

The Lucky Neko Gigablox game refers to the Asian world and more particularly to Japanese culture, especially with the Daruma dolls and with the decor strongly reminiscent of the country of the rising sun. These dolls are considered lucky charms in Japan, and we hope that these items will bring you luck on Lucky Neko Gigablox!

The principle of this game is a little different from other slot machines. Lucky Neko Gigablox contains 6 reels of up to 4 symbols each. So far, nothing abnormal, except that the difference lies in the fact that some symbols can appear in a much larger format than a classic symbol: this is Gigablox technology, invented by Yggdrasil.

Among the 24 available boxes, Lucky Neko Gigablox offers randomly arranged symbol appearances in 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 format. This technology allows players to win much more if a connection is made.

The objective in Lucky Neko Gigablox is to connect the symbols to each other on the paylines provided.

The different symbols of Lucky Neko Gigablox

Lucky Neko Gigablox offers several symbols which, if connected together, can help you to earn nice sums of money.

The best Lucky Neko Gigablox symbols are the Daruma dolls, which, depending on their colours, will bring you different amounts of money as shown in the graphics below.

Lucky Neko Gigablox also offers you other more "classic" symbols represented by the club, the diamond, the heart and the spade. All these symbols pay in the same way.

We can also notice the presence of a "wild" symbol that will replace any symbol.

The different connections in Lucky Neko Gigablox

There are a very large number of connecting lines on the Lucky Neko Gigablox slot machine. Indeed, 40 lines are present in the base game, which makes it possible to make big winnings even without free games.

When you get free games on Lucky Neko Gigablox, the number of potential connections increases dramatically, from 40 to 85 paylines, shown below!

How the Lucky Neko Gigablox bonus works

In addition to potentially making significant gains in the base game, players also have the opportunity to access free games on Lucky Neko Gigablox!

To qualify for the bonus, all players need to get at least 5 Free Spins scatters (represented by a Lucky Cat), which can appear on any format from 1x1 to 4x4. As a result, you can get up to 16 Free Spins on Lucky Neko Gigablox.

This bonus changes the format of the slot machine, making it much more vertical. Indeed, the free games of Lucky Neko Gigablox offer 6 columns of up to 8 symbols on each reel!

Symbols can also appear in "Gigablox" up to 6x6 and the paylines are more numerous, greatly increasing the chances of getting paid out massively.

An x5 multiplier is also added to a random symbol on each spin and, if it connects, your winnings will therefore be multiplied by 5!

All winnings won in Lucky Neko Gigablox free spins add up to each other and are added to your balance at the end of the bonus.

Our opinion on Lucky Neko Gigablox

Yggdrasil proves once again that this provider's important place in the online casino world is by no means due to chance. Lucky Neko Gigablox is a masterpiece from this provider who never ceases to amaze.

Thanks to an atypical gambling principle, Lucky Neko Gigablox has managed to stand out from other slot machines that can be mostly identical and repetitive.

The extremely neat visuals and the very pleasant soundtrack allow the players to live an absolutely unique gambling experience in the online casino world.

In addition to all of these qualities, Lucky Neko Gigablox is also a slot machine with incredible potential.

In fact, this slot offers a 96.4% return to player rate (RTP), even though it is a highly volatile machine. Moreover, monstrous winnings are possible on Lucky Neko Gigablox because the maximum multiplier can reach x6953!

Frequently asked questions

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📈 What is the volatility of Lucky Neko Gigablox


💸 What is the RTP of Lucky Neko Gigablox


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Lucky Neko Gigablox ?


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