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Free slot: Love Joker

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ProviderPlay'n Go
Creation year2022

How Love Joker works

The online casino world loves to surprise players. In recent weeks, Play'n GO has made us accustomed to creating very volatile, highly crafted slot machines with unique concepts in their genres. However, with its latest creation, this slot machine provider has decided to turn to land-based casino players.

Indeed, Love Joker, the new creation of Play'n GO has made a very classic slot in the online casino world. First of all, it is a slot machine where no features are present in the basic game. The connections work in a classic way and very few symbols are also available.

As you can see in the following screen, the starting grid is very classic, since it is divided into three columns with three symbols inside.

In this article we are going to introduce you to the Love Joker slot machine in more detail, and as you will see, it is very easy to understand.

The different symbols of Love Joker

First of all, it should be noted that Love Joker by Play'n GO is a slot machine that has very few symbols, which makes it very easy to understand. The most important symbol in this slot is the joker. This symbol allows you to directly access the bonus feature that is present in this slot machine.

Then come five different symbols, which are divided into two distinct categories. The first is the non-premium symbols. These are so called because they appear much more often than the other symbols, but they will pay you less when they are part of a connection. They are represented by three different fruits:

  • The cherries

  • One lemon

  • A plum

Next are the last two Love Joker symbols from Play'n GO. These symbols are called premiums. They are so named because they have a much lower frequency of appearance than the other symbols, however, they pay more. These are represented by :

  • A purple seven

  • Two red sevens

In the following screen, you can see that values are displayed. These are for a starting bet of 1 €.

The different connections of Love Joker

How do you recognize a classic slot machine? Often, by the types of connections it offers. As we all know, the online casino world is full of different slot machines and therefore, different ways to connect. At Love Joker, you will not be out of place.

Its classic starting grid also offers very classic connections, of which there are five different ones. For a connection to occur, the same symbol must appear in all of your columns as well as on a connecting line. The more symbols you have on your starting grid, the bigger your final win will be.

The following screen shows all the different connections that are available in the Love Joker slot from Play'n GO.

How the Love Joker bonus works

Love Joker is a slot machine that does not offer any features in the base game, however, you will have the opportunity to win nice amounts of money on the bonus rounds. To get these, it is a very simple thing: you need the wild symbol to appear on the second column of your starting grid, as you can see in the following screen.

Once the joker symbol appears on your starting grid, you will be redirected to a new starting grid where only the heart symbol is present, as you can see in the following screen.

If you pay attention, you will also notice two things: the first is the multipliers that vary between x 2 and x 125. As you will see in a few moments, these can go up.

Below, you can see that for each heart that appears on your starting grid, these will be added to the grid which has 5 hearts.

The purpose of the bonus is very simple: every time a heart appears, it will be added to the bar. Each time this bar is filled with 5 hearts, you move to the next multiplier.

Your game ends as soon as no heart symbol appears on your starting grid.

The second symbol that can appear during your bonus games is the one represented by a golden heart. On the right of the following screen, you can see that, as with the previous feature, each time a golden heart appears, it fills a column.

In this column there are three symbols with an "x2" on them. So every time a gold symbol appears, it will increase the value of all multipliers in the top column by x2. Thus, you can increase the value of your multipliers up to 3 times.

Our opinion on Joker Love

Our opinion about Joker Love from Play'n GO can only be positive. First of all, one might think that these types of creations can quickly become very boring, and this is very often the case. However, Joker Love is a complete exception to the rule.

When you visit this slot machine, you will not be bored at all. Even though there are no features in the base game, the starting grid is small and the connections are limited, the bonus games fall very regularly.

So for sure, if you're looking for a slot with extreme volatility that can win you tens of thousands of times your original bet, you may want to skip it. However, if you are wagering, this slot can be a real alternative.

It has a volatility that is considered medium, and its maximum payout is only 1,008 times your original bet. However, the downside of this slot is its theoretical return to players. Indeed, the Joker Love RTP is only 96.2%, which ranks it below the average of the slots that are present on the online casino market.

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📈 What is the volatility of Love Joker


💸 What is the RTP of Love Joker


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Love Joker ?


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