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How Lordi Reel Monsters works

In the world of online casinos, the various game providers are constantly looking to offer players ever more volatile slots and where the potential for winning can be inordinate! But there is another point that today has become essential for the development of a successful slot, and that is the theme. Some providers don't really take risks and choose universes that have already been seen in the competition and that have already proved their worth with players. But others opt for risk and try things, especially by tackling themes that are not found on many slot machines. And that's definitely the case with the one we're going to introduce to you today. Welcome to Lordi Reel Monsters, a slot machine from Play'n GO!

Released at the very beginning of April 2022, the Lordi Reel Monsters slot is already available on many online gaming platforms. Here, the slot wastes no time in putting you in a dark and gloomy atmosphere that emanates from it. This is only natural as Play'n GO's creation is a tribute to the Finnish metal band Lordi! You are placed in the middle of a graveyard, full of music-loving monsters, but also fond of good money, and they are even ready to share with you, if luck is on your side. The graphics are as good as can be expected from a slot in 2022, very pleasant thanks to the mix of colours chosen. As for the sound atmosphere, it will delight the most metal lovers among you, who will not be able to stop themselves from swinging their heads during their game sessions. The most music-loving among you will of course have recognised the hit by the group "Hard Rock Hallelujah", which made them a success at the Eurovision contest in 2006. As for the game grid, we have something quite unusual. The grid is rather large with seven reels, each with seven symbols. A feature is present in the base game, and it will also be possible to unlock free games on Lordi Reel Monsters.

First of all, it is important to mention that the Play'n GO slot uses a special connection system, the cluster system. In this system, a win is achieved when a group of identical symbols appear horizontally or vertically. The symbols then disappear, causing the symbols on top to fall off and giving you another opportunity to make a connection. This gives you the opportunity to win big if you can manage to link clusters! Here you need a minimum of five symbols to form a cluster and win money.

The feature in the basic game is the Monster Feature. This feature works as follows: You will notice a counter on the right side of your game grid. To fill this counter, you will have to make connections. Each symbol included in a connection will add a charge to the counter. Once you have collected 15 charges, the Monster Feature will be triggered and one of the five monsters, or group members, in the slot will give you a bonus:

  • Mana : turns a symbol type into a Wild symbol

  • Hiisi : select a symbol to make it a cluster

  • Amen : transforms between 2 and 5 symbol types into other different symbol types

  • Hella : destroys all symbols on the game board except Wilds and between one and two symbol types

  • Mr. Lordi : adds between 5 and 8 symbols to the game grid

Lordi Reel Monsters is a slot machine that is considered to have medium volatility, while its payout ratio (RTP) is 96.20%, which puts it slightly above the average of slots on the market, which is 96%. As for the maximum payout, it is 4,000 times your original stake, which is a relatively decent jackpot.

The different symbols of Lordi Reel Monsters

Lordi Reel Monsters from Play'n GO is a slot machine that has a good number of symbols, which are perfectly in line with the macabre theme that the slot deals with. First of all, you have the presence of a Wild symbol, which is represented by a golden skull. As is often the case in the slot world, this symbol can substitute for any symbol.

Then you have the classic symbols which can be separated into two categories: the common symbols and the premium symbols. Let's talk about the former first. If these are considered common, it's because they appear on your game grid much more regularly, making connections easier. However, if they are common, it is because their remuneration is much less interesting. There are five of them and they are represented by different coloured chips (blue, purple, green, orange and red). In the screenshot below you can see a table showing the different values of each common symbol, for a bet of one euro.

If there are common symbols, it is because on the other hand there are premium symbols! A little less numerous since there are five of them, these symbols are considered as such because, unlike the common symbols, they appear much less often, making connections more complicated to make. But if this is the case, well, their remuneration can be very interesting. They are represented by the different members of the group:

  • Mana

  • Hiisi

  • Amen

  • Hella

  • M. Lordi

As with the common symbols, below you will find the potential winnings of each premium symbol in relation to a bet of one euro.

The connections in Lordi Reel Monsters

As mentioned above, Play'n GO's Lordi Reel Monsters slot has a rather unusual 7x7 starting grid. As a result, the connection system is also a bit different from the usual. Indeed, as said in the introduction of this slot, Lordi Reel Monsters uses a cluster wins connection system. This means that you don't have a fixed payline to make connections

In order for a connection to occur, and thus to win, a group of at least five symbols must appear anywhere on the game grid, which will form a connection. Note that the more symbols in your cluster, the bigger the final win.

How the bonus works in Lordi Reel Monsters

As previously mentioned in the introduction to this Lordi Reel Monsters slot review, you have the opportunity to win free spins! Getting the free spins on Play'n GO's creation works in the same way as the Monster Feature. In fact, to access it you will have to fill up the counter located on the right of your game grid. Except that this time, you won't need 15 charges, but 40! And be patient, because you won't be able to buy the bonus feature of Lordi Reel Monsters!

Once this is done, the slot offers you a free spin. Yes, yes, you read that right, you will be granted ONLY one free spin. But this spin can be very generous if luck is on your side. Before that, you will be faced with a choice:

  • Reel Monsters : applies a multiplier to all winnings starting with x 1 and increasing by +1 with each winning connection, plus two guaranteed monsters.

  • Better Hate than Never : In this spin, the winning wilds are collected and three monsters are secured. Once the monsters have applied their 'power' in turn, the accumulated Wilds are added to the grid, between five and ten at a time. Winnings are collected, and the remaining Wild symbols are added until they have all been used.

Our opinion on Lordi Reel Monsters

How can you not give a positive review to a slot machine like Lordi Reel Monsters? Very often, slots featuring famous music groups are successful, but Play'n GO's latest creation is perhaps the most successful of all! Thanks to the excellent graphics and, above all, a musical atmosphere that is rarely seen, you can't help but have fun on a slot machine like this.

The base game is effective and above all very easy to understand, making Lordi Reel Monsters accessible to all types of players, whether they are used to online casinos or a beginner looking for a fun first experience without the headaches. The feature set in the base game is very successful and fun, but it's definitely the free games in this slot that will give you the best chance of winning Lordi Reel Monsters' maximum payout, which is 4,000 times your original stake.

Lordi Reel Monsters from Play'n GO is a slot with a volatility that is considered average and an RTP of 96.20%, which puts it just a little above the average slot on the market. Note that you can try the Lordi Reel Monsters slot for free at Lucky7Bonus.

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📈 What is the volatility of Lordi Reel Monsters


💸 What is the RTP of Lordi Reel Monsters


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Lordi Reel Monsters ?


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